Top 10 Apps Like Tinder for iPhone & Android (2015)

By | June 20, 2015

Tinder may be the most popular app, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Besides, who says you’re obligated to use just one of them? With so many online dating apps like Tinder out there, now this is the perfect time to experiment.

picture of many dating apps on smartphone

But with all the options available, how do you sort the good dating apps from the terrible dating apps?

You don’t.

That’s our job. So instead of wasting hours trialing thousands of useless apps, we’ve picked out the best Tinder alternatives so you can use your time going on a date with the partner of your life (or night).

So here they are, these are the top 10 apps like Tinder you should check out:

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

example of coffee meets bagel dating app

This is a great free app for everyone who’re trying out dating online for the first time for a couple of different reasons. First, it won’t overwhelm you by pointing out many different matches and make you feel confused – you get only one match per day, and you don’t even have to communicate with your daily bagel if you don’t want to. Second, browsing Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t addictive, so using this app won’t make you stare at your smartphone during the whole day. Finally, if you decide you don’t like someone, all you need to do is click “pass” and that’s it! There’s no any uncomfortable situation, and you don’t have to come up with different ways to let a person down easily and kindly. Every time you click “pass” instead of “like”, the app will automatically discard that person, so it will never match you with it.

This Tinder-like app is found to be quite safe. All their users love about how much is invested in their privacy – you’re not obligated to reveal your full name or email address to your bagel until you’re absolutely ready, so everything is adoptable to your own pace. Coffee Meets Bagel reveals info you’ll find useful when it comes to picking out a potential match, like religion, education, age and location. I’m sure you’ll have some fun and make at least a couple of new friendly connections, if nothing else.

Platforms: iOS | Android

2. OkCupid

screenshot of okcupid dating app

If you’re more of an adventurer, maybe you should check out this Tinder alternative. Besides filling out the usual info boxes and uploading a couple of photos, signing into OkCupid also requires you to fill out an interesting query. The questions range from those ordinary ones, like if it would be acceptable to you to date a smoker, to quite weird ones, like what’s your opinion on the appropriate rape penalty. This is something OkCupid calls Match Questions, and the whole point of answering them is bringing you closer to your perfect match. The form of answers is multiple choice, but you can also explain your answer additionally, click “skip” if you prefer not answering to a particular question, or mark it as “irrelevant”. However, if you feel unsatisfied with your answers, you can change them after twenty four hours, or click on “clear all my questions” and start over.

There’s a lot of mixed feelings about this free dating platform. There’s about a thirty million active users, and over one million of them log in every day, so you obviously have a lot to choose from. However, most users of OkCupid are quite unconventional and really open about their sexuality, so don’t get too surprised if you get an invite to a group kinky event. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll be happy to know that many people found love using OkCupid, without any kinky consequences.

Platforms: iOS | Android

3. Pure

picture of girl on pure dating app

Again, one more app similar to Tinder, just way more explicit. Users of the Pure app aren’t really ashamed to say they’re there for hook-ups only. So, if this is what you’re missing in life, you won’t be able to find another app more satisfying.

The great thing is that you’re not obligated to connect your Facebook profile or any other social platforms to your Pure profile, so no one can find out you’re using it if you don’t tell them. Other than uploading up to five pictures, you also need to add a tagline, and the most important thing for this to work, really is – your location. Based on it, you’ll be able to find people near who desire the same thing as you – quite practical, isn’t it? As a new user, you’re granted with five free tickets you’re using to invite people. When you pass on your invitation, another user may answer with “yes” or “no”, and that’s pretty much it. If that particular user is attracted to you, they accept your invite, and a chat opens up for you, so you can arrange your meeting.

The trick with the Pure app is that you need to pay for your tickets after the first five, and you also need to know your invitation is good to go within a deadline that lasts for an hour. So, if you’re particularly picky about your partner or you’re not that willing to spend money on dating online, this may not be the right kind of app for you.

Platforms: iOS | Android

4. Bristlr

example of bristlr beard dating app

“Tinder for Beards”.

Much like Tinder, this app is dedicated to connect people with the same interests, but the ones on this app are quite particular. Thanks to Bristlr, people who do like men with facial hair – all kinds of beards, really – are able to find them… So, basically, this app helps beard-lovers connect with proud beardhavers.

There’s another interesting thing about Bristlr – there’s a beard-rated type of contest, so you can browse through photos of bearded man in order to find the exact type you’re looking for. Besides, this app allows you to see if a user is just another spammer by notifying you if that particular user has sent the same message to other users. According to the Bristlr website, they offer their users with a “have a nice chat and share a mutual admiration of a beard or two”, so if that’s your cup of tea, go for it!

