Tinder Opener – Easter Special

By | April 17, 2014

Tinder Opener – Easter Special


Tinder Seduction Opener - Easter Special

It’s holiday time, there’s excitement in the air. Take advantage of this extra-seductive period!

During the holiday season’s like Christmas, New Year’s and Easter there is a flurry of activity on Tinder – girls are much more receptive during this time. Maybe it’s because they have time off work, maybe it’s because they feel like a kid again and want to play….who are we kidding, it’s definitely the excess alcohol. Whatever the case – now is the perfect time to Tinder!

At this time of year I find it’s better to push the envelope further, being flirtier, cheesier, cuter and more direct, gets a better response.

So in light of the above, we have created a little Easter Special Tinder Opener just for the TinderSeduction community. It’s not the greatest opener in the world, but it gets a good response almost every time (I said almost – check out my fail at the bottom!). The major benefit to this is that no one else is using it. Girls often Google the Opener’s you give them to see where they came from, and since this is brand new no results will be shown and you’ll look like an Easter superstar.

Without further ado, here is the quiet little achiever, the cute little Opener that will make you stand out this Easter:




TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special 2

TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special 1


TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special 3

TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special 4

TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special 5

And to finish with, a FAIL… This was early on in the piece when I was still perfecting the line – MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SMILEY FACE and perhaps leave out the “Stale” comment ; )

TinderSeduction.com - Tinder Opener - Easter Special (FAIL)

Ouch!… You win some you lose some – that’s Tinder :)

If you have any interesting responses, send them to Marcus [at] TinderSeduction.com and I’ll post them up, I’d love to hear how you go… Happy Easter!

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