How To Hookup And Date The Kind Of Tinder Girls You Want – In 4 Messages

Would you like to learn how to hookup with any girl on Tinder – without even having to bother going out on a date?  

With Tinder girls like this?... 

And would you like to do it within 4 messages? Like this...


Would you like to see 1 Tinder match grow to 60…. 20 matches grow to 500... by next month?

If you want to date and hookup with crowds of high-quality Tinder girls, then this is going to be the most important message you will ever read! 

Let's begin this at a period in life every guy finds himself at one time or another – a “drought”. 

Chances are you’ve been in one. Perhaps you’re even in one right now. 

So let me tell you the incredible story about how I used Tinder to break my drought and achieve success with women most guys would never dream of, because I am going to help you do the same. 

For me, there was a time when...

I Hadn't Had Sex for Two-And-A-Half Years, And I Hadn't Had a Girlfriend for Six

Friends and family would ask if I was seeing anyone. To avoid the humiliation of my drought I’d hide behind my work. I’d smile as if everything was fine and say: 

“Yeah I was kind of seeing someone, but lately I don’t have time to date because I’m focusing on my career. Working weekends, business trips, studying – you know how it is”. 

It hurt because even if no one else knew the truth – I did: I just couldn’t attract anyone.

The most painful part was actually on the night I finally got a date after two years of rejection after rejection. 

The date was with a cute girl I met the weekend earlier who a friend introduced me to. After a short conversation, I mustered up all the courage I had then fumbled out “Hey umm… would you like to go out with me sometime?” 

To my surprise she said yes, and we later made plans to go to a seafood restaurant a few blocks away from my apartment. 

You can imagine how excited I was about it. All week I had that amazing feeling, the one where you’re so happy that… 

You Cannot Wipe The Smile Off Your Face 

I really wanted to make a good impression, so on the morning of the date I went to the mall and bought an expensive outfit. New shirt, pants, shoes, socks and underwear – the entire works. Even a bottle of Giorgio Armani cologne the sales girl recommended. 

As I was getting ready for the date I made sure everything was perfect. Ironed my clothes precisely, took extra care to get a close shave and styled my hair over and over. Finally, I was ready to go and headed out. 

I had literally just locked my front door to leave when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. As I started walking I checked the text. What I read was like a punch in the gut. It was her… 

“Sorry Marcus, can’t make tonight, something’s come up. Really sorry!” 

FUUUUUUUCCKKK. It was like Life got my hopes up only to play a cruel joke on me.

I really thought I was a decent guy, but that was the last straw. After so many rejections, so little attention, and after the woman I thought liked me threw me aside like a piece of rubbish, I began to seriously doubt whether I was “good enough”.

Even if I was a “good guy" it clearly didn’t count for much in the modern dating world.

Doubts like that were suffocating everything in my life. Instead of having fun on the weekends and after work, I spent my time 

Worrying About Meeting Women 

And Whether They Would Like Me Or Not 

It feels bad NOT knowing how to attract women. It’s like you have no control over anything. 

The lack of confidence and stress it caused was exhausting. I couldn’t stand it. 

Being rejected for a date – again – was the final straw. As I stood there at my front door, dressed in an expensive new outfit for my (cancelled) date, something in my mind snapped… 

It was like all that mental pressure suddenly propelled me forward, like a bullet shot out of a gun. 

That was the moment I made a decision to change my circumstances no matter what it took. Enough was enough. 

From that point on I immersed myself into: 

A “Mission” Of Getting Better At 

Attracting And Dating Women 

I read every psychology and social science book I could get my hands on. Every pick-up and relationship-building article on the Internet. I went to night classes to learn about communication and picked the brains of social economists, psychologists and public speaking champions. I became friends with the guys who were successful with women and learned the strategies they were using. 

I did this for three years. Day-in-day-out. I even took a year off from work to pursue my mission, wandering off into the unknown world of seduction, studying and practicing throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

I was determined to learn how to attract women - even if I had to do it all on my own - because I knew that if I didn't learn it myself, no one was ever going to teach me and I'd be lonely for the rest of my life.  

I tried hundreds of different methods and tricks to attract and meet women – some worked, most didn’t. I kept detailed handwritten notes of everything. I scrawled them in my yellow spiral-notebooks – 16 volumes in total, all dog-eared and raggedy. 

Finally, after years of testing and refining these techniques on hundreds of women, my results started to change. Cold rejections turned into phone numbers...then dates...then hookups. 

Not only did I shatter my drought, I started a new streak – 10 girls in 10 nights. 

At that point it was clear. I had uncovered: 

The Secret To Effortlessly Attract, 

Date, and Hookup With Women 

The success didn't come from harassing random women in the street or using aggressive "alpha" tactics in crowded bars. That's not me. Anyway, I realized there was a much easier way...


