Tinder Moments (NSFW): Boobs, Guns & Dogs

By | March 20, 2015

Screenshots of the best, weirdest and funniest Tinder moments. This post has awkward pics of (almost) nude girls, cute dogs and a whole lot of sexual tension.

Happy hump date Tinder moment

I spend a lot of time on Tinder – refining conversation techniques and testing openers all for the purpose of helping you get more dates (and hookups) from Tinder.

But this post isn’t about any of that.

With all this time spent on Tinder, I come across a lot of Tinder moments. So in this post I thought I’d share a selection of those Tinder moments with you.

What girls are sending out might surprise you. At the very least, it will entertain you…

There are quite a lot of provocative moments:

Big boobs Tinder moment (non-nude)

Bondage Tinder barbie



lonely Tinder selfshot


they hurt me Tinder moment

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Tinder girl's legs

who likes to - Tinder moment

TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 3


TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 2

TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 4

TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 8

TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 5


TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 7

Some are more specific than others…

TinderSeduction.com Suggestive Tinder Moment 6

and some give you mixed signals…

tinder moment, tinderseduction


Some girls share their hopes and dreams:

tinder moments, tinderseduction.com, best

Tinder moments - tinderseduction.com - hopes and dreams 2

Tinder moments - tinderseduction.com - hopes and dreams 3

Tinder moments - tinderseduction.com - hopes and dreams 4

Tinder moments - tinderseduction.com - hopes and dreams 6


The following Tinder moments are all from the same girl. See if you can tell what she’s looking for on Tinder:

tinder, moment, baby, fever, girl.crazy

Tinder moment-baby fever girl-tinderseduction.com-2

Tinder moment-baby fever girl-tinderseduction.com-3

Tinder moment-baby fever girl-tinderseduction.com-5

Tinder moment-baby fever girl-tinderseduction.com-6


If she didn’t make it clear in her previous five Tinder moments, this one does the job:

Tinder moment-baby fever girl-tinderseduction.com-4

…If you’re meeting up with baby fever girl, take your own condoms.


Tinder moments can give you an insight into your match’s personality.

Like what your match enjoys doing in their spare time:

tinder, moment, bong

And what their relationship with their parents is like:

girl, tinder moments, parent,

Or how they release stress:



There’s also a lot of nudity, so you can also get to know your matches physically:

tinder moment - nude topless girl - tinderseduction.com - 2

tinder moments, nude, topless, tinder, girls, girl

tinder moment - nude topless girl - tinderseduction.com - 3


Nudity can be distracting… but luckily there are Tinder moments providing solutions for that:

tinder, moment, anti-masturbation cross


Nude Tinder moments seem to work really well for girls, but not so much for guys…. Fellas, take note of this sage advice:

tinder, moment, nude,

Tinder moments - advice for nudes - tinderseduction.com-

The Dogs of Tinder Moments

Tinder girls absolutely love dogs!

There are cute dogs:

Tinder moment - cute dogs - tinderseduction.com-2

Ugly dogs:

Tinder moment - ugly dog - tinderseduction.com-5

Big dogs:

tinder,moment, dogs, cute, small,

Small dogs:

Tinder moment - small dogs - tinderseduction.com-4

And dogs that make you smile:

Tinder moment - funny dog - tinderseduction.com-3

There really are a lot of Tinder dogs:

tinder,moments,dogs,screenshot Dogs of Tinder Moments-2-Tinderseduction.com- Dogs of Tinder Moments-3-Tinderseduction.com- Dogs of Tinder Moments-4-Tinderseduction.com- Dogs of Tinder Moments-5-Tinderseduction.com- Dogs of Tinder Moments-6-Tinderseduction.com- Dogs of Tinder Moments-7-Tinderseduction.com-

Aside from all the dogs and nudity, Tinder moments can be informative:

tinder, moment, girls, vagina


Here’s one of the weirdest Tinder moments that I’ve received:

tinder, moment, guns, girl, bedroom

If you ever send out a Tinder moment that you regret, there’s one message that will cover your ass….

Tinder, account, hacked


Except this Tinder moment. There’s no going back from this….

tinder, moments, pizza, girls, nips, nude, regret

Tinder moments aren’t only just for fun

 …did you know that you can use moments to hookup on Tinder?!

For example, here’s a Tinder moment that I sent:

Screenshot of Tinder story moment

The replies and results I got back from this moment were INCREDIBLE

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