16 Surprising Charts About Tinder and Sex

By | September 6, 2015

Tinder and sex often go hand-in-hand. So in this post I thought I’d share some highly revealing facts on the topic…

We’ll delve into the data of Tinder’s closest relative, OkCupid, and find out a lot of interesting facts that can be applied to Tinder like:

  • How you could have more casual sex from Tinder by changing your age preferences
  • Which College girls are horniest
  • Why you’ve probably masturbated today (or will later on)
  • How to tell if a girl’s interested in casual sex, just by reading her Tinder profile
  • What women are the most sexually adventurous
  • Do older or younger women want more casual sex

But first up, if you want to know…

Will my Tinder date have sex on the first date?

Then you should ask:

Do you like the taste of beer?

Because when it comes to questions that are easy to bring up, whether someone likes beer is the best single predictor of whether he/she will have sex on the first date.

OkCupid found that out of 275,294 different questions, “do you like the taste of beer?” was the best indicator as to whether someone would be willing to have sex on the first date:

Tinder-and-sex-on-first-dateSource: OkCupid

Where To Tinder If You Want Casual Sex

What about location? What are the preferences of different states when it comes to dating and sex?

The below graph shows the preferences of 448,000 people who were asked:

Would you date someone just for sex?

Tinder-date-just-for-sexanswer_scaleSource: OkCupid

The greener the area means more people answered “Yes” compared to the national average. Yellow areas are where people answered “Yes” and “No” in line with the national average.

So if you’re looking for more Tinder sex, the West Coast appears to be the best place to be.

And if you’re into role-playing, you might find the following heat chart about sexual desires interesting:

Would you consider role-playing out a RAPE FANTASY with partner who asked you to?

Tinder-sex-fantasyanswer_scaleSource: OkCupid

Technology: iPhone users have more sex

OkCupid data shows that iPhone users have the most sex, or rather, the most sexual partners, out of all smartphone brands.

Here’s the chart for 30 year old smartphone users:

Tinder-Sex-And-SmartphonesSource: OkCupid

But it wasn’t just 30 year old iPhone users who had the most sexual partners, it was the same trend for any age:

Tinder-Sex-And-Smartphones-By-AgeSource: OkCupid

I have no idea why there would be such a clear difference – do you?

Sex Drive: Curvy vs Skinny Women

Which (body) type of women do you think would have the highest sex drive? “Overweight” women, “skinny” women, “average” women?…

The answer might surprise you…

Here’s a bubble chart of women’s self-described body type and their sex drive at age 26:


Source: OkCupid

The highest sex drive at all ages tend to be women who describe themselves as “curvy”.

Self-described “Curvy” women continually have a higher sex drive than self-described “skinny” women, not matter what the age is.

CurvyVsSkinnyLabelsSource: OkCupid

Older Women Are More Sexual

The data shows that’s it’s the older women who are more interested in sex.

OkCupid asked users:

Ideally, how often would you have sex?

And the following heat maps shows the responses. Here’s the chart for women who are 21 years old:

Ideally, how often would you have sex?

How_Often_LegendIdeal-frequency-of-tinder-sex-age-21Source: OkCupid

And here’s the chart for 36 year-old women:


As you can see, 36 year old women would prefer to have sex more times per week (more blue and white), compared to 21 year old women, who’d prefer to have sex less often at around “once a week” (red colors).

Not only are women in their thirties wanting more sex, they’re also more sexual:

Is-sex-one-of-your-favorite-activitiesSparkline-Casual-Sex-Gray-40Sparkline-Threesome-Gray-40Sparkline-Oral-sex-Gray-40Source: OkCupid

And if you’re concerned about older women not being as attractive, think again.

Because OkCupid data shows that when it comes to attractiveness, if you exclude the absolute best looking women, almost all of which are young (and out of your league anyway), and also exclude the worst-looking women, then attractiveness doesn’t really change with age:


Source: OkCupid

The middle line represents all the women that you’d want to have sex with AND are in your league – as you can see attractiveness is pretty much the same through all ages.

But you can be the judge…

Can you tell which of the women below are in their 20’s and which are in their 30’s?

Female-Users-1Source: OkCupid

In case you couldn’t tell, the older women are the ones on the left.

So if you’re a guy looking for more Tinder sex, stop limiting your matches to the very-young and attractive. Follow the data and increase the age range on your profile preference to meet attractive women who are a little older and you’re more likely to get lucky.


Taller Guys Have More Sex

Guys frequently lie about their height on their Tinder profiles, but what’s the reason for this?

Do taller guys get an advantages?

Yes… The data shows that taller people, up to a point, have more sex:

SexPartnersByHeight  Source: OkCupid

Which College Girls Are More Horny?

Apparently it’s the Private and Ivy League college students who are hornier.

Generally, the more someone pays for college, the more times they want to have sex per week:

Which-college-students-are-horniestSource: OkCupid

Who Likes Rough/Dominant Sex?

OkCupid asked one question to a sample of their users…

Is your ideal type of sex rough or gentle?

Here are the results are the results:

RoughSexOverTimeSource: OkCupid

It’s interesting that as men get older, half of them prefer rough sex compared to gentle sex…

Here’s another related chart that shows preferences for sexual dominance:

Sparkline-Domination-Gray-40Source: OkCupid

Younger men want to be dominated. Older women are generally interested in doing just that.

Vegetarian’s and Oral Sex

Here’s an interesting fact to finish up, vegetarians are like more likely to enjoy oral sex than non-vegetarians:

Vegetarians-oralSource: OkCupid

Who would have thought?

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