10 Tinder Pictures to Help You Double Your Matches

By | December 17, 2015


I’m going to reveal what pictures the most popular guys on Tinder use to increase their matches – but first, let’s talk about you

You’re a decent looking guy, but you’re still struggling to get matches on Tinder.

And most of the matches you do get are fake spam-bots, or girls that you don’t really want.

It sucks, because you know what it all means…

No matches on Tinder = Zero chance of any hot Tinder dates and hookups

The reality is if you can’t make it past the first step on Tinder you have no hope.

But here’s the thing: once you make it past that first step, the floodgates will rush open…


Once you figure out how to make a great Tinder profile you’ll start getting more matches than you know what to do with.

You’ll start attracting all of the beautiful kinda girls you’re interested in.

But before you can reach that tipping point there’s two things you need to realize:

  1. In today’s super-competitive Tinder world being a decent guy isn’t enough
  2. Without the right Tinder pictures you’re going to continue struggling to get matches.

There’s no way around it – you simply need to have great Tinder photos.

Luckily, creating a Tinder profile with great pictures is pretty easy to do.

You just need to know what works – you need to know:

What Tinder pictures will make me look more attractive?

What Tinder pictures do girls like the most?

The world’s most popular guys on Tinder already know these things and are using that knowledge right now to get thousands of matches.


And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this post…

  • I’m going to reveal the most popular Tinder users in the world – the top 1% – and the pictures they use to get thousands of matches.
  • I’m going to show you the tricks that average-looking people use to make themselves look like models.
  • I’m going to show you what pictures are working on Tinder right now.
  • And I’m going to show you how you can duplicate it all – quickly and easily.

In just a matter of minutes you can copy the success tactics of others and create a great Tinder profile – one that attracts the beautiful kinda girls you’re interested in.

I know you’re excited to find out what makes a great Tinder profile so let’s get into it…

The best Tinder pictures


I found out what Tinder photos really work by cheating.

I used to spend days and weeks testing different Tinder photos and analyzing the results – but not this time.

This time I did pretty much the same thing as flicking straight to the back of a math workbook and looking up the answer….

I flicked straight to the most popular people on Tinder.

These guys and girls are the top 1% of Tinder users – the cream of the crop.

I’m not talking about Tinder profiles that get 200 matches a week… I’m talking about ultra-popular people on Tinder who are getting thousands of people liking their Tinder profile every day!

To get to this point they must be doing something right – it’s not luck…

They have the answers.

Because when you look closely through the profiles of the most popular people on Tinder you’ll notice they all have things in common.

These successful photo characteristics have taken them to the top… and they can do the same for you.

All you need to do is copy what they’re doing – copy the answers – and you’re going to start getting more matches.

There’s no doubt about it.

Facial expressions, the best Tinder picture types, social indicators, photo filters and much more… you can copy all of the techniques from Tinder’s most popular guys and start getting yourself more Tinder matches today.

How I did this: the Tinder Popularity Blend

I thought you might want to know how we found the most popular guys on Tinder…

Well, recently Tinder added a new function called The Tinder Blend.

It let’s you choose how you want to filter the profiles that it shows you.

One of those options is the Tinder Popularity Blend:


As the image above shows, the popularity blend shows you more of Tinder’s most popular users when you’re swiping.

That means you can see the profiles that are killing it on Tinder – the profiles that you’re going to emulate for your very own Tinder success.

Together with the ability to change Tinder location on Tinder Plus, it means you can set your location to anywhere in the world and see who the most popular people are.

Unfortunately, the Tinder blend feature is currently in a testing stage and isn’t yet available in the United States.

But because I’m part of the testing group (it’s being tested in Australia), I’m able give you an early glimpse of Tinder’s most popular guys and the Tinder profile strategies that they’re using.

…That means you can get a jump start and begin using these Tinder strategies before anyone else!

Edit: The very useful Popularity Blend function that I used to peer into Tinder’s elite user base and get these findings was later scrapped by Tinder. It never made it past Tinder’s testing phase in Australia. It was good while it lasted.

1. The most popular Tinder guys are attractive

This won’t be a surprise to anyone.

Users who receive the most likes on Tinder are good looking looking people.

Actually they’re very good looking – a lot of the most popular guys are models:


It’s no wonder that attractive people are most popular – we all find physical beauty irresistible because it’s hardwired in our nature.

