Tinder Tips – Principles of Seduction for Tinder and everyday use

By | July 26, 2013

Tinder Tips – Principles of Seduction for Tinder and everyday use

Seduction Principles and Tinder Tips You Need to Know!

There are many various ways people are seduced, but behind most of them are Seduction Principles which have been around for thousands of years. These Principles are tied to hard wired, subconscious parts of ourselves – driving our emotions, our conscious beliefs and our actions. They are powerful beyond belief. To be a consistent seducer, either on Tinder or with everyday interactions, you should become familiar with these Principles and tips. In this article I’ve covered some of the main Principles to keep in mind and provided specific tips for Tinder.

Connect with your target and see the world through her eyes.

You need to be able to really get a feel for her (mentally!) – what she’s thinking, how she feels, what she’s missing, what she’s disappointed by. This allows you to gather information on your target so you can first work out what her needs are, then ensure you are the person who fulfills her needs (discussed below).

The other thing this does is decrease your own self-awareness and insecure thoughts. If you are totally focused on connecting with another person you leave no room to be self-aware, it will have the effect of making you appear much more confident. Cool huh!?

Fulfill her needs.

Fulfilling needs is key in seduction. If all of people’s needs were met there would be no desire for relationships.

Most people are bored with the drudgery of everyday life, holding disappointments about life goals and aspirations that weren’t realized. They all want to be rescued and wissped away to a life of excitement, adventure, romance and purpose.  Give them a taste of that life they desire and they will feel like they NEED to be with you. You will be like an addictive habit of theirs. Make her feel like her life is better when you are around and her life will feel incomplete when you’re not. This will keep her constantly thinking about you – these thoughts are the seeds which blossom into desire.

Take note that fulfilling her needs doesn’t mean complying to her requests. For example if she says the very common “I’m bored, entertain me”. Most guys will try and tell her a joke as they think that is what she needs to be satisfied.  But underneath these little tests of hers, quite often the exact opposite of what she says lies her actual desired waiting to be fulfilled… in this instance it usually means she wants to be challenged. So you reply back “Sure your smile is cute, but I’m not your dancing monkey”. In those few words you will fulfill her need to be challenged, raise her curiosity and gain control of the relationship dynamic.

Become children again

This is a continuation of fulfilling needs. Living and acting with abandon, being fully present in the moment and remaining playful will give her solitude from her dull everyday life. In much the same way kids play make believe, you need to create you’re own reality together, a reality where you both escape the normal world and come up with your own little nicknames, inside jokes and share the same perspectives.

Have you noticed that as we get older, we go back to doing things we did when we were young? We couldn’t wait to get our drivers license…. yet now we get more enjoyment going on a bicycle ride through the park. We paint, we play pickup basketball, we pay thousands of dollars to holiday and act as explorers seeking new environments and adventure… A lot of the things we enjoy are things which take our mind off of our adult responsibilities – they have a child like quality. Make your Tinder target feel like she’s a child again and you’ll be on your way to fulfilling her needs.

Ease and bypass her defenses

Everyone naturally holds social defences. Passing these is one of the first steps to seduction.

An example is when you’re in an elevator with a group of strangers… as soon as you get in, people are quiet, heads down, appearing to ignore your presence. People are naturally weary of strangers and put up walls. You can feel the heaviness of the combined mood in the elevator. But someone in the elevator makes a big move and breaks the silence with…”Hey I really like your shoes, where did you get them from”. I guarantee everyone in the elevator will sneak a peak at those shoes, and will begin letting down their guard. The heavy mood will lift and others will join in the conversation. And the person who made the comment will automatically be the one that is seen as more approachable and trustworthy. This is the essence of seduction, being able to change the mood of others from one that is defensive and withheld to one that is open and trusting.

So now you’re thinking, well that’s all great stuff, but what does that mean for my Tinder game?…Give me some TINDER TIPS! Well here are a some short tips for implementing the Principles of seduction into your Tinder game.

  •  Gather intelligence on her – Look at her profile photos and think about why she has put those specific photos up, what is she trying to show the world? But don’t leave it there, think at a second level about why she want’s to show the world that side of her. Does she put up the photos of her holidaying three years ago because she doesn’t have enough adventure currently in her life? How does she respond to your escalating texts hinting that you’re naughty or slightly dangerous – is she needing to explore that side of her? Once you realize what it is she craves in her life, give her the hope that you’re one to satisfy it. Let her create fantasies that fill her mind about you and those emotions she is missing.
  • Identify commonalities to ease her defenses: She goes to college, cool so do you. She has a profile photo with a UCLA shirt on, you have lots of friends there. She took a holiday to country X, that’s funny because you were just there last year… Show that both of you have a lot in common and you’re showing her that you’re safe and relatable – extremely important when it comes to Tinder.
  • Use humor: This has two main reasons. First it’s used to distract her natural tendency to evaluate you as a threat – if she’s laughing she’s not evaluating. The second reason is it fulfills her needs – she want’s to laugh, she wants to feel emotion and she wants to be swept away from the drudgery that is her everyday life. You can do this with a good opener, unique playful observations that make fun of her, thinking outside the box and changing the meaning of what she says into something totally different… the more creative and slightly confusing the humor, the better.
  • Create a child like conversation dynamic: Don’t talk about boring everyday things like the weather, don’t complain about work or mention the fact you’re currently grocery shopping. Those things are what every other conversation in life are about, it’s not seductive. The whole conversation should have a new, presently based, vibrant, exciting and positive feel about it. Envelope your Tinder target in your own little bubble, ignorant to the rest of the world.


Every female is dying to fantasize about someone – let it be you! Ease her defenses, let her nibble on the fulfillment you offer so she begins to imagine the reality that you and her could enjoy… the reality that is so much better than the one she currently lives and you will have all the Tinder success you desire. Happy Tindering : )


If you have any specific questions, leave a comment below or email me at marcus [at] tinderseduction.com and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!


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