I discovered the simple set of secrets that really worked and turned them into a powerful Tinder Seduction System. It allowed me to setup dates and hookups with multiple girls in one night… all while I was sitting at home with my feet up watching TV.  

I developed confidence and a totally different perspective on meeting girls. And women responded powerfully. 

By that time, I was using the System to get five or six amazing dates every week. I could organize a date or hookup with nine out of ten girls I spoke to, and it only took four messages to achieve. If things went well, it was three.

There isn’t too much that can be compared with that feeling of freedom – knowing that you have the power to influence practically any women to do something you want her to, so she responds with her phone number, her body and her emotions.

It felt good to be in control of that part of my life. The System rescued me out of a drought and took me to a level where: 

Sex and Dating Was No Longer a Problem – It Was a Hobby

Some of the women I seduced on Tinder, hooked up with, and dated included: a professional ballerina, two Olympians (water polo and soccer), a national swimmer, a classical musician, models and a minor TV celebrity. 

And sure, they were fun, but you know what the most satisfying of all was? It was seducing my high school crush I used to be too scared to talk to.  

The confidence I developed from the System spilled over into other areas. I became more assertive at work and began seeing an increase in respect from my peers. 

Since then, I’ve lived and breathed Tinder seduction every day for over four years and have seduced a small city’s worth of women.  

I now spend every day devoting my time to helping guys around the world succeed on Tinder – guys who were down and out like I was. 

The truth is, dating success in the modern world of Tinder comes naturally for no one – we’re not born with the skills to flirt and attract women over text. Heck, even if a guy is great at talking face-to-face with women it doesn’t count for anything because Tinder is a completely different ball game. 

Tinder seduction is a unique skill that needs to be learned – just like riding a bike or driving a car. 

That’s why my client list is made up of an elite group of men who are successful in other areas of their lives - smart men who know the real value of learning and self-improvement:  

Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, World Series Poker Professionals, Politicians 

Genius Software Engineers, Angel Investors, and MIT and Harvard Students. 

Guys in this inner circle apply the same approach to Tinder and women as they did to reaching the heights of world-class success in other areas.  

They know all too well that people who are good at something are not just “naturals” or “lucky”. They know that people who are consistently successful are the ones doing something different than the masses, so they say, “Let’s find out what they’re doing.” 

That’s what I teach them.

For example: I received an email from a successful businessman who told me "Tinder seems impossible for someone like me who is terrible at talking to girls, can you help?" So I gave him some advice.  

What was the result? Well, this was the email he sent me four days later...


This excluive group of guys fast-tracked their way to success by drawing on my experience and using my System. They go from being lost and clueless to getting dates and hookups with attractive women in hours. Sometimes minutes.  

Now, I'm going to invite you into this exclusive group and help you do the same.

If you’re not attracting and dating the kind of women you want, I know you’re feeling frustrated and miserable that you can’t do anything about it. I’ve been there. I’ve felt it suffocate my life for many years. It sucks. 

So there’s one thing I want you to know: 

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Failing With Women 

I truly mean it. It’s not your fault. It’s just that no one has ever taught you the skills to succeed with women, especially not in the modern dating world of Tinder. 

Schools don’t have classes for attraction. Parents never taught seduction. Especially not Tinder seduction. 

You’ve been left to figure out “Life’s Ultimate Skill” all on your own. 

You probably don’t want to wait three or more years to figure it out, like I did. So I’m going to invite you into this "hidden world" and to teach it to you – TODAY. 

I'm going to reveal the Tinder Seduction System containing all the secrets to make women chase YOU. The exact steps that will allow you to date and hookup with the kind of women you’ve always wanted, whenever you want.  

Imagine What That Freedom And Happiness Is Going To Feel Like!

How exciting would it be to have a beautiful and interesting woman to flirt with? To go on adventures with? To have sex with?  

…Whenever you want.

Imagine quick hookups on Thursday nights after work. Friends with benefits calling you during the week. Flirty dinner dates and drinks on the weekend. Or an amazing girlfriend to play and hang out with. 

How are you going to feel walking into your next party or work function with an attractive girl in your arm… the kind your buddies will be envious of? 

When you take your beautiful and interesting girlfriend home to meet your parents, won't they feel proud of you as well? 

Imagine how great it’s going to feel to be one of the unique few who have the power of The Tinder Seduction System.  

The Tinder Seduction System

What if you could grow your matches from 20 to 500 and hookup with any girl in 4 messages? These are the results achieved by Tinder Seduction System users who have learned how to instantly trigger attraction in women. 

