Tinder Pick Up Lines: Christmas Special

By | December 4, 2014

Christmas is PRIME TIME for Tinder: here are the best Tinder pick up lines (that work incredibly well) so you don’t miss out on the festive fun this year.

(Note: These are the Christmas messages that I created back in 2014. The article is an oldie but a goody – they seem to work even better in 2016!)

Christmas is a happy and excitable time. Everyone’s looking forward to time off work, being out and about shopping, spending time with family and catching up with old hometown friends. Single girls (and guys) feel more single a this time of year and crave attention. Add late night’s, alcohol and the festive buzz and you get the perfect storm…

It’s PRIME TIME for Tinder.

Without a doubt, Tinder is at it’s peak during December and more specifically the December holidays, so I’m getting you ready to take advantage of it.

I’m giving you a few Christmas-special lines that I created. They work amazingly well – the response rate to these openers is above 90%.

That’s right, based on the messages I’ve sent, and adjusting for inactive Tinder profiles, girls replied to 9 of every 10 messages sent. That response rate is unheard of.

But that’s not all. The best thing about these messages is that they will start your conversation in a fun and playful way, which means you maximize your chance of success.

Without further ado, here are your Christmas openers:

Best Christmas Tinder openers - lauren - Tinderseduction


Christmas Tinder Opener conversation starter - if your heart was a chimney - Tinderseduction


Jessie never saw it coming:

Christmas Tinder Best first message - Tinderseduction pick up line


Christmas Tinder Best opening lines -fiona - Tinderseduction

Christmas Tinder opening lines - Keep an eye out for elves - Tinderseduction pickup

 Or you can use this flirty reply if they send you the first message:

Tinder conversation, christmas stocking, pick up line, opener

Tinder conversation starter, first message,


Tinder Pickup line, christmas, holidays, flirt, replyTinder Pickup line, christmas, holidays, flirt, reply


Don’t let the Tinder girls down, they need your Christmas openers!


Christmas Tinder opening lines first message - Elves with ropes and blindfold - Tinderseduction pickup

By the way, all of these openers come from my app called Dating App Cheat – it’s a list of over 100 clever Tinder openers that start fun and flirty conversations. You can download Dating App Cheat from the app store or here on eBook (Android users can download the eBook).

There’s a whole list that you can pick from:


But back to the lines!

Christmas is a weird time of year – even creepiness works:

Christmas Tinder Openers conversation starter - told santa I wanted you - Tinderseduction


Christmas Tinder opening lines opener - fat guy puts you in a bag - Carlie - Tinderseduction


If creeping girls out a little works well, then terrifying girls must work really well:


Keep an Eye out for Elves with ropes and a blindfold - tinderseduction

Keep an Eye out for Elves with ropes and a blindfold 2 - tinderseduction


Sometimes your target might be a little off, but that’s ok:


Christmas Tinder opening lines opener - naughty nice list fail -Tinderseduction pick up


These Christmas lines can be entertaining, but they also get you numbers!

…Because a great Tinder opener doesn’t just give a good reply rate.

A great opener makes it much easier to get a girls number.

Check out how easy it can be:

Successful Tinder Openers - Christmas - Picking up Girl 1 - TinderSeduction

Successful Tinder Openers - Christmas - Girl 2 - TinderSeduction

Successful Tinder Openers - Christmas - Picking up Girl 3 Her Number - TinderSeduction

It only took 7 messages to get her number.

 And 5 of those 7 messages are copied and pasted directly from Dating App Cheat -available on the app store (and eBook if you’re on Android)

See how easy it can be to raise the topic of a date, then get her number if your opener is solid?

….Here’s another example:

Successful Tinder Opening Messages - Picking up Dorothy 1 - TinderSeduction
Successful Tinder Best Opening Messages - picking up Dorothy 2 - TinderSeduction
Successful Tinder Opening Messages - Dorothy 3 - TinderSeduction

Send a girl a Dating App Cheat Christmas opener this year and she’ll think you’re Santa Clause…

Tinder Opening Message - Holiday special - naughty nice - list - Tinderseduction

I usually finish by showing you a few failures, like my failure with the Easter Opener. But unfortunately there weren’t any. Not a single Christmas opener had a bad response.

That’s incredible – not only are the reply rates above 90%, but the replies are all great!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these silly Christmas lines, but I really hope for your sake that you get on Tinder and use them!

Wishing all of you a very happy, safe and Tinder-date-filled holiday period :)

Reminder: all the Christmas opening lines and more messages like the ones I used to get Moira’s and Dorothy’s number, are available from from Dating App Cheat (app and eBook). Dating App Cheat truly does make picking up on Tinder a whole lot easier (and fun). Dating App Cheat - Start a Tinder conversation

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