The #1 Way To Improve Your Tinder Profile – Have You Done It Yet?

By | December 16, 2014

I get a decent amount of matches but just can’t seem to get a date. It’s as if girls like my profile, but then after chatting a while they lose interest and go silent.


I’m just really unsure about everything – what photos should I use, what do girls find attractive, what should I write in my Tinder bio.


It’s weird, in real life I do ok with women. I’ve been told I’m good looking. I’m in shape, have a good job and a sense of humor. Although that just doesn’t transfer to Tinder.


I can’t understand why I get crappy matches, but my buddies manage to go on Tinder dates every weekend.


I get a few matches, but none of them are really too attractive. I don’t think my profile is that bad, but I’m starting to wonder.


Anything here sound familiar to you?

I’m guessing it does, because it’s the same stuff that goes through the mind of almost every guy on Tinder.

One of the main reasons is because of the difficulties of self-evaluation.

Self-evaluation can be a great tool for personal improvement, however it’s a tool that’s dangerous if used on it’s own. When we self-review our judgement can be clouded by a million things – our fears, our hopes, our insecurities, our past and our lack of knowledge are all examples of things that can cloud our judgement.

Making decisions based on self-evaluation alone is fraught error, especially when it comes to trying to making decisions about trying to impress girls on Tinder… It’s why you may think you’re presenting Leo, but girls are only seeing Mr Bean.

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Sometimes we can be making basic profile errors that are really limiting our performance, which in Tinder terms means less matches and less Tinder dates… Because of self-evaluation we’re oblivious to those basic errors and never make any improvement.

So how do we solve this self-evaluation issue that limits our Tinder success?

The solution is incredibly simple…. FEEDBACK. 

Other people can give you a true evaluation of what’s good and bad about your Tinder profile. Extra pairs of eyes will pick up these basic errors that self-evaluation doesn’t reveal.

Fortune 500 companies know the value of feedback in improving performance, it’s the reason they spend millions upon millions of dollars seeking feedback from their customers.  It’s the reason why many of societies high performers are part of a mastermind group to review each others performance and provide their thoughts and advice.

Receiving and acting upon quality feedback is one of the quickest ways to improving performance – use this to your advantage and you can improve your Tinder results quickly and easily.


Valuable feedback comes from asking the right questions.

You want to know the good and the bad about your profile. And also importantly, if your profile appeals to the type of girls that you want to attract.

There’s no use in having an awesome profile that makes you look like a hard-partying rockstar, when you’re the healthy type who enjoys the outdoors and hiking on weekends and looking for the same qualities in a girl.

Here are some key questions and answers you should seek when obtaining feedback:

  • What are my best photos?
  • What pic should I use as a main?
  • What are my worst photos?
  • What other photos should I include?
  • What do you think about my Tinder bio description?
  • What type of person does my profile portray me as?

These questions and answers will provide you many benefits:

  • Know what photos work and don’t work. Sometimes it’s just one poor photo that lets your profile down and limits your matches.
  • Help you find out if you need to add any more pictures to present a well rounded profile.
  • What reaction your profile description is getting. You may think what your wrote is hilarious, while girls find it offensive, lacking taste and vulgar.
  • What personality your profile presents – to attract certain girls you need a certain feel to your profile. If you want to attract party girls who are looking for hookups, you need to make sure your profile shows that you’re fun and exciting. But if you want a relationship, you’ll need to tone it down a little.


Where you source your feedback is just as important as asking the right question.

Asking the right questions to the wrong people will always get you poor feedback.

Here are 5 different sources and methods to gather feedback on your Tinder profile, each with their own pros and cons.

1.  Split Test Your Tinder Profile

Try different photo combinations and see what produces the best results. Do this by selecting one photo combination, swipe-right for 100 profiles and then see how many matches you receive after waiting for a couple of days. Then repeat this with other combinations until you find the photos that give you the best result.

Pros: You will be receiving feedback directly from those that you want to impress.

Cons: The type of feedback is very limited and doesn’t offer much insight. You won’t receive information on how your profile is being perceived or any improvement suggestions. It is also quite time consuming.

2.  Ask a Tinder Match to Critique Your Profile

Select a few matches from your Tinder list. Chat a little first to build a rapport, then be open and tell her you want to improve your profile and ask if she wouldn’t mind critiquing it. You can say something like this:

You: [Her Name], you seem like a pretty intuitive and helpful type, am I right?