The Tinder Seduction System is made up of 5 eBooks that will transform your life. Those books are: 

  • Tinsanity: How to hookup and date the kind of Tinder girls you want in 4 messages 
  • The Advanced Tinder Profile Upgrade: How to win beautiful, smart girls (and make them message you first) 
  • Tinder Routines: Get numbers and dates with my 6 secret scripts 
  • Body Language For Tinder First Dates: How to overcome first date fear and impress women (without saying a word) 
  • ?????????: I’m keeping this last book a secret, all I will say is this book will show you how to trigger deep sexual intimacy with a woman in 4 minutes so she chases you for sex. 

The Tinder Seduction System and has been featured in:

Here’s Some Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside 

The 5 Books Of The Tinder Seduction System

---- Book #1 ----

 Tinsanity: How to Hookup and Date the Kind of Tinder Girls You Want In 4 Messages

Through this eBook I will be taking you by the hand and guiding you step-by-step, offering you the clear and unmistakable directions for Tinder success. 

In effect, I will be checking your every message, showing you how to better your methods here, save time there, accomplish more with less effort and 5x or 10x the amount of high-quality women you meet. 

You’re Going to Learn My Proven “4 Message Success Formula” 

Here’s an email from a guy who used the formula for the first time and showed his result... 


Imagine getting a girl’s number on Tinder in four messages – EVERY TIME – with a date or hookup guaranteed. (If things go well, two or three messages are all you’ll need) 

Here’s some of the other amazing things you’ll learn in the eBook: 

  • The “Fuck Funnel”: This secret seduction strategy won’t only bring you hookups, dates and girlfriends… it will give you power, control and unbreakable confidence that will create massive results and change your dating life forever – pg. 11
  • How to give a woman that same feeling of “I want you” that you had for that girl you liked back in high school – she won’t be able to stop thinking about you day and night until she gets to feel you in her arms – pg. 7
  • The 4 “Magic Lessons”: Learn the 4 secrets that powerfully attract any woman on Tinder RIGHT AWAY. Guys who read this will be able to trace their dating success back to the very first page of this book.  

How to Turn Date-Night Into 

“Take-Me-Back-To-Your-Place-and-Fuck-Me Night” 

  • How to skip “Dating” all together to immediately hookup with any woman, without wasting time, money or effort… AND without risking rejection – pg. 45
  • Learn why women only have first-date-sex with some guys from Tinder, while they make other guys wait 3 dates or more. (I tell you exactly how you can be in that first group) – pg. 42
  • "1-Message Escalation": Learn how to move an interaction forward and CLOSE a date or hookup with ONE single message. Who else is going to show you this? – pg. 129

How to Keep Any Girl on Tinder Interested 

And Flirting with You… Even If You Suck At Flirting 

How many of your conversations have gone cold and died on you? 

How many times has a girl stopped responding to you… probably because your conversation is boring? 

Well, in this eBook you’ll learn the special technique and the exact message to fix that in an instant. 

Look, here’s an example from page 89 with this special technique it in action – it’s a conversation about the boring topic of work that’s in danger of fizzling out: 


What would YOU say here? How would YOU stop the conversation from turning stale? 

Not sure? Well, once you learn this special technique you’ll know EXACTLY what to say. Just look at how this boring conversation is completely transformed with one special message: 


How’s that for a transformation! 

She goes from asking the boring question of “What do you do?” to openly saying she wants to go out on an amazing first date… in one message. 

Pretty cool, huh!? This incredible message has been working on Tinder for three years.

When you learn this technique you’ll be able to create an exciting, sexual atmosphere on Tinder WHENEVER you want… even from conversations that are as dry as dust. 

You’ll also learn: 

  • “The MECHANICS of Flirting” – How to be humorous, clever, original and charm any girl on Tinder… even if you hate texting – pgs. 88 and 94
  • What’s the HARDEST thing to do on Tinder?... Snap a girl out of a bad mood! For years I tried everything. Nothing worked until I discovered this one simple message that transforms any girl from boring into FLIRTY and PLAYFUL in the blink of an eye – pg. 103 
  • 9 conversation techniques guaranteed to keep a girl interested in you… even if you suck at flirting – pgs. 74-85
  • Ever wondered how to progress a conversation forward to getting a girl’s number, lining up a date or hooking up, all without setting off alarm bells? I will show you exactly how to do this while you fly under the radar – pg. 199

How to Turn The Tables On Tinder 

And Get A Girl To Chase YOU 

  • Learn how to make a girl on Tinder feel an intense emotional connection with you that can be triggered as easy as flipping on a light switch. This is what will keep her addicted to you and coming back for more – pg. 7
  • How to burn yourself into a woman’s mind so you become UNFORGETTABLE. She will think about you, with a smile on her face, first thing in the morning until she tucks herself into bed at night. (Hint: The world’s best memory athletes use this same secret) – pg. 81
  • The 8 most powerful “Trigger Words” to use on Tinder that will target a woman’s emotional hot-buttons, turn her on and get her excited about meeting you – pg. 78 
  • The crazy “Inception Mind Trick”: How to control a girl’s mind and memory to make her fall in lust with you within minute – pg. 185
  • How to crush your competition and become the #1 guy on her match list… by making HER chase YOU – pg. 82

When You Speak to 10 Girls on Tinder, 

Do You CLOSE a Date With 8 of Them? 

