The Ultimate Guide to Tinder’s 10 New Features

By | November 14, 2015

What’s in this post:

  • A guide to the big changes from the recent Tinder update
  • How these changes will affect you
  • New features coming to Tinder (only released in Australia so far).
  • The world’s most popular (hottest) girls on Tinder, including these girls:


The Latest Tinder Update

Tinder has just released an update which it’s calling “The best Tinder experience yet”.

There are some BIG changes – some you’ll love and some you’ll hate.

But what does all this mean for you?

You’re probably thinking…

Is this update going to help me get more matches? 

The answer is yes…. as long as you’re doing the right things.

But if you’re not doing the right things then you’re in danger of being penalized by the new Tinder algorithm.

That means you might actually get less matches.

In this post I road test the “new Tinder” and show you how you can use the latest changes to your advantage.

(And you’ll also get to see a lot of hot Tinder girls!)

So what are the changes?…

Your job and education details are now shown

  • Your job and education details are automatically picked up from your Facebook account information
  • If you don’t want these to be shown you choose not to show these by adjusting your Tinder profile settings


There are two views to this change depending on where you stand.

If you have a great job, or study at a prestigious college then it’s going to be a massive advantage to show this on your Tinder Profile… Just like this Redditor realizes:

Tinder job title reddit

Alternatively, if you’re not in your ideal job yet, then showing your employment information might hinder your Tinder success…

Tinder job reddit

Smarter Tinder profiles

  • Tinder will highlight information that’s relevant to you and your match
  • Examples include attending the same school, having the same profession or common friends

smarter Tinder profile

Source: (photo edited)

“Last Active” information has gone

The little thing under everyone’s profile that said when they were last active has been removed.

Now you won’t be able to tell if the girl you’re talking to has just been away from Tinder… or has been ignoring you!


New Message Interface

  • New matches (matches without any conversation) will be shown at the top of your screen.
  • Thumbnail pictures are now a lot bigger.


Ok, they’re some of the more cosmetic and minor changes, time to look at some of the bigger changes in detail…

Your Tinder blend

Users now have the ability to change the way recommendations are ordered when swiping through profiles.

They call this the Tinder Blend.


Note: The Tinder blend has only been released to the Australian market so far. Just like the Tinder Superlike, new features are being tested in Australia before being released to the rest of the world.

If you’re from the United States you can expect the Tinder blend function to be available in 30 days or so.

(Thanks to Jonathan for pointing that out in the comments below).

Optimal Blend: Scientifically proven to get you more matches

If you haven’t paid to use Tinder Plus then you’ll only be able to use the default Tinder blend setting called “Optimal”.

This is just the normal Tinder recommendation system that you’re familiar with.

I decided to subscribe to Tinder Plus so I could check out the rest of these for you.

In case you’re wondering, this is how much Tinder Plus costs:


The cost of Tinder Plus (in Australian dollars)

Tinder famously charges it’s users different amounts for Tinder Plus based on different factors like age and location (and probably other details they can reliably estimate, like salary).

As a 28 year old living in Australia I paid $30.99 AUD for one month (which is around $22 USD). It’s not cheap!

Anyway, let’s check out what the different Tinder blends do.

Popularity Blend: Shows more of Tinder’s most popular users

This is a very interesting function that will let you see the most attractive Tinder profiles.

This blend option reveals all of the people that Tinder wouldn’t usually show you… because they’re out of your league.

Using the Popularity Blend to find the world’s most popular (and hottest) Tinder girls

I decided to do a little experiment with the Tinder popularity blend and see who the most popular girls are from your country.

These are the top five countries who read, so I’m guessing your country is probably in there.

Tinder Seduction geography of visitors

I then changed my Tinder location (using Tinder Plus) to a city in your country so I could find your hottest… sorry I mean most popular Tinder women.

Here’s what happened – these are the first 10 girls that came up in my recommendations while using Tinder’s popularity blend.

Los Angeles, United States



New York, United States:

Tinder location - New York United States


Miami, United States


London, England:

Tinder location - London, England


Ottawa, Canada:

Tinder location - Ottawa, Canada


Sydney, Australia:


Mumbai, India:

Tinder location - Mumbai, India


So they’re the hottest and most beautiful women from your country.

This was getting interesting, so I thought I’d explore some other regions of the world (on Tinder that is):

Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Tinder location - Sao Paulo Brazil


Tokyo, Japan:

Change Tinder location - Tokyo Japan


Baghdad, Iraq:

Change Tinder location - Baghdad Iraq


Wow… that was weird.