When we see a beautiful face it actually makes reward centers in our brain light up… It does the same thing to our brain as does addictive substances (think chocolate or drugs).

We’re addicted to beauty and it shows on Tinder.

Now, we can’t change how beautiful we are, but for us average-looking guys there are still important points we can take from this so we can get more Tinder matches…

What the obsession for beauty means for your Tinder profile

Because attractiveness is rewarded so strongly on Tinder, you absolutely need to make sure your profile photos maximize your looks.

There’s no use writing a hilarious and witty essay in your Tinder bio trying to convince people you’re a great guy –  it’s a waste of time.

Your bio is a great tool for starting conversations and encouraging girls to message you first, but it won’t move the needle when it comes to matches.

When it comes to getting more quality Tinder matches it’s how you look in your photos that matter most.

And more specifically, it’s how you look in your main Tinder profile photo that matters most.

To show you the importance of choosing a main profile photo that maximizes your looks, let’s take a look at an example…

Here’s a profile photo of Zach:


From what we can see he’s a decent looking guy who you’d expect to get an average amount of matches… Just a few, nothing crazy.

But what if I told you he was one of the most popular guys on Tinder in California – possibly in all of the United States.

…Would you believe me?

Probably not.

Well he is – Zach is one of the top 1% of Tinder users.

And why is he?

…Because he has an awesome main Tinder profile photo that maximizes his looks:


He looks like a completely different guy when comparing both pictures.

It goes to show how different photos can alter your attractiveness significantly.

And also, it shows how important your main Tinder profile picture is.

A great main Tinder picture can make all the difference.

Here are a couple more Tinder photo examples showing the difference a great photo can make in terms of your attractiveness (and your profile matches):


Mark and Miklos above are good looking guys so none of their photos are terribly bad, but the difference a good photo can make is pretty amazing, even for them.

So the two main points to take from this are:

  1. You can look up to 5x more attractive just by taking the right photos. That can mean an increase of 5X to 10x the amount of matches you get.
  2. Your main Tinder photo selection is the most important – get this right and your Tinder matches will skyrocket. Your supporting photos still matter, but they’re not as important as your main Tinder picture when it comes to getting more matches..

And just to let you know, I’m not saying you need to look super-attractive like these guys to succeed on Tinder – you absolutely don’t!

Remember, these guys are the top 1%.

What I’m saying is that you might be a decent looking guy, but you’re probably using the wrong types of photos which are keeping you from reaching your potential.

All you need to do is add the right photos so you look your best, which takes very little effort, and the amount of girls you match with come rushing in.

The effect won’t just be an increase of one or two matches each day… but an increase of 2x, 5x or even 10x the amount of quality girls that you’re matching with right now.

Maximize your attractiveness by using a few simple techniques and you’ll maximize your quality matches.

So what are those techniques?

Well, it’s what all the popular guys on Tinder are already doing…

2. The best main Tinder photos for your profile

One of the first things that you”ll notice about the popular Tinder guys is that they tend to use the same types of main profile pictures.

From the way they pose to their facial expressions – they all use the same key techniques that have been proven to make girls more interested in them.

Solo waist-up/head shot photos

The majority of popular Tinder guys have a waist-up or a headshot as their profile photo, with no one else included, like these:



It seems obvious to make sure that your main Tinder photo clearly shows who you are – after all, why would anyone like your profile if they can’t see what you look like?

This is no sneaky-trick, it’s just common sense.

However, many people still make the mistake of using a main picture where you can’t see their face or can’t identify who the profile belongs to, like group pictures:no-group-tinder-photos

The most popular users on Tinder never use main photos like that.

If you want more matches, neither should you.

You need to be able to make sure people can see what you look like instantly so they can “connect” with you. Here are a couple of stats directly from the official team at Tinder:

  • Wearing a hat: makes you 15% less likely to get a right swipe.
  • Wearing glasses (sunglasses or spectacles): makes you 12% less likely to get a right swipe.


Look away from the Camera

This is a very common theme among Tinder’s most popular guys, like these:




And as you’ll notice above, these elite Tinder guys DON’T smile when they’re looking away from the camera.

This seems strange, but it’s supported by a psychological experiment that shows men aren’t as sexually attractive in the eyes of women when they’re showing emotions of happiness.