  • The “Tinder Tripwire”: Once you get a girl to trigger this there is no going back for her – she is all but guaranteed to go on a date with you – pg. 158
  • How to make a girl agree to a date with you without saying a word to her – pg. 51 
  • “Sorry, I’m busy then” is the easiest way for a girl to reject a guy asking her out… and it happens all the time. Here’s what to do so you are guaranteed to become Rejection-Proof – pg. 155 
  • The proven “Seduction Schedule”: The day-by-day breakdown of exactly what you’re supposed to do and say to go from match to amazing first date in record time– pg. 170
  • The crucial 4 words every guy MUST know to turn a girl’s number into a date. Guys who don’t know this will forever stumble and fall right before the finish line – pg. 156
  • Become Flake-Proof: How to stop a girl from cancelling your date or vanishing at the last minute. This dead-simple technique is guaranteed to save you from painful embarrassment and failure – pg. 162

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Tinder 

In a Way That Makes Her Instantly Respond to You with Electricity 

  • 100+ White Hot Tinder Openers: Want to have 10x more girls respond to your messages? A winning opener is the answer. This treasure chest of killer openers can easily double the amount of numbers most guys pull overnight – pgs. 56+
  • How to “challenge” a girl in your first message – in a fun and flirty way – so she immediately starts trying to impress YOU– pg. 65 
  • Field-tested messages that you can copy-and-paste to have 9 out of 10 girls respond by smiling and flirting – pg. 66 

How to Overcome Your Fear of Talking to Women 

And Gain Unbreakable Confidence 

You’ll learn the simple yet powerful methods to cut the chains of fear and anxiety that hold you back and say goodbye to them forever.

  • How to completely banish that feeling of nervousness you get when talking to a girl on Tinder and instead feel free to be your best self – pg. 35 
  • How to read a Tinder girl’s mind like a book to find out EXACTLY what she thinks about you. Do this and you’ll pickup her “come hither” signals that most men miss entirely. (There is no bigger confidence boost than KNOWING 100% when a girl likes you) – pg. 208 
  • The 9 conversation tactics that make any guy clever and funny on Tinder FAST. You’ll always be able to make a girl laugh hysterically… even if you’ve felt frozen by lack of confidence in the past – pgs. 74-85

How To Get A Girl’s Number 

Without Ever Having To Ask For It 

If you’re not getting numbers from at least 7 out of 10 girls you speak to on Tinder you’re underselling yourself. Really. 

That’s why on page 146 I teach you the “MPM” Method: Imagine if you knew exactly what to say to a girl on Tinder at any moment that guarantees she would give you her phone number. Like this: 


Notice how the girl OFFERS her number. With the MPM you don’t need to beg. You don’t even ask for it.

  • Here’s an important one: How much you should text a girl after you get her number... and exactly what you should say so your conversation doesn’t die – pg. 168 
  • Do you know how long you should wait before texting a girl after getting her number? If not, you need the “Optimal Texting Schedule” on page 158 (HINT: It all happens a lot faster than you think) 
  • Exactly what to say to a girl on the phone. My personal script will guarantee you have a fun, flirty phone conversation… instead of making it awkward like most guys do. (Hint: This will make her do all the talking and try to impress you) – pgs. 165-167

How to Have an Amazing First Date 

(Without Any Stress) 

  • The 10 most powerful first date conversation topics that makes a girl like any guy more. Includes 3 “starter” topics to eliminate nerves plus 7 topics to make her fall in lust with you – pg. 184
  • What to do in the last 5 minutes of a first date that guarantees you get a kiss and a second date… instead of screwing it up like most guys do. (This is the #1 thing women compliment me on after a first date) – pg. 194
  • The simple “First Date Flirting Game” I created that is incredibly powerful at making a girl want you more. The best part is she will love playing the game so much she won’t even realize what you’re doing – pg. 188

How to Fix Any Mistake 

And Turn Ice Cold Conversations into Hot Dates 

Ever had a conversation gone downhill and turn incredibly hostile like this? 


Ouch! How are you supposed to respond to a message like that? 

