Peek Into Emily’s Tinder Account – Are They The Openers That You Expected?

By | October 8, 2014

Take a look at the best Tinder openers (first messages) that a cute girl receives. And 5 incredibly simple tips to make you stand out from every other guy on Tinder.

This is my friend Emily’s Tinder profile:

Tinder Profile Pic of Emily

Gorgeous isn’t she?

If you’re anything like me you’ve always wondered what it’s like for a girl on Tinder. How many matches do they get? Is her inbox full of smooth one liners from online pick up artists? Ridiculous compliments galore? Or maybe just a bunch of crude, sexist remarks?

Wonder no more… because it’s all about to be revealed below (and it will surprise you).

Well first up, I must confess that the lovely girl in the blue bikini isn’t actually my friend Emily… it’s a stock image. That’s because my friend didn’t let me post her pic up on the net! But let’s just pretend it is Emily, because I can assure you she is just as gorgeous ;)

Unlike her profile pic, Emily is letting you see her Tinder messages. Now we can reveal the secrets of the mysterious world of a girl’s Tinder account.


I wanted to see how things went down, right from the beginning. So we deleted her Tinder account and started again. We did that because it deleted all of her old matches so they didn’t mess up our little Tinder experiment.

Emily like-swiped around 50 guys in a row as we thought that would give a pretty decent sample size (and we were too lazy to do any more). We then waited for a week and a half to make sure everyone had decent amount of time to match with her and start a conversation.

I was eagerly anticipating the results. Emily is a good looking girl but is not a supermodel by any means (her words, not mine!) so I was intrigued to see how many guys would be interested in her.

After our waiting period we tallied the results.  Out of her 50 total swipes, she received 28 matches. That’s a bloody good strike rate (I wish mine was better than 50%!). That tells us one thing, when it comes to Tinder matches girls have it waaay easier than us guys.

But I wasn’t really interested in the matches, after all we know that guys are much more liberal when swiping. It was her messages that I was really interested in… You should always know what the enemy is up to. And on Tinder, the enemy is made up of thousands of guys who are all after your Tinder girl!

Here are the screen shots showing what Emily’s Tinder messages looked like:

Tinder Openers from Girls account - tinderseductionTinder opening message from Girls account - tinderseduction Tinder openers, conversation starters and first message from a girls account Tinder Openers from Girls account 3 - tinderseduction Tinder Openers from Girls account 2 - tinderseduction
Tinder Opener from Girls account - tinderseduction Tinder openers, conversation starter and first message from a girls account

Here are the statistics:

  • Total matches: 28
  • Messages received: 14 or 50% of total matches
  • Messages other than “Hi” received: 4 or 14% of total matches

That was a complete surprise to me! Only 50% of guys sent a message.

It’s a big leap to extrapolate this sample of 28 onto the Tinder population. But based on Emily’s account, if you send something other than “Hi” or “What’s up?”, you’re going to be doing better than 86% of all other guys!

So how many guys sent her a great opener?

  • Attention-grabbing messages: 0 or 0% of total matches sent a funny or witty conversation starter.
  • Tailored attention-grabbing messages: 0 or 0% of total matches sent something specific to Emily’s profile.

NOT ONE GUY! Out of all her matches, she didn’t receive a single message that was half decent! No one even made the effort to put her name in their opener.

That’s terrible, right?

Well no…. it’s actually really good for you. Because once you get matched, it shows how easy it can be for you to beat all the other guys on Tinder.

The principle is simple, send a great opener and your Tinder success will improve dramatically!


Based on what we’ve seen, I’ve outlined the very simple tips to have a Tinder opener that will attract attention immediately… and set you up for Tinder seduction:

Send a message.  Just send a message! It’s the old cliche, you gotta be in it to win it. And as you’ve seen with Emily, that just by sending a message you’ll put yourself above half of the other guys on Tinder. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Don’t open with “Hey”,”Hi”, “What’s up”, “How’s your night?”. It’s too common and immediately sets the conversation up to be boring. And Boring is not attractive.

Use her name. It’s an easy way to get her attention and begin building a rapport… it will literally make her brain light up.  When you walk down a busy street and you hear someone yell out “Hey!”, you just consider it background noise and ignore it. But if you hear someone yell out your name, you’ll stop and look around to see who it is. It’s not dissimilar to Tinder.

Something as simple as “Emily, I hope your personality is as colorful as your dress-sense is”  would have been enough to capture her attention immediately.

Make her feel some emotion.  Emotion is the foundation for attraction. You can make her feel excited by complimenting her on something incredibly unique (that no one else has ever complimented her on). You can surprise her by alluding the fact that she has no friends because she only takes selfies. You can make her feel a little insulted by making an (honest) observation about her dress sense. Or better yet, make her feel a complete array of emotion and she’ll be interested in you immediately.

Tailor your messages. If you can say something incredibly specific and unique that no one has ever told her, she’ll be curious as to who you are and why you’re different to everyone else.

Tinder Conversation Screen Capture - Opener

An example of the perfect Tinder opener. It’s tailored, it’s unique and it creates emotion.

So when you’re on Tinder next, start being creative with your openers. If you’re struggling to get going (which is normal) you can use Dating App Cheat to give you a few helping openers to start you off. It will help you “get in the zone”.

That’s it. It’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Happy Tindering :)


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