(For the record, women found guys showing emotions of pride the most sexually attractive.)

This “non-smiling” phenomenon is also supported by one of the world’s largest online dating sites, OkCupid.

They found that for men, looking away from the camera and not smiling produce the best results for a main profile picture:

men_smiling_tinder chart


I used to recommend this type of picture, but not anymore. Here’s why: very few guys can pull off a photo like this.

Out of the hundreds of guys who have tried to recreate a looking-away picture and asked me to review it, only two or three have managed to make it look decent. Most of the looking-away pictures I see (seriously 99% of them) come out looking forced, unnatural, and to be honest a little weird. You don’t want that.

So your surest way of increasing your matches is to forget about the “mysterious model” look and instead create trust and connection with every girl who looks at your photo. That means using a main photo where you’re smiling and looking directly at the camera.




This is supported by the official team at Tinder who say:

  • Smiling will make you 14% more likely to get a right swipe.
  • Directly facing the camera will make you 20% more likely to get a right swipe.

If you have a naturally candid photo where you’re looking away from the camera and showing pride, you can include it as a supporting photo because it’ll add variety to your profile. But for your main pic you’re best to look at the camera and smile because that’s guaranteed to get you great results.

The other big tip for for creating trust and connection is to convey open body language: no crossed-arms and no arm-in-pockets will make you look more friendly, approachable and inviting.

Selfie for a main Tinder photo – yes or no?

Only a very small portion of Tinder’s most popular guys used a selfie for their main picture.

This probably means that selfies aren’t the best style of Tinder photos for a guy to use because they’re harder to pull off.

Selfies either look to feminine or just too creepy – especially selfies in the mirror.

Jessica agrees:


So selfies are out, but what if you have no one around to take photos of you?…

How to take a non-selfie Tinder picture (without the help of friends or family)

You don’t need to take selfies – just use the self-timer function on your camera or iphone.

If you do it on your iPhone you don’t need any apps because everything is already built in.

Step 1:

  • Go into your camera app and make sure you have it switched to the “Photo” setting (at the bottom of your screen).
  • Then tap the timer symbol up the top of the screen

how-to-take-a-non-tinder-selfie-picture (1)

Step 2:

  • Select the “10s” mode which will give you a 10 second countdown after you take the photo. This will give you enough time to run in front of the camera and get your pose ready.

how-to-take-a-non-tinder-selfie-picture-2 (1)

When the countdown gets to zero, your iPhone will take 10 photos in a row. That means you’ll be able to select the best one.

(If you need any more help on how to use the self-timer function on your iPhone, you can go here).

That’s it – easy! Now it will look like someone else has taken the photo for you.

That means there’s no need for mirror selfies anymore!

Summary Tips for your main Tinder profile picture

  • Make sure your main Tinder profile clearly shows you
  • Use a waist-up or head shot style photo
  • No group photos
  • Looking away from the camera is a successful tactic
  • Not smiling may help you more than smiling, but both is ok
  • No selfies – they’re just for girls. Use the timer function on your camera or iPhone instead.

3. The best Tinder pictures to show off your body

Another very common factor among Tinder’s most popular guys is that they show off their bodies.

A lot use shirtless pictures for their main Tinder profile or in their supporting pictures:



Tinder-pictures-of-guys-body-6 Tinder-pictures-of-guys-body-2


Again, this shirtless profile photo trend among Tinder’s most popular users is backed up by the online dating giant OKCupid who ran experiments on exactly this topic:

Contrary to everything you read about profile pictures, if you’re a guy with a nice body, it’s actually better to take off your shirt than to leave it on…

Dating, both online and off is about playing to your strengths, and it should be no different for men with muscles.

– OkCupid

One (important) thing you’ve probably noticed from these super-popular Tinder profiles is that all the shirtless pictures are tasteful and sometimes artistic…

The elite Tinder guys don’t use shirtless selfies taken in the bathroom or gym photos, unlike a lot of guys on Tinder:



So when it comes to being super-successful on Tinder, showing off a good physique by using tasteful photos is the clear winner.


Of course, one thing to note that is that shirtless Tinder pictures work because the guys who have them in their profiles are the guys who have bodies worth showing off.

So if you’ve got it, flaunt it…. And if you don’t have an exceptional body, then you can always use the next best Tinder profile picture (#4).