Well, it’s easy with this special technique on page 112 that turns a bad conversation around. Take a look: 


SUCCESS! The conversation that appeared set for failure was completely transformed – in one message – and her number was acquired. Frustration was transformed into elation. 

You see, success on Tinder is much easier to achieve than most would have you think. You just need to know the successful strategies

Here are a few other “Get-Out-Of-Jail” techniques you’ll learn in this eBook: 

  • How to FIX bad conversations with one simple yet powerful message. Even if you think you’ve completely blown your chances… even if your conversation is four months old… this will get her interested in you again– pg. 97
  • “Why should I give you my number?” is possibly the toughest question a girl will ever ask you on Tinder. There is only one correct answer to get past this, and it’s revealed on page 45. 
  • How to make any girl think you are her “Mr. Perfect” and fall for you… even if you’re not actually her type – pg. 86
  • How to reply when a girl says “I’m not ready to give you my number” which will make her automatically give it to you anyway 9 times out of 10. Like this example on page 154: 

And finally… 

  • You’re going to learn the most effective “Conversation Reboot” message I have ever seen – a message that successfully revived 78% of ice cold conversations back from the dead (even ones that were 6 months old!) – pg. 100

Note: The ability to reboot cold conversations can TRIPLE the amount of girls you meet overnight - guys who can’t do this reliably are amateurs. I don't want you to be one of them. 


“I wasn’t going that well on Tinder so I thought I’d try Tinsanity and in less than a week I scored 5 numbers and went on dates with 3 of those girls! My matches have increased and I’m getting numbers quickly just by using a few easy methods. I highly recommend it.” 

– Adrian Lee from New York, pictured holding the first version of Tinsanity

And here's Connor from Sydney, Australia, another happy Tinsanity user...

-------Book #2------- 

The Advanced Tinder Profile Upgrade: How To Win Beautiful, Smart Girls (And Make Them Message You First) 

If a world-renowned Psychology expert who’s been featured in The New York Times and on CNN, were to say to you:  

“Come around to my home office tonight, I want to show you a book I believe will get you a lot more Tinder matches; it is simple, interesting, yet it will give you all the essentials of a Tinder profile to attract the kind of women you want, and make them message you first… even if you only spend 15 minutes reading it.”

You’d go, wouldn’t you? And the next morning you’d probably hurry to get a copy of this book

Now that is, in effect, just what Dr. B has done. He has personally revealed to me a number of amazing psychological secrets proven to increase any guy’s matches. I have then added those secrets to my own and compiled them into one simple, easy to understand eBook.

Think of it – upgrading your profile under the personal guidance of "Dr. B", an expert who has spent over 40 years studying the human mind, and myself, who has most likely helped more guys to Tinder success than any other man in the world today. What other book, or who else, could offer you so much? 

Just 15 Minutes Reading and You’ll Learn: 

  • How to get your first 500 high-quality matches: 83 photos and screenshots reveal the “secret Tinder profile winners.” 
  • The “46 Critical Review Point Checklist” is going to make sure every nook and cranny of your Tinder profile is working every day and every hour to attract the kind of women you want. 
  • "Advanced Profile Strategy" 50 high-quality matches a week… and 20 of them messaging you first! Imagine. This is the profile formula “average” guys use to make Tinder girls choose them over better looking guys. 
  • The secrets of why some guys profile’s attract crowds of beautiful women – while most go without (Hint: This doesn’t have anything to do with looks) 
  • How to look 5X more attractive and 7 years younger with zero effort… even if you’re not “photogenic.” 
  • The simple photo that makes girl-after-girl-after-girl START flirty conversations FIRST. (Hint: It’s a photo you could take tonight). 

24 Million Matches Are Being Made on Tinder Every Day – Are You Getting Your Share?  

If you’ve ever thought you should be getting more matches… especially higher-quality matches… chances are your profile needs upgrading. Even if you’re a “good catch.” 

That’s because most guys are only operating at 10% of their potential on Tinder – they don’t know how to present themselves and they pay for it with less matches. 

You owe it to yourself to at least explore your potential under the guidance of Dr B. and myself. It’s the difference between only matching with fake spam-bots – or – getting 10X better results and matching with more high-quality girls than you know what to do with. 

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning, rolling over to check your phone and seeing 20 beautiful girls have matched with you while you’ve been asleep… and 8 of them have already messaged YOU first. 

There never ceases to be a thrill in landing a Tinder match. Multiply that thrill 100 or 1,000 times, and you get a feel for what The Advanced Tinder Profile Upgrade book means. 

----- Book #3 ----- 

Tinder Routines: Get Numbers and Dates with My 6 Secret Scripts 

A Tinder Routine is a word-for-word script that makes a girl hand over her number and go on a date, time-after-time, just by copy-pasting simple messages. 

