The 2 Best Tinder Openers for High-Quality Women

By | January 17, 2019


You’re about to see two of the best Tinder openers that excel with high-quality women.

These great Tinder openers not only have high response rates, they also lead to dates and hookups with high-quality women.

Best of all, you’ll see precisely why these simple messages are so successful so you can duplicate the results for yourself.

Firstly, why do most guys fail when they write Tinder openers to high-quality women?

A few years ago I had this girlfriend, Ellie, who you’d consider to be high-quality… she was intelligent, classy, cultured, educated, and attractive.

Well, one night Ellie and I were finishing dinner at a little restaurant when we noticed an art gallery across the street.

We both enjoyed art, so we strolled across the road, bought tickets, and tagged along to the last guided tour of the night with five or six other people.

The tour was pretty boring, so it wasn’t long before the two of us got distracted and started making our own entertainment by flirting.

We were touching and sneaking kisses and making silly jokes about the artwork.

We had to be quiet though – it was one of those places where every footstep you made echoed all through the building.

At one point, Ellie leaned over to me and whispered a sexual remark about one of the paintings.

But she whispered with enough enthusiasm that everyone in the group overheard.

Most people smiled in amusement at her observation, but Phillip the tour guide turned to us and snapped,“Could you two kindly respect the exhibits please?!” 

Trying to not to smile, we apologized, and the tour continued.

A few minutes later when Phillip was busy talking, Ellie and I tiptoed away from the group and down an empty hallway, making an escape like giggling schoolchildren skipping class.

For the next 45 minutes, we explored the rest of the gallery on our own and flirted like crazy; touching, kissing, and making silly sexual jokes about the artwork.



Classy are often reserved, but they’re far from emotionless.

They like having fun, flirting, even being silly.

They want connection, passion, and excitement.

Just like us.

If you’d had seen Ellie on Tinder, you probably wouldn’t have thought that she could be as playful as she was at the gallery. You’d have thought she was very proper and serious and unemotional. Maybe even boring.

But privately, when she let you in to her world, she was much different.

When she felt comfortable, she liked letting her silly side come out.

When she trusted, she allowed herself to get carried away in feelings of passion and excitement.

The same can be said for most classy, cultured, studious, or any other kind of high-quality women who have that reserved persona.

They might look serious and reserved on the surface, but somewhere underneath are emotions that can’t wait to come out. And it’s your job to help bring them out.

Yet most guys don’t. Especially on Tinder.

They see a classy woman on Tinder who appears reserved, serious and unemotional, so they’re more likely to start a conversation in a reserved, serious, and unemotional kind of way…. They’re more likely to play it safe with a “How are you?” or “How was your weekend?” 

This lack of emotion is the first mistake when starting a conversation with a classy woman on Tinder.

Attraction is based on emotion.

Without emotion in your Tinder conversations and your dating opportunities will quickly fizzle out. Classy women included.

Even if they might not look like it at first blush, classy women want to have fun with you, flirt with you, even be ridiculously silly with you. They want connection, passion, and excitement with you, just like you want it with them.

The problem is, delivering even a glimpse of emotion to high-quality women in a brief Tinder opener is challenging to say the least.

In order to hit the mark with high-quality women, you have to understand that they have higher expectations of you on Tinder:

  • You have to be flirty… but not come on too strong
  • You have to show that you’re interested… but not show any desperation
  • You have to be unique and interesting… but you can’t look like you’re trying too hard
  • You have to be personal… but not uncomfortably personal
  • You have to show that you’re high-quality… but if you brag it’s an automatic no.

Basically, unless you’re a male model, you have to send a great Tinder opener.

This can be hard to do.

And it can seem impossible to do consistently.

Out of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Tinder openers I’ve tested, only a handful have managed to make the cut.

I’m sharing two of those openers with you below – two messages that manage to create emotion and deliver them in the right kind of way for classy women on Tinder.

The Best Tinder Openers for Classy Women #1

First up, let’s take it slow.

Here’s a simple compliment-based opener that you can use with any classy woman:

Example of the best Tinder opener for classy women

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

Acknowledging their elegance is an emotionally-deep compliment that works incredibly well with classy women because that’s what they value.

Here’s the breakdown of the message:

[Her Name], how do you manage to look so effortlessly elegant in all your pictures, especially [insert reference to her profile]…

The last part of the message is where you personalize it to the woman’s specific profile.

For example, you could say something like:

… in all your pictures, especially the red dress one


…in all your pictures, even the one where you’re covered in mud...

I’m sure you get the idea. Just reference something simple about one of her pictures and you’ll be giving her the gift of a powerful compliment.

Just look at her profile pictures. Pick out one single photo. Reference it in the opener. Send.


Now, if you send this opener to a woman who doesn’t value elegance, then your response is probably going to be lukewarm. But if you send it to the right woman, don’t be surprised if you get a response saying this message is the best Tinder opener they’ve ever received, like these:

Response from best tinder opener for classy women

response from best tinder opener for classy women

It’s one of the best Tinder openers that instantly connects with genuine, classy, high-quality women.

Now on to the second…

The Best Tinder Openers for Classy Women #2

Good Tinder openers get you a response. Great Tinder openers get you dates and hookups.

That’s true even with the most cultured and classy women – women who you’d think would demand weeks of sophisticated conversation before they’d even meet up with you for a single cup of tea.

Let me show you…

If you can’t think of any decent openers, you can use the tool Dating App Cheat for Tinder (created by me) which has a lot of different openers for all situations. When you’re in there, select the “Classy” category, and you”ll find one of these great Tinder openers to get a date or hookup quickly.


Recognize it? :)

…Thanks for the inspiration Phillip!

Let’s see this opener in action…



Now we’ve got something going here… you’ve already got her interested in a date. From the very first message!

Remember, high-quality women want connection and chemistry with you. They wouldn’t have matched with you if they didn’t want to enjoy fun dates and hookups with you.

If you can deliver that concept from the first message you’ll do very well indeed.

That small amount of emotion is what allows you to then get her number in only one or two more messages – one message about the date and one to get her number:



Here it is again – high-quality women recognize great Tinder openers:


She’s right, there are a lot of subliminal messages in there :)

Again, just one or two more messages about the date and you’ll have her number:


Like I said… good Tinder openers get you a response, great Tinder openers get you dates and hookups.

Pretty cool, huh!?


There are only a handful of great Tinder openers that kick-ass consistently.

There even fewer Tinder openers that kick-ass with classy, high-quality women consistently.

In this post I’ve shared two of the best with you. They create emotion and deliver it smoothly.

I wish I could tell you that they work every time with every high-quality woman, but they don’t. No openers do.

However, those two openers will create emotion and help you with high-quality women in five important ways:

  • They’ll like that you’re flirty… without coming on too strong
  • They’ll think you’re unique and interesting… without trying too hard
  • They’ll know you’re interested… without being desperate like most guys
  • They’ll enjoy that you’re personal… without being uncomfortably personal
  • They’ll instantly know that you are high-quality… without you having to say so.

If you can do this, you’ll be able to open Tinder conversations in a way that ultimately leads to more dates and hookups with high-quality women.

And when you do have that date at the gallery, please be respectful toward the exhibits ;)

You can find more messages like the ones in this post on my app that has over 100 clever Tinder openers. It’s called Dating App Cheat and you can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play. 100% of the profits of the app go to charity.

Question: Are you going to send this opener and see the results for yourself? Leave a comment in the comments section below and let me know…

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