Summary Tinder profile tips:

  • If you have an exceptional physique, show it off on your Tinder profile as it’s likely to get you more matches
  • A shirtless picture will do well for your main Tinder profile photo, or in your supporting pictures, but only if you have an exceptional body.
  • Don’t be a douche – keep the shirtless photos tasteful and a little artistic and you’ll get more Tinder matches

4. Tinder pics with a dog

Pets have been described as chick-crack when it comes to online dating, and for good reason… girls absolutely adore cute puppies and other pets.

They say it in their bios and they show it by sending endless Tinder moments (RIP) of their own dog:




The most popular guys know the amazing effect that cute puppies have on Tinder girls and they’re using that chick-crack to their advantage:



Guys-Tinder-picture-with-dogHaving a dog in your Tinder profile (in either your main or supporting Tinder pictures) will make a girl stop and take a little bit more notice… Girls swoon over every dog (unlike swooning over every guy on Tinder).

I also think that including your dog in your profile adds an extra dynamic – it makes you seem more friendly and likable, which will only help to get more Tinder matches.

It’s working for the most popular guys on Tinder and it’ll work for you was well.

Using your dog to start a Tinder conversation and get a date

Here’s a creative Tinder photo that one of the popular guys on Tinder used to show off his dog:


A Tinder photo like Alex’s on your profile that introduces your dog is a great way to encourage girls to start a conversation with you.

By introducing his dog, Alex is creating a personal connection with the girls that swipe his profile.

That connection will get him more matches and also help girls think of something to say when starting a conversation.

It will also give him a great path to getting a date… When a girl asks about his dog, he could say something like:

“You know Zero could do with some new friends… would your dog be interested in a play date? ;)” 

If you don’t want to go to the effort of adding text into your photos to introduce your dog, you can simply add your dogs name in your Tinder bio.

Here’s an example of a good Tinder bio that you can use to encourage girls to start a conversation with you:

My dog’s name is Toby – he would love it if you said Hi to him ;)

Tinder profile Tips

  • If you’re wondering what types of photos you should be adding to your Tinder profile, consider adding one with your pet. Preferably a cute puppy.
  • Experiment with introducing your dog on your Tinder profile – it’s a great way to start a conversation.

5. The best Tinder photos are high quality

When it comes down to it, the difference between an awesome Tinder picture and an average picture is the quality of the photo.

You can take a picture of the most beautiful person in the world, but if it’s grainy and blurry it’s going to look crappy.

That’s why when you look through Tinder’s most popular profiles, EVERY SINGLE GUY has a high-quality main picture that maximizes his attractiveness.

Just take a look back through all the photos that you’ve seen so far – every single main Tinder photo is high quality.

And for most popular guys, all Tinder pictures in their profile are high quality, not just the main.

It’s simple:

low-quality photos = less matches

high-quality photos = more matches

Here’s a comparison of two different quality Tinder pictures – one low quality, the other high:


Low vs High quality Tinder picture

  • The photo on the left is grainy, blurry and difficult to see.
  • The photo on the right is clear, crisp and much more appealing.

The difference between the two is phenomenal – they’re both about as attractive as each other, but the high-quality photo makes the guy on the right look 10x more attractive.

So you can see how just by changing one thing – the quality of your photos – you can make your Tinder profile 10x better.

Just changing one simple thing like the quality of your photos can make make your profile 10x better… which means 10x more matches.

Even though it’s simple, there are still so many people who are throwing away easy Tinder matches because they get this wrong.

Here are some examples of decent looking guys who are letting themselves down with poor quality Tinder photos:




Now there are two reasons for poor quality photos:

  1. The photos being uploaded to Tinder are too small
  2. Zooming and cropping when editing pictures in Tinder

So let’s find out how to avoid those issues and how to correctly upload photos to Tinder so that they’re not low-quality.

How to add high quality photos to your Tinder profile

Firstly, the most important factor in creating a high quality photo is the size of the photo.

Generally the rule is:

large picture = high quality Tinder photo

To demonstrate how much better a large photo is I’ll show you an example using the stunning Miranda Kerr.