Guys who are using these Routines are saying they work so well it feels like they are cheating. One guy has said it is like: 

“Playing Tinder on God Mode” 

Here’s one of my favorite Routines from the eBook. It’s a three-message script to use when a girl asks “How was your weekend?” or “How are you?” The script literally makes any girl ask YOU out on a date – tell YOU where she wants to take you out - then offer her number to YOU. Like this: 


Getting a girl to offer her number in only 3 copy-pasted messages! Imagine. This Routine works 8 times out of 10 and has allowed myself and many others to date and hookup with crowds of women – all while playing out the exact same script on auto-pilot. 

Another Routine in here pulled in 53 numbers from high-quality girls in two days. 

This eBook contains 6 of these powerful Tinder Routines – all with specific step-by-step directions to follow and 23 screenshots of the full Tinder Routines in action. 

I know of no quicker, easier or SURER way to get a girl’s number – and setup a date – than a Routine. This is especially true for the kind of guys who hate texting. 

----- Book #4 ----- 

Body Language For Tinder First Dates: How To Overcome First Date Fear And Impress Women (Without Saying A Word) 

Did you know you could say all the right words to a girl on a first date… you could be the perfect guy for her… but if you’re giving off the wrong body language signals she’s NEVER going to like you? 

On the other hand, did you know that scientists have proved you can make a girl feel more attracted to you in 30 seconds… without ever opening your mouth? 

This eBook opens up a powerful new way to navigate your dating world. It contains 109 high-definition photos of real life first date examples that will send your body language intelligence soaring. 

You’ll learn critical techniques that will help you loosen up, stay cool and impress any girl you meet for the first time. 

  • Scientifically proven techniques to improve your mood, confidence and increase your levels of testosterone in just two minutes. (You’ll use these for an instant pre-date confidence injection) 
  • How to touch a woman in 6 unnoticeable ways to make her physically attracted to you. 
  • How to physically flirt on a first date if you want a relationship versus wanting a hookup. (Guys who mess this up forever get rejected) 
  • The secret “green light” a woman gives when she wants to take the relationship further physically. (Most men miss this entirely) 
  • Why a girl’s face is the least likely place to gauge her feelings on a first date. 
  • The 8 most powerful “attraction signals” to keep a girl interested. 
  • How to always look and feel confident on a first date… even if you’ve been nervous in the past. 

Body language is a Critical Part of “Life’s Ultimate Skill” 

Body language can be the difference between a first date that is cold, uncomfortable and full of awkward silences – or – a date that flows smoothly with great conversation, lots of laughs and absurd amounts of flirting. 

You want to look your best on a first date; you want to look confident, comfortable, energetic and engaged. You also want to feel your best and feel in control of the situation. 

And you certainly don’t want to miss the secret “come here” messages that a girl will constantly send you. 

Here in this eBook you’ll learn how to do all that and more. There are no vague theories, no boring walls of text. Just 109 interesting pictures of real-life people in first date scenarios that you can easily imagine yourself in. 

The simple instructions in this eBook will give you the body language skills to impress any girl so she wants to date you again. 

---- Book #5 ---- 

?????????: How To Trigger Deep Sexual Intimacy With Women in 4 Minutes 

I’m keeping this last eBook a surprise for you. All I will say is that this secret has been responsible for 95% of my hookups and every girlfriend I’ve had over the last few years. 

Somewhere on Tinder is a profile of a girl you have you eye on. 

She is attractive. She is your type. And you are hoping that one of these days your connection with her develops into either a hookup or a relationship. 

The technique in this eBook will help transform your connection into one of those. In only four minutes! 

It hooks a woman sexually and emotionally so it is her who leads YOU to intimacy. And it makes her feel good after you “give in” to her advances. 

This secret is worth $1,000 to any guy stuck in a drought. To a few men, it is worth a fortune.

The Tinder Seduction System

Just think how great it would be if you could easily win dates and hookups anytime you want. With the Tinder Seduction System, now you can.

But before I say any more, let me just make one thing clear… 

This System Is NOT For Everyone 

The System is only for: 

  • The kind of guy who values self-development and learning (highly important!) 
  • The kind of guy who likes to think strategically
  • The kind of guy who leads a busy life and wants success to come in a hurry. As in right now.  


  • The kind of guy who enjoys improving the lives of people around you, as well as your own. 

If you’re not that kind of guy, I’m afraid this System is not for you. 

However, if this DOES sound like you, then the system WILL attract beautiful women into your life, even if:

  • Even if you’ve failed with women in the past 
  • Even if you don’t feel completely confident talking to women you like 
  • Even if you’ve been out of the dating game for months or years 
  • Even if you hate texting 

Guys are saying this system has done more for their personal success and happiness than a college education. 