Stockholm, Sweden:

Tinder location - Stockholm, Sweden


Baghdad definitely seems to be a unique place.

How you can use the Tinder popularity feature to get more matches

Seeing which users are most popular on Tinder will tell you exactly what makes a great Tinder profile.

Obviously beauty and looks are the biggest factors.

But you’ll be able to get a feel for what photos and photo types are most liked on Tinder.

In this post we’ve seen what females are most popular and I’m sure that you can pick out some commonalities:

  • All profile photos are clear and crisp
  • A lot of pictures have filters applied, like those you find on Instagram
  • Most pictures are close up’s, from the chest up
  • Very few were group photos
  • Basically no selfies taken in the mirror

They’re all qualities that have been proven to make a great main Tinder photo.

Here’s another popular Tinder user:

Bright bird Tinder profile

She’s obviously attractive which will help her popularity on Tinder.

But you’ll also notice the bird is probably the first thing that catches your eye.

Research has shown that including a pet in your main photo can increase your success with attracting messages by 34%.

And the fact that including something visually outstanding like the bright green bird is likely to make people stop for half a second longer and take notice.

If you’re a guy you can look at the most popular male Tinder profiles and then take their lead.

You’ll be able to look at the commonalities in their profile photos and then emulate them.

It won’t mean you’ll become one of the most popular guys on Tinder, but it’s likely that copying the leaders will give you a taste of their success.

That’s the popularity blend, now to the other two Tinder blend options.

Distance Blend: Shows users closest to you

This is the second blend option that is available to Tinder Plus users.

As the name suggests, this blend will show you Tinder profiles who are closest to you.

But I can’t see any benefit to this option.

This seems to achieve exactly the same as decreasing the distance in your discovery settings.


You can do this for free, without paying $20+ for Tinder Plus, so I’m not sure why sorting by distance has been added as a premium option.

Recent Activity Blend: Shows more recently active users

Tinder obviously see value in identifying recently active users because they have allowed Tinder Plus subscribers to sort their recommendations based on recent activity.

This is a good move – now you can make sure you’re swiping recently active profiles, rather than stale profiles that have been untouched for three months.

Yet, the old recently active function where everyone could exactly see when users were last active has been removed.


This was a great feature!

It doesn’t seem to make much sense that they’d add this new feature, yet remove the old feature that everyone loved!

Your Tinder User Name and Tinder Web Profile is here

With all the attention surrounding some of the other feature changes, the world has missed possibly the biggest change Tinder have ever made to their strategy.

The addition of Tinder web profiles has gone completely under the radar.

That’s a surprise, because the creation of a web-based presence is an insight into the direction Tinder appears to be taking their business.

But before we look at Tinder turning into a web-based online dating monster, let’s check out what’s in the latest update.

Note: Just like the Tinder blend feature, the Tinder user name and Tinder web profile features have only been released to the Australian market so far.

This is just the same as the Tinder Superlike, with new features being tested in Australia before being released to the rest of the world.

If you’re from the United States you can expect the Tinder blend function to be available in 30 days or so.

What exactly is your Tinder username and Tinder web profile?

When you view your Tinder account’s Discovery Settings you’ll see a new section that has been added:


This let’s you create a Tinder username for your Tinder web profile, using the address.


This username is essentially like a Twitter handle or Facebook page name and will house your Tinder web profile.

This is what a Tinder web profile looks like (using Safari):


This page doesn’t do anything – you can’t see the user’s other pictures or read any profile information.

But if you’re on your smartphone and viewing someone else s profile you can click “Like Me On Tinder” and be taken directly to that person’s Tinder profile from within your Tinder app.


That’s pretty cool because it means you can view and like anyone’s Tinder profile from anywhere in the world, as long as you know their Tinder username.

And you don’t need to change your Tinder location or have Tinder Plus.

That means you can now specifically view, or like, someone on Tinder by using their Tinder web profile, which wasn’t possible when you had to rely on Tinder’s recommendations.

So if you have a friend who finds a hot match on Tinder, he can send you her Tinder username and then you can check out her profile and like it.

Here’s the full description that Tinder provided for the web profile and user name update features:

Usernames & Web Profiles

Choose your username and share a link to your profile on the web or social media if you’d like. Your usrname and web link will remain hidden; only you can see your web link, and only you can decide to share it. Sharing your profile allows more people to see it and can get you more matches.

The Tinder web profile and user name function slashes the boundaries of Tinder.

The future of Tinder?… Are Tinder web profiles a move toward an online Tinder dating platform?