Below we have two pictures:

  • Miranda big:  1,000 pixels wide by 1,500 pixels tall (14 inches wide, 21 inches tall)
  • Miranda small: 159 pixels wide by 24 pixels tall (2.2 inches wide, 3.3 inches tall)

(Click here and here to see the original full sized-images)

I’ve scaled them down and put them side to side so you can see the difference in size:


Picture via Flickr

Now, when they’re put into a Tinder profile you immediately see the difference in quality:


Click on image to see full size

Miranda big is crisp and clear in her Tinder profile, while Miranda small is grainy and blurry.

So the simple rule to quality is: if your photo size is big your Tinder photo quality is going to be good.

Secondly, the other factor that contributes to blurriness is editing, zooming and cropping your picture from within Tinder.

It usually happens when someone is in a group photo and they decide to crop themselves out, like this:


This was probably a high quality photo originally, but when he edited his photo on Tinder he zoomed too far in… which basically turned it into a “Miranda small” photo that’s grainy and blurry.

So because of that, try not to use photos on Tinder that you need to zoom in or crop out.

One more thing about selecting and editing your Tinder photos

If you’re uploading a picture to Tinder that’s not square you’re not going to be able to capture all the area in your Tinder picture.

For example, say you want to upload this picture:


When you put it into Tinder, some of it is going to be cropped out because Tinder only uses square images.


The bottom half of this photo will be cropped out in Tinder because it’s not a square image

So to get all the picture in (a full body photo) you need to edit your picture in Photoshop or another photo editing program by adding in some white spaces on the sides so it becomes a square:


Add in white space on each side so the picture becomes a square

Then when you upload the new square picture to Tinder all of the picture will show:





Summary tips for your Tinder profile pictures

  • Improving poor quality photos or removing them from your Tinder profile is the quickest way to make you look more attractive and start getting more matches.
  • Ensure you only use large photos so that they’re clear and crisp on your Tinder profile
  • Avoid cropping out on Tinder
  • If you’re using a rectangle picture, add in some white spaces on the side so you can fit it all in on Tinder

6. Using filters on Tinder pictures

A “filter” is basically a quick digital editing method which will make your photos look different (hopefully better!).

They’re very simple to use and work by changing the colors, lighting and other elements of your photos.

Because they work at making the photos (and the people in them) look more appealing, it’s no surprise that the most popular guys on Tinder use them frequently.

Here are a few examples:


Filters that make your Tinder pictures look calm and smooth


Filters will enhance and add a little spice to your Tinder photos


Filters will make you and the environment look more attractive


Filters will easily turn your colored pictures into classy black and white


Filters will make your Tinder pictures look better… but more importantly, they make YOU look better.

We’ve seen how important beauty is when it comes to getting more Tinder matches, so why not maximize your beauty by taking 2 minutes to add a filter to your photos.

How to add filters to your Tinder pictures

You’ll need to apply filters before you add photos to your Tinder profile.

The easiest way to do this is to apply the filters to your pictures on Instagram or by using an iPhone app.

Instagram filters

Instagram has a whole heap of inbuilt filters that quickly and easily make your photos look good.

Here are a couple of examples.

The “Rise” filter: 


The rise filter gives people a nice glow and smooths out blemishes, so it’s great for close up photos. Edited photo from SimplyZesty.com

The “Kelvin” filter:


The Kelvin filter will make your Tinder pictures bright and vibrant, giving them a warm feeling. Photo edited from simplyzesty.com

This is just a small taste of what Instagram filters can do for your Tinder pictures.

For something so quick and easy they can really make a big difference when it comes to making you look good and getting you more matches on Tinder.

iPhone filters

There are plenty of apps on the app store that allow you to easily apply filters to make your Tinder pictures look great.

In fact, the App Store has an app section called Fun with Filters which is dedicated to showing off the best picture filter apps.

One of those filter apps is Repix (free to download, extra filters will cost $0.99):


Just like Instagram filters, Repix (or many other apps) will allow you to quickly and easily add filters to your photos so they look more appealing… and that means more matches for you.

Summary tips for your Tinder profile pictures

  • Filters are quick and easy to use, yet make you and your pictures look much more attractive
  • Apply one of the many Instagram filters
  • Or use one of the many filter apps that are available on the app store

7. Blurry/sharp effect make the best Tinder photos

One of the most common photo techniques used among Tinder’s elite is taking photos with a low aperture setting.

A low aperture setting simply means that the focus of the photo (a person or a face) is very sharp and crisp while the background is blurred.

Here are some examples from Tinder’s most popular users:






As you can see, the blurry/sharp effect makes the photos look great as the focus is really on the individual. It creates a more intimate and personal looking photo.