A college education probably cost you $100,000 and 4 years of your life. More if you went to a top college and Grad school. 

But college never gave you Life's Ultimate Skill like the Tinder Seduction System is going to.  

No matter what kind of success you have in your career or other areas of life, when you’re struggling with women and you’re not getting enough sex, part of you feels empty and frustrated. 

It’s a feeling which confronts you and will haunt you every day until you solve it. I know from years of personal experience. 

This System can help you solve it -- in 4 text messages.  

What Would Learning This Be Worth To You? 

Let me ask you this: What if this Tinder Seduction System helps you get just ONE more hookup with a beautiful girl? Just one. What would that be worth to you? 

Now think about this: Do you think there’s a chance the Seduction System can actually give you the secrets to hookup and date amazing women whenever you want? What if it can inject confidence, passion and excitement into every single day of your life? 

What amount would you be willing to invest for an amazing life like that? Five thousand? Twenty thousand? One-hundred thousand dollars like you might have paid for your college degree? 

I personally invested over four years and sacrificed over $200,000 by quitting work to travel the world learning Life’s Ultimate Skill – to learn how to be successful with women. 

Now, you don’t have to do anything like that. Because I’m giving you the chance to get the Tinder Seduction System right now and learn Life’s Ultimate Skill in one hour.  

This is the genius Seduction System that doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, software engineers, World Series Poker stars, Ivy Leaguers and other elite high-achievers from all over the world have turned to for dramatically improving their success with women. 

This is your one chance to break into the inner circle of elite high-achievers and finally get this area of your life sorted.  

Plus, do you want me to Personally Help You? 

Recently, an ultra-successful music producer who is close friends with Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Madonna, hired me to help him improve his Tinder game.  

He happily paid me a lot of money to personally teach him the secrets of Tinder success.  

Now, you can get that same personal Tinder coaching. Because for a limited time I'm doing something I've never done before: 

  • Personal Tinder Coaching With The Tinder Seduction System. I have set aside some time to help you implement what I've outlined in the Tinder Seduction System, so you can get more dates and more hookups...  


--- 5 Secret Bonuses---  

When you order the Tinder Seduction System right away, as well as the Tinder coaching you’ll also get 5 other eBooks revealing even more Tinder and online dating secrets – FREE. 

--- Free Bonus eBook #1 --- 

The Hookup Profile: The Rejection-Proof Way To Attract Girls Who Only Want Quick Hookups 

Did you know that one out of every two 18 year old women who use online dating are OKAY with having casual sex? That’s what a recent survey by the world’s largest dating company found. 

What’s more, at age 34, three out of every four women who use online dating are interested in casual sex. 

There’s no doubt about it – there’s an endless supply of quick-hookup opportunities waiting for you. 

But HOW do you claim those opportunities? What should you write in your profile to target those specific women so they flock to you? Without risking rejection? And without seeming desperate, creepy or crude? 

This eBook answers those questions and goes a step further – it contains the exact profile you can copy-and-paste to attract girls who only want quick hookups

(Don’t be surprised if this profile causes women to ask you to be their friend with benefits) 

---- Free Bonus eBook #2 ---- 

The Mind Game: The Simple “Magic Trick” to Impress and Intrigue Any Girl in 5 Minutes 

This simple game is why magazines like Cosmopoilitan and Marie Claire attract MILLIONS of female readers every month – women can’t get enough of it! 

You’ll learn the exact word-for-word script for this “Magic Trick” that I’ve used to surprise and delight HUNDREDS of women. 

---- Free Bonus eBook #3 ----  

Cold Reading For Tinder: The Master Shortcut to Connecting with Women and Getting Them to Like You More 

When you read this eBook you’ll learn: 

  • The powerful technique to make a girl feel like she’s known and liked you forever… even if you’ve only just matched on Tinder. 
  • The simple cold reading technique Arnold Schwarzenegger used to impress and seduce women. 
  • How to make a girl you’ve just met think you are “the man of her dreams” so she falls in lust with you instantly. 

---- Free Bonus eBook #4 ----  

Deleted Scenes: How to Hookup With Exotic Tinder Girls and Multiply Your Success 

Just like the movies, not everything could make it into the Tinder Seduction System. In this bonus you’ll get a number of “deleted scenes” such as: How to hookup with exotic Tinder girls when you next travel for work or pleasure. 

---- Free Bonus eBook #5 ---- 

Phone Number Organization: How to Keep Up With Tinder Girls You Date (And Look Like “Mr. Perfect” While You Do It) 

Tens of new numbers in your phone and multiple dates with Tinder girls each week – it’s a good problem to have. But it’s still going to be a pain in the ass for you to keep track of. 

