Recognise Your Tinder Target

By | July 25, 2013

When you’re deciding on the best method to seduce your Tinder target, you first need to identify the type of girl they are. This will indicate their needs, desires and weak points you can take advantage of.

Here are the main types of girls you’ll find on Tinder:

1. The ego boostees – They swipe yes to everyone then won’t talk to you. They just want to see all their matches, easing their insecurities by knowing people are attracted to them. You need to be bold with this group! Use your opening to immediately confuse them, neg them and even come close to insulting them – this will target their insecurities and accomplish the hardest task with seducing these types – getting their attention. From there you can move into a relatively normal text game, but keep up your boldness to keep them guessing.

2. The waggy tailed – They are just looking to have fun and enjoy the novelty of Tinder. This is a fertile, suggestible group. You can easily turn them into #3’s if you have strong text game, if not you’ll still have a lot of LOL’s.

3. The just curious what this Tinder thing is… aka I want to find a guy but don’t want to admit I’m doing it on Tinder – You need to be strategic with this group, come on too strong and you’ll scare them away. You need to first build a report, using commonalities and subtle humour to ease her defences. Then, ever so slightly start escalating the conversation sexually. Once you feel as though you have control of the conversation (topic, tone and dynamic), it is a sign you have created some interest and she is letting go of the Tinder stigma – use this opportunity to grab her number where you can then set up an extremely casual date. Actually do not even use the word date, use “hang out” or “grab a sandwich” etc, so she can feel better in herself that she’s only hanging out and “not getting a date off this cheesy app”.

4. The down and freaky – They will chat dirty, immediately. They will send nudes, easily. Although they’re not common, they are around. But beware, although they may seem like harmless fun at the beginning they quickly become possessive. Please be careful if you meet up with these types. Unless you want a relationship, you must clearly outline your expectations. Be safe.

5. The Ageing Beauties – Older females who are still attractive, but are on the decline. Similar to The Ego Boostees, they need validation, particularly from young toy-boy types. They respond well to cheekiness so feel free to be quite direct with them. If they sense any lack in confidence or that the conversation is no longer entertaining they will immediately lose interest. You have little hope of gaining a relationship as they are mostly using Tinder for casual meet ups – which isn’t a bad thing!

6. The Disappointed– Most likely they’ve just broken up with their boyfriends and are willing to try any avenue to get that relationship feeling back. You need to be sensitive to their issues, show that you’re caring, but be assertive. This will satisfy their need for connection but also for protection, it’s a tough balance but is necessary as they have specific needs they are looking to fill. A good technique is to try and get them to imagine how great of a time you two will have together on your date, where through your description you indirectly highlight that you’re in control. Give them that addictive feeling of lust back and you will have no issues.

7. The Heavenly Bless Beauty (HBB). They’re gorgeous and they know it, their photos look like they could be on a Sports Illustrated front cover. Everyone they like they match with. This is every guys prized Tinder match. The number 1 rule for HBB’s – do not mention their looks! Don’t say they’re cute, don’t neg them and say they have a little too much fake tan on. Almost every guy that speaks to them will do that – you need to stand out! She knows she’s good looking (no need to tell her) yet she’ll still be somewhat insecure because she relies on her looks so much. I cannot emphasise this enough, mentioning looks is a no win situation. You need to come up with a topic or observation of her that no one has ever noticed… comment on her intelligence, her skills, her character. Validate these areas which are often left unattended. Also one more rule – do not chase! They are used to being chased, constantly. Let them have some fun and gain enjoyment from chasing you. These can seem like high risk moves, but let’s face it… you were more than likely going to miss out anyway, so why not go for the all or nothing approach. If it pays off, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

There we have it – the main types of Tinder girls. Before you open to your Tinder target, review their photos and get a feel for what type of target they are then open accordingly. After a few messages you should again re-evaluate and tailor your approach. If you successfully appeal to their specific desires and weakness they will see you as the person that makes them feel fulfilled – the most desirable quality anyone can have.

If you’ve come across these types, let us know how you went in the comments below.

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