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The Ultimate Guide to Tinder’s 10 New Features

What’s in this post: A guide to the big changes from the recent Tinder update How these changes will affect you New features coming to Tinder (only released in Australia so far). The world’s most popular (hottest) girls on Tinder, including these girls: The Latest Tinder Update Tinder has just released an update which it’s calling “The best Tinder experience yet”. There are some BIG… Read More »


Tinder Moments (NSFW): Boobs, Guns & Dogs

Screenshots of the best, weirdest and funniest Tinder moments. This post has awkward pics of (almost) nude girls, cute dogs and a whole lot of sexual tension. I spend a lot of time on Tinder – refining conversation techniques and testing openers all for the purpose of helping you get more dates (and hookups) from Tinder. But this post isn’t about… Read More »