Change Tinder Location for PC-iphone-Mac-android

By | March 12, 2015

How to change (fake) your Tinder location for free! For PC, iPhone, Android and Mac. Our 6 easy steps so you can chat with girls from anywhere in the world!

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Why would you want to change your Tinder location

  • You can chat to Tinder girls from all over the world. Instead of being limited to chatting with girls in your city (or small town), changing your Tinder location will allow you to chat with girls from anywhere in the world – your pool of potential matches will skyrocket into the millions!
  • Get a head-start on your travels. If you’re travelling interstate or overseas and plan to meet up with some locals while you’re there, being able to change your Tinder location will be priceless. You’ll be able to match with girls at your destination and start seducing before you even leave home. How nice would it be to arrive in a new country with hot dates already lined up!
  • Practice. You can practice again and again knowing that your matches are effectively unlimited. When the girls you’re chatting to are from the other side of the world your inhibitions will completely disappear – you can apply advanced Tinder lines and strategies and develop your Tinder game.

Changing Tinder location: for PC – Mac – Computer – Online – BlueStacks 

Changing your Tinder location depends on what devices you have available

  1. iPhone or iPad – iOS – Unless your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken you’ll need to download Tinder Plus (a premium version of Tinder) to change your location. This comes at a cost of up to $20 per month.
  2. Android – Google Play – Once again Tinder plus is the main option. There are also other apps which let you change your location, but they can be filled with issues that aren’t worth the hassle.
  3. PC or Mac – Computer – Online **BEST OPTION** Bluestacks will allow you to easily and effectively change your location for free.

So if you want to change your Tinder location, using Bluestacks on your PC or Mac is your best option.

What is Bluestacks?

BlueStacks is an emulator for Android/Google Play, which basically means that you can use your PC or Mac to play Android apps.

You use Tinder as normal on BlueStacks, but the real benefit is that it’s a great environment for Fake GPS apps (unlike iOS or Android). That’s why it’s so easy and effective to change your Tinder location.

Benefits of using Tinder on PC or Mac (via Bluestacks):

  • This method is completely free. (Note: Bluestacks will sometimes ask you to either pay $2 to continue using the software or ask you to download some apps – choose the apps and you’ll be able to continue without paying a cent! This won’t affect your Tinder experience at all)
  • Changing location is simple and effective. You won’t experience the same bugs that you find with other methods of changing your Tinder location
  • Using Tinder on PC is much easier than using Tinder on a phone. You can swipe matches at a higher pace and typing messages on a computer keyboard is much easier than a phone.

So you know BlueStacks is the best option, so let’s run through what you need to do.

How to use Tinder on PC/Mac/Bluestacks and how to change your Tinder location:

Follow these 6 easy steps to change your Tinder location:

1. On your PC or Mac, go to and download BlueStacks version (an older version of BlueStacks).

You can download the latest version of BlueStacks from – however myself and others have had issues with using Tinder and GPS location apps together on the latest version. That’s why I use the older version of BlueStack which works better.

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2. Once the download is complete, follow the installation prompts and install BlueStacks onto your PC or Mac (it will take 2 to 5 minutes).

Once it’s installed, open Bluestacks and you’ll see the home screen:

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Note: Your best friend in BlueStacks will be the “Return to Home Screen” button. It’s found on the bottom-left of the screen, and is the middle button as you can see below:
bluestacks, home, screen, PC, Mac

3. Setup a BlueStacks user account (it’s quick and easy)

Before you can use the program, you’ll first need to setup a Bluestacks user account.

A prompt may come up automatically.

bluestacks, prompt, screenshot, for tinder

If the prompt doesn’t come up automatically then click the orange “Search” box in the top left corner of the home screen, type in “Tinder” and try to download the app – the prompt will then come up.

Then you just need to:

  • Enable one-time setup
  • Setup an account – it will take you through the steps to setup a Google/Gmail  account which BlueStacks uses – it’s easy and takes 2
  • Sign in with the new account you just created
  • Verify your account by letting them text you a code

 4. Download and Install Tinder and the Fake GPS app (this will change your Tinder location)

Click the orange “Search” box in the top left corner of the home screen,

Type in “Tinder” and search Google Play

tinder, pc, bluestacks, mac, change location, download, app

Download and install Tinder.

Then use the orange search box again, but this time search for “Fake GPS“.

Then download and install a Fake GPS app. I use the one below:

change tinder location, location, app, fake, tinder, change, pc, mac,  bluestacks

5. Open the Fake GPS app and set your desired Tinder location.

BlueStacks has no location – it can’t tell where you are. So you need to set a location by using the Fake GPS app otherwise Tinder won’t work and you’ll keep getting the “Search for people around your”screen.

With the Fake GPS app, you can set your location to anywhere in the world.

  • 1st you need to search for your desired location by entering a city or an address (#1 function below).
  • 2nd you need to “Set location” (#2 function below)

fake. location, gps, app, change, android, mac, pc, tinder

Note: To change your Tinder location you need to be logged out of Tinder. So before you set a new location, log out of Tinder, change your location with the Fake GPS app, then log back into Tinder. Your new location will then be picked up after you log in.

6. Open Tinder and begin matching with girls from all over the world!

Tinder will now think that you are in that location that you set in your Fake GPS app. I chose Stockholm, Sweden ;)


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There you have it! You can now change your Tinder location quickly, easily and as many times as you want… and it’s all free!

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