After growing rapidly, Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps.

But there’s still a massive market out there that Tinder hasn’t touched… I’m talking about web-based online dating, like the and eHarmony dating sites.

It seems like the this creation of web profiles is Tinder’s step toward an online dating presence.

In a few months I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tinder develop these web profiles into a full blow website version of it’s app.`

The Tinder algorithm has had a BIG update: expect more matches

Tinder has said that the changes to it’s matching algorithm that will lead to a significant increase in matches.

What is the change?

No one knows.

All they are saying is that all the changes are aiming to create more “meaningful connections”.

Why Tinder’s algorithm is looking at what you say on Tinder

Because Tinder is focusing on creating meaningful connections, it’s probable that Tinder’s new algorithm is going to be judging you based on your Tinder conversations (if they weren’t already doing that).

If you’re having in-depth and interesting Tinder conversations you’ll be showing Tinder that you’re a meaningful match.

Better conversations = More matches for you

But if you never talk to the people you match with, or have poor conversations (they can tell), you’ll be less likely to receive high quality matches.

If you’re getting blocked quickly because of bad openers, or if you’re conversations fizzle out, you’re probably going to be penalized and receive less matches.

Other possibilities for the Tinder algorithm

When it comes to profile photos, I’d predict that the algorithm changes would be something similar to what OkCupid does (or at least did) – they show you more people who are a similar “attractiveness” as you.

Here’s an email that OkCupid sent to one of their attractive users a while back:

Hey ____

We just detected that you’re now among the most attractive people on OkCupid.

We learned this from clicks to your profile and reactions to you in Quickmatch and Quiver. Did you get a new haircut or something? Well, it’s working!

To celebrate, we’ve adjusted your OkCupid experience:

You’ll see more attractive people in your match results.

So if you’re a good looking guy, which Tinder would determine from the percentage of girls that like your profile, they will give you more of an opportunity to match with hotter girls.

This means that Tinder would recommend more hotter girls to you, and your profile will be also be shown to a larger portion of attractive women.

On the flipside, if you’re an average looking guy, expect to see a greater amount of average looking women in your Tinder recommendations.

And with the amount of information Tinder knows about you from your Facebook profile, it’s more than probable it’s using things like your school, where you work, estimated salary, places you’ve visited, common friends and interests in much the same way.

The result is that rather than wasting time swiping hotties that were never going to match with you, you’ll be more active with girls in your league.

That’s good, because it’s going to mean more matches for you!

Of course, this is just our prediction… Tinder are very secretive when it comes to their algorithm!

So how do you take advantage of Tinder’s new alogrithm?

There are two sure ways to improve your Tinder experience with the new “meaningful” algorithm…

Having meaningful conversations with a large portion of your matches and improving your Tinder profile is going to make more of a difference than ever.

Tinder moments are gone, permanently.

Now to one of the Tinder updates (or rather downgrades) that I don’t like.

When you first make the Tinder update you’ll see this on your home screen:


Tinder Moments are going away?… What!?

Yep, that’s what’s happened.

Tinder moments are gone!



That means you won’t see any more hump day Tinder moments.


You won’t see any more Happy Sunday Tinder moments.


You won’t see any more Saturday night Tinder moments.tinder-moment-needs3

You won’t see any more Happy Holidays Tinder moments:


You won’t see any more procrastination Tinder moments.


You won’t see any bored Tinder moments.


You won’t see any more Tinder moments of what girls want.


You won’t see any more Tinder moments of what girls need.


You won’t see any more questions asked through Tinder moments.


You won’t see any more shopping Tinder moments.


And you wont see any more shower Tinder moments.


Tinder moments are gone.

And in case you’re hoping that your beloved Tinder moments will be back, well the chances of that happening are slim…

Because Tinder support responded to a Redditor’s email saying that Tinder moments are now “permanently disabled”.


What does this mean for your Tinder seduction game?

In a way, Tinder moments disappearing can make it easier for you when it comes to Tinder seduction.

Because girls won’t be distracted with Tinder moments there’ll be an increased focus on text conversations.

If you know how to talk on Tinder = you’ll love that Tinder moments are gone.


The recent Tinder update has made some pretty big changes.

Some you’ll like, some you won’t (like no Tinder moments).

But one thing is for sure – because of the algorithm change, the trend toward creating meaningful connections and no Tinder moments, Tinder appears to focusing on your Tinder conversations more than ever.

This means you’ll need to up your Tinder conversation game, otherwise you might end up getting penalized by their algorithm and receive less matches.

What do you think about all the changes?


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