Platforms: iOS | Android

5. Tastebuds

Pic of tastebuds dating app

If you’re searching for a more spiritual version of Tinder, you just might enjoy meeting new people using Tastebuds. This dating platform helps you connect with people who share similar interests in music as you do. By connecting your profile with, you’ll be able to find single people who share your enthusiasm for a certain music genre.

All you really need to do in order to find your match (or several of them), is to type in your favorite bands and artists. If you’re passionate about music, you’d love to share your opinions, and perhaps enter an argument or two, Tastebuds is probably the best option you have when it comes to online dating.

Platforms: iOS | Android not yet released

6. Hinge

picture of two screens in hinge dating app

If you’re looking for a real deal, and you’re not afraid to show it, you should definitely test out Hinge. This Tinder-like dating platform requires from you to connect your Hinge profile with your Facebook profile, and thanks to it, it will match you with friends of your friends, and sometimes friends of your friends of their friends. This is a safer option, because you can be more confident that you’re talking to real people, and you can even ask some of your Facebook friends about them.

This app will connect you with six to twelve people every day. When you see someone you like, all you need to do is click a heart, and if the feeling is mutual, you can chat. And, if that goes well, you can set up a date. There are a lot of people with positive experiences regarding this app, and some of them even found their soul mates – if you’re in that stage of your life, why not give it a go?

Platforms: iOS | Android

7. Glimpse

glimpse dating app picture

Using Glimpse is all about the visual. This is not the first time anyone thought of this, but they have managed to take it to another level – as a user, you connect your Instagram account with Glimpse profile, and by doing that, you allow people to get a closer picture about what you like and who you are.

However, Glimpse user can be a bit judgy about your photos, so if your Instagram is full of selfies, food photos and your dog in different poses, I don’t think you’ll be able to find the right match. This app is an artistic platform, actually, and it helps you connect with people who share similar hashtags, locations and events. By implementing all these things to a dating platform, Glimpse allowed to you tell your story, so try to be creative!

Platforms: iOS | Android not yet released

8. Skout

screenshot of skout app

This app similar to Tinder is very straightforward. You start your dating experience by typing in the usual characteristics – your age, ethnicity, height, genre – and filling in the About Me box. After you’re done, you can browse through your matches, check out different people and send them virtual gifts. The whole platform is based on the system of points – having them allows you to see who checked you out and who marked you as their favorite. You can make an in-app purchase to collect more of these points, or you can earn them by sending invite to your Facebook friends.

Also, you can join in on a group chat and talk to different people from all around the world. However, if this isn’t something you’d normally do for a date, you can keep all your chats private and talk to one person at the time.

Platforms: iOS | Android

9. Plenty of Fish

Screenshot of plenty of fish dating app

Whether you want someone to date casually, you’re looking for a serious relationship or you simply want to meet new people, I’m sure you’ll find Plenty of Fish and their database that consist out of over thirty million people appropriate.

This Tinder alternative starts the usual way – you’re requested to fill in the usual info boxes, and answer their query. Those questions cover up pretty much everything – children and family, different interests, drinking and smoking habits, profession, history of dating and a lot more. What makes this platform interesting is their Relationship Chemistry Predictor, which sets in front of you seventy three different statements to which you must “agree”, “disagree”, “somewhat agree” or “somewhat disagree”. By answering them all, you’ll enable this platform to get a closer picture when it comes to your personality and provide you with an appropriate match.

You’re also provided with an option to answer their Relationship Needs Assessment. When you’re done, you may discover some needs you didn’t even know you had. Besides, after you complete the Plenty of Fish Assessment, you’re provided with ways to communicate with your match in order to find out whether they are on the page same as you.

Also, you can earn log-in points, send virtual gifts and receive them, or leave testimonials to people. If you don’t really want to pay for online dating, you can enjoy this platform without spending any money, but you should know that paying for some features has its perks, and it allows you to explore and browse through people in a more detailed mode.

Platforms: iOS | Android

10. Loveflutter

screenshot of loveflutter app

This is another dating platform like Tinder, but what differs them from all others is their usage of a Google-owned Freebase, which enables them to access different kinds of people, places and all sorts of things, really, in order to provide you with an appropriate match.

There’s another fun thing about this dating platform – you’re enabled with an option to say something quirky about you, and allow other users to find out more about you than just how you look. Of course, you can “swipe” through users reading about their quirky facts, “pass” them or “like them” only after you decide to see their photo. They have somehow managed to make dating online a bit more personal by introducing their “Quirky Fact” section, so you’ll definitely have some fun using it.

Platforms: iOS | Android coming soon

Each of these apps are different and special in their own way, so you should choose according to your interests.

What’s the best thing about all these apps like Tinder? Well we haven’t done anything like changing location, but we do know one thing… this Tinder guide that works amazingly well for hooking up with girls on Tinder, works even better on these apps!

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