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Tinder dating tips and advice.

Tinder Date Body Language Guide

Did you know that you could say all the right things on a Tinder date… but still end up getting rejected because your body language or confidence sucks? Sadly, it’s true. So if you don’t want to fail on your next date, you should read this Body Language Guide for Tinder Dates because you’ll learn: 10 body language… Read More »


How to Have an Amazing Tinder First Date – Tips that you wouldn’t expect (Part 2)

Step-by-step tips to ensure you have an amazing Tinder first date…  And here’s the thing: it’s advice that you wouldn’t expect. Tinder dates can be scary… you’re sitting there face to face with a stranger that you’ve been texting non-stop for the past week,  but it’s not long before you realize that all that late night text-chemistry you had counts for nothing… Read More »


How to have a successful Tinder first date

First dates can be hard. Especially a first date with someone you met through Tinder or online dating. I know, because I’ve been on lots of them and have had my fair share of fizzlers – awkward silences, strange conversation topics, lack of chemistry and terrible date venues…. I’ve been there. But over the years I’ve also had lots of amazing dates.… Read More »