Journey to $5,000

Not long after Christmas just gone, I hiked up the biggest mountain I could find. I did it to take some time out and think about what I wanted to achieve in 2017.

(It’s a little cliche – I know! But hiking up a mountain truly does work to clear the mind and give you perspective)

After four hours of hiking I reached the summit. By then I’d decided on a number of goals I wanted to achieve covering different areas of my life, most of which had already been floating around in my head for a few months.

Here’s one of those goals I wrote down and would like to share with you – it’s something I’m incredibly excited about:

I want to increase my financial contribution to worthy causes so I can help more people, and also so I can increase my own happiness. That’s why I am committed to donating $5,000 to worthy causes and charities in 2017.


Some people might be thinking:

“$5,000?… big whoop.”

Well, I kind of agree. In one way that’s a lot of money for anyone, but it’s peanuts compared to what a lot of people contribute to charity year after year.

In the future I plan on contributing much more, but for now, it’s a good start. As you’ll see, it’s a figure that’ll change many people’s lives for the better (and increase my happiness as well). To me, that’s a great goal.

Why Am I Telling You About My Goal?

The simple reason I’m telling you this is that telling friends and family — making it public — is one of the best actions anyone can take to achieve what they want.

That’s why I’m telling you – you’ll keep me accountable! Just knowing that you know gives me motivation to achieve it.

As well as making goals public, the other action a person can take to increase their likelihood of success is to, well…. take action…. and do it immediately!

Just Do It!

At the end of each month in 2017 I’ll be tallying up my Dating App Cheat eBook sales and donating the total to a worthy cause.

Actually, I started on my goal early.

If I waited until the end of January to make my first contribution, what do you think would have happened? The same thing that happens to most people after they decide to go after something they want: I would have come up with excuses not to do it, or lose focus.

Waiting for the right time wouldn’t have powered me forward with momentum.

(Hint: the “right time” most people are waiting for for rarely comes, if ever.)

So rather than waiting until the end of January to begin, I gave myself a head start on my goal.  I made a donation to Feeding America before January (and before 2017) even started.


Feeding America is a charity that provides nourishing food to children and adults in need. A worthy cause I’m delighted to contribute to.


My donation helped give 5,500 meals to those in need… 5,500! I think that’s pretty incredible.

And thanks to the very generous Tony Robbins who’s matching each donation in December, that doubles to 11,000 meals delivered to people in need.

It blows my mind.

By the way, I’m not telling you all this to brag (again, this is peanuts compared to what other people donate). I’m telling you this because it excites me and because I’m proud to share my goal with you.


That little “win” from taking action, helping thousands of people, and got me a head start in 2017 and felt great. I was 10% of the way to my target and couldn’t wait to make my next contribution!

I created enormous momentum toward achieving my goal already and I know for certain that I’ll achieve it.

I also want you to know that you can do the same thing with anything in your life that you want to achieve. Especially dating. There’ll be no “right time” so you just need to jump in straight away!

How you can live the life you want to live in 2017

Whether your goal is to:

  • Lose a few pounds,
  • Learn a new skill,
  • Improve your relationships,
  • Feel happier every day, or
  • Enjoy life and have more fun…

You can tilt the table in your favor by following these 4 steps:

  1. Get clear on what you want and how you’re going to get there.
  2. Physically write down your goal (something magical happens when you do this).
  3. Tell your friends and family about the goal you’re going to achieve (if you don’t have anyone to share it with, send me an email and share it with me – I’ll keep you accountable).
  4. Take a small step toward your goal NOW!

It won’t always be smooth sailing of course, but if you follow a process like this it’ll launch you in a way that allows you to truly attain anything you want.

January 2017

Thanks to the people who purchased Dating App Cheat (who often generously donated much more than the purchase price) $920.50 was raised during January! That represents 10,131 meals to families in need!


February 2017

Thanks to the people who purchased Dating App Cheat (who often generously donated much more than the purchase price) $579.50 was raised during February! That represents 6,380 meals to families in need!


March 2017

Thanks to the people who purchased Dating App Cheat (who often generously donated much more than the purchase price) $529.00 was raised during March! That represents 5,819 meals to families in need!


Total 2017

Total Amount Donated for 2017: $2,529 

Total Meals Provided to Children and Families in Need in 2017: 33,320

That’s truly amazing! Thank you again to everyone who purchased Dating App Cheat – I hope that it makes you feel proud. It should!

There’s more to come – I hope you’ll join me

I hope that you’ll be here when I achieve my goal and I hope that you’ll help celebrate with me.

In the meantime, each month I’ll be posting my progress toward my $5,000 goal right here, so make sure you check in every now and again.

And if you wish, I’ll do my best to help you with your goal — whether it’s motivational support, Tinder/dating coaching or something else — you can count me in your corner, backing you the entire way!

Talk soon,


P.S.  Dating App Cheat eBook sales for April 2017 will go to Pencils of Promise.