Her: You’re spot on :)

You: I thought so ;) I’m trying to improve my profile and would love to hear what an intelligent girl like you thinks about it – would you mind giving it a quick critique?

Her: Sure!

Another example on how to ask:

Tinder Profile Review, Feedback., improve, tinder conversation

If you’re wondering why some text is crossed out – my first profile pic receives a lot of positive comments and conversation starters. I’ll be revealing it and others to you in the coming weeks so I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Tinder Profile Review, conversation message from Melissa, feedback

Action items from that feedback: Add some profile info and replace that 3rd pic!

Pros: Unlike the split test method, you’ll receive meaningful feedback so you get an idea of what girls think about your profile. You might also get some great improvement suggestions that you can take on board. Asking for their advice can also be a good conversation opener – you’ll be surprised at how this kind of communication opens people up, which can be great for getting numbers and dates.

Cons: A lot of girls won’t be interested in taking the time to critique your profile as there’s nothing in it for them. Also some may feel uneasy telling you the truth so they sugarcoat their feedback – which won’t be beneficial for you. To help with these issues, tell your match that you’ll critique their profile honestly for them as well, so they’ll be more likely to return the favor.

3.  Ask Others on The InternetTinder Profile, feedback, tinder, reddit Tinder, review, good profile, tips

There are a lot of online communities that will happily oblige in giving you feedback. Reddit is one example, they have special sections where you can submit your profile for others to comment on.

Pros: Relatively easy to do.  Advice is generally very honest. Definitely entertaining.

Cons: You may not receive any replies to your post or they may not be your target demographic. Posting your pictures on an internet forum for thousands of others to see can be intimidating for those that enjoy their privacy. Although it’s generally friendly, feedback may not be constructive and even insulting.

4.  Ask Friends and Family

The same as asking a Tinder match or others on the internet to critique your profile, but ask those who you’re close to and trust.

Pros: Your friends and family know you best so they can offer some great insight. They’ll know what photos you look best in and what photo combination shows your true personality the best. They’re also more likely to tell you the truth about your profile, but it always helps to make it clear you want completely honest feedback.

Cons: Some people might feel uncomfortable about asking family and friends, especially if they don’t want them knowing that they’re on Tinder.

5.  Use a Tinder Review Service

There are a number of services that will devote their time and effort to getting feedback for you, so you can get the great results without all fuss of doing it yourself.

Pros: Easier and less work for you. The feedback you receive is often much better than the other methods because the reviewers are experienced at reviewing Tinder profiles and put more time and effort into giving you constructive feedback. You are certain to get a specified amount of reviews from different girls. Using a service is a good alternative for those of you who like privacy and confidentiality and would prefer not to ask friends, family or others on the internet.

Cons: Getting great feedback without having to do the work yourself comes at a cost. Some Tinder services cost up to $375 per month, which can be out of reach for most people.

If you want more matches (and don’t want to pay $375!), our TinderSeduction girls will review your profile. Click here to get your profile reviewed.


The hard part is done, but once the feedback is in you need to act upon it.

All the external feedback you received should form the basis of all your changes. But as mentioned at the start, keep your own self-evaluation in mind as well. The combination of these two information sources is what will give you the greatest improvement.

Change your profile pictures to emphasize the good pictures, delete the photos that received bad feedback, reorder pics and adjust your Tinder bio. All those decisions may seem difficult to make now, but once you receive your feedback the decisions will become obvious.


Improving your Tinder profile and experiencing more Tinder success can be really easy.

By asking the right questions and receiving quality feedback from the right people, you’ll gain a deeper insight into what it takes to be successful in attracting the girls you want to attract. And once you have that deeper insight that’s tailored especially for you, you’re Tinder success can only improve.

You can continue hoping that your self-evaluation is right – that you know what girls think of your profile.


You can perform the easy task of getting feedback from others, feedback which will give you absolute precise knowledge of how you should present your Tinder profile to attract the girls you want… which means you’ll be more like Leo and less like Mr Bean!

Happy Tindering :)


If you want to check out our Profile Review Service where you’ll get quality feedback from our TinderSeduction girls, you can find out more information about it here

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