Once again, this isn’t a coincidence that the majority of popular Tinder profiles use the sharp/blurry effect. It’s a strategy that’s been proven to work…

OkCupid found that photos with the sharp/blurry effect are the best performing photos for online dating.

Magazines and other publications have also been using the sharp/blurry effect for years – when you look through any magazine you’ll see it in action:



There’s no doubt about it – using the sharp/blurry effect can make you look more attractive in your Tinder photos.

How to create the blurry/sharp effect for your Tinder photos

It’s easy to to make your photos look like this if you have a good camera (like a DSLR camera) – all you need to do is lower the aperture or f number setting.

So what’s the best f setting?

The lower the better.

Most normal photos (like the below right) have a setting of around 22, but to get the sharp/blurry effect you’ll need an f setting that’s between 1.2 to 4.0.


Creating the sharp/blurry effect when taking photos on your iPhone

There are many apps available that let you edit your iPhone photos so it looks like you’ve used a low aperture.

One of those photo editing apps is Big Lens (available on the app store for $0.99) – with Big Lens you can take a normal photo on your iPhone and edit the picture afterwards.


The sharp/blurry effect quality you create with this app won’t be as good as if you took the photo with a DSLR camera, but it still does a really good job.

Tips for your Tinder profile photos

  • Use the blurry/sharp effect as it’s proven to create the best Tinder pictures
  • Use a good camera with a low aperture when taking photos
  • Alternatively, add the blurry/sharp effect to your photos by using an app

8. Verified celebrities on Tinder

Being attractive and having a perfect Tinder profile is the main path to being super-popular on Tinder, but there are other ways to make it the top of the pile…

There are people who are supremely popular on Tinder because of their social status.

Being a celebrity on Tinder is one example – their high social status takes them directly to the top.

A few months ago Tinder introduced verified Tinder profiles:

Starting today, you may see a verified symbol on some profiles. Now when notable public figures, celebrities and athletes appear in your recommendations, you’ll know it’s for real.

But since then, no one has ever come across any verified Tinder profiles.

This is because Tinder’s algorithm mostly shows you Tinder profiles of people who are in your league… Or rather, in your ballpark.

The profiles you see on Tinder are mostly people with similar popularity ratings as you, which is because it maximize matches.

So all the star athletes, notable public figures and celebrities on Tinder (like Hilary Duff) are nowhere to be seen for us “average” users.

That is, until now…

Because with the new Tinder Blend Popularity setting, you can take a glimpse at all of Tinder’s most popular users – people who are waaaaay out of your ballpark.

That includes verified celebrities and athletes on Tinder.

Here are a few verified male celebrities on Tinder that we’ve come across:

celebrities-on-Tinder-verified-profile celebrities-on-Tinder-verified-profile2

celebrities-on-Tinder-Conor-maynard-verified-profilecelebrities on Tinder - Conor maynard verified profile 2celebrities-on-Tinder-Garrison-verified-profile-2celebrities-on-Tinder-Garrison-verified-profile

Mini-celebrities who are on Tinder

Verified celebrities easily make it into Tinder’s most popular people, but even those who aren’t verified are still part of Tinder’s most popular users.

Tinder’s most popular guys are littered with mini-celebrities and athletes:

celebrities on tinder- cleaveland indians

celebrities on tinder- houston dynamo pic

celebrities on tinder- pitcher at san fransisco giants

celebrities on tinder- swimmer celebrities on tinder- surfer
celebrities on tinder- new york yankees

celebrities on tinder- USA swimmer How status can help you get more matches on Tinder

We’re not celebrities or super-star athletes like the guys above, but there are some benefits that us average guys can take away from this.

If you have some sort of enviable status that’s above the normal guy on Tinder, then you should consider showing it off because you’ll get more matches.

You can show off this status in your Tinder photos, in your bio or in your job description.

Your employment information is a great way to do this – if you’ve got a cool job, the CEO or work for a well known company that has some high social status then make sure you include it in to your job profile section, like these guys:


royal-marines-commando-tinder-profile phd-student-on-tinder


Showing off a statuses like these won’t make you super popular like a celebrity on Tinder, but it will help to set you apart from the pack and get you more matches.

Summary Tip for your Tinder profile

  • If you have some above-average status, include it in your Tinder profile.

9. Money

It’s not as prevalent as the other trends we’ve covered, but using Tinder photos to show off a wealthy lifestyle is a strategy that guys use to be popular on Tinder.

Among Tinder’s super-popular Tinder pictures are a lot of luxurious cars and houses being shown:

rich-people-on-Tinder-5 rich-guys-on-tinder-5 rich-guys-on-tinder-3

As well as guys showing off bigger toys – like a private jet:



Shows of wealth are definitely a factor to becoming more popular on Tinder.

Once again, this trend is backed up by OkCupid who found that men with higher incomes receive far more messages on online dating (green squares in the below) relative to guys on lower incomes:

MaleMessageDistributionByIncomeBrightSource: http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-biggest-lies-in-online-dating/

So what does this mean for you Tinder profile pictures?

If you’re wealthy and want to get more matches – show that you’re wealthy.

But if you’re not rich, don’t worry. It’s not going to negatively affect your Tinder matches… after all, no one can tell how much you earn unless you choose to show it.

10. A variety of good Tinder pictures

We’ve seen that having a good main Tinder profile picture is the largest controllable factor to being popular on Tinder and getting more matches – the main photo catches peoples attention and entices them to find out more.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Because if the rest of the profile pictures aren’t up to scratch then when they dig deeper down into the profile they’re going to be disappointed.

So it’s no wonder that most popular guys on Tinder follow up their main picture with other great photos – photos that show they’re interesting, friendly and fun.

Simply put, their entire Tinder profile makes them seem like they’re worth getting to know.

Here are a couple of complete profiles to give you an idea of what that looks like:







And Staz’s Tinder profile:




Not every picture of theirs is perfect, their profiles don’t reveal every detail about their lives and there’s nothing incredible in there.

But what they do is give enough indication that they’re worth getting to know.

You see, one of the major differences between “good” and “world-class” is this: A good profile shows nice pictures of attractive guys…. A world-class Tinder profile tells captivating stories about attractive guys.

They give you a glimpse into their life, their personality and their interests with solid photos in such a way that girls are interested in finding out more.

That means more matches and more dates.

One more purpose for supporting Tinder photos

People often wonder what messages they should send on Tinder because they have nothing interesting to say.

A solution for this is to add in one or two photos to your profile that are good talking points – photos that will encourage girls to start a conversation with you first or at least provide some conversation fodder.

The more unique the pictures you have the better.

Here’s an example of a guy going all out on gimmicks by using Where’s Waldo/Wally:








Although it will help start conversations, you don’t need to go to the extent of using Where’s Waldo/Wally in every Tinder profile picture.

A subtle approach will do the same job.

As we’ve spoke about, a pet is a good example:



Or show off a special talent:

Or just include something different:unique-tinder-profile-pic-2

Summary tips for your Tinder profile pics

  • Don’t stop at a great main Tinder picture – follow up with solid supporting pictures.
  • Let your profile show off a little about your personality, interests and lifestyle, but not too much.
  • Add one or two photos that are good conversation fodder.


The most popular guys on Tinder are attractive… much more attractive than average guys like you and I.

There’s no doubt that beauty is the main reason why they’re so popular, but another reason is because they’re maximizing their potential by using a specific set of photo strategies.

These same sorts of pictures can be seen in almost every guy that’s made it into Tinder’s 1%.

And here’s the thing: if you simply copy those successful strategies you’ll becomes successful as well.

  1. Maximize your looks by choosing the right pictures
  2. Look at the camera and smile (looking away from the camera and not smiling is hard to pull off)
  3. If you’ve got a good body, show it off with tasteful photos
  4. Include a picture with your dog
  5. Use high quality photos
  6. Apply filters to your pictures
  7. Give you Tinder pictures the blurry/sharp effect
  8. Show off any high social status or fame you may have
  9. If you have wealth, show it off
  10. Add solid supporting pictures that make girls want to get to know you
  11. (Bonus Technique) Let Tinder choose your best main photo for you because it knows better than anyone!

By copying the 10 techniques in this article you can maximize your potential and start matching with all the beautiful kind of girls you’re interested in.

…You might not become the most popular guy on Tinder, but you will get 2x, 5x or 10x the amount of matches than you’re getting at the moment.

The easiest way to use these techniques yourself is to follow my step by step profile guide:

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