In this bonus eBook I give you my private “little black book” organization method to help you keep up with the women you’ll be texting, dating and hooking up with. 

Let's Wrap This Up

Here’s a summary of everything you’re going to get when you order the Tinder Seduction System...  

  • Tinsanity: How To Hookup And Date The Kind Of Tinder Girls You Want In 4 Messages 
  • The Advanced Tinder Profile Upgrade: How To Win Beautiful, Smart Girls (And Make Them Message You First) 
  • Tinder Routines: Get Numbers And Dates With My 6 Secret Scripts 
  • Body Language For Tinder First Dates: How To Overcome First Date Fear And Impress Women (Without Saying A Word) 
  • ?????????: How To Trigger Deep Sexual Intimacy With Women In 4 Minutes

Plus bonuses:

  • The Hookup Profile: The Rejection-Proof Way To Attract Girls Who Only Want Quick Hookups 
  • The Mind Game: The Simple “Magic Trick” To Impress And Intrigue Any Girl In 5 Minutes 
  • Cold Reading For Tinder: The Master Shortcut To Connecting With Women And Getting Them To Like You More 
  • Deleted Scenes: How To Hookup With Exotic Tinder Girls And Multiply Your Success 
  • Phone Number Organization: How To Keep Up With Tinder Girls You Date (And Look Like “Mr. Perfect” While You Do It) 
  • Personal Tinder Coaching

Get More Dates And Hookups Than You've Ever Had in 30 Days or It's Free

If the Tinder Seduction System hasn’t brought you more dates and hookups – the best month you’ve ever had – or if for any other reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply send me a quick email ANY time in the next 30 days and you’ll get your money back in full. No questions asked. No strings attached. 

Download the System. Use it for 30 days. If it’s not for you send me an email and you will: 

  • Get your money back in full, no questions asked 
  • Keep the entire Tinder Seduction System 
  • Keep the 5 Bonus Books

Of course, if the Tinder Seduction System does work like you expect you get something worth much more – some say worth more than a $100,000 college degree. You get the priceless result of obtaining Life’s Ultimate Skill. 

That skill will bring you dates and hookups with high-quality women. Not just this month – but every month for as long as you want. 

This is going to be The Greatest Gift You've Ever Treated Yourself to

Give yourself passionate relationships and sexual adventures. Load up your memorry bank with these experiences now because time is running out. As a man you are in your prime right now – don’t make life’s biggest mistake and let it go to waste. 

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. You can continue guessing, hoping, struggling and feeling like shit because you can’t get a date. You can continue LOSING beautiful girls every day and NEVER get the women you want and deserve...  

Or… you can ‘test drive’ the Tinder Seduction System risk free and transform your life in one hour. You decide.  

Your special Bonus offer ends in:


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SECURE Checkout 

You can trust us!

When you click on the "Buy Now" button you’ll be taken to a secure Gumroad e-commerce page. This is the same company that manages digital downloads for Eminem and Bon Jovi.  

All you need to do is enter your email and choose to pay with either your credit card or PayPal. Within 10 seconds you will receive an email from Gumroad with your own unique link to download your Tinder Seduction System.

I will see you on the other side, 


P.S. Your special bonus offer closes in... 


Here’s What Users of The Tinder Seduction System Are Saying...

“I have even gotten dates with girls who wouldn’t even say hello to me after matching, it’s really awesome how great this has been working out!... This guide is a real eye-opener… Simple, clear and straightforward, you are a genius, Marcus!!”  

– Luis Enrique from Argentina

(See Luis' full email below) 

“Man it went great! I’m going on date number 6 this week!” 

– T.J. from Brooklyn, New York 

“I GOT 15 MATCHES IN ONE DAY! A far cry from the 2 in a week I used to get. I also learned that dating isn't as scary as I thought. I met a few girls but there was this girl who really caught my eye with her puns. Long story short, we've been on 3 dates now and are exclusively dating. I've deleted Tinder as I don't need it anymore but you have made my life so much easier so thanks a lot Marcus :)” 

– Viktor K. from Stockholm, Sweden 

“I learned a whole new strategy that has upped my Tinder game 10x. Before, I was getting a decent amount of matches but every conversation I had was either super awkward, slow & boring or non-existent. I have been enjoying Tinder like the game it is now. Thank you Marcus!” 

– Alexander C. from Sacramento, California 

“I am surprised how easy women get interested when you do it this way. Wish I knew all this when I was younger :-)” 

– Rick W. from Los Angeles, California 

“Amazing it works...hahaha can't believe it.” 

– Fraser M. from London, England 

“I use your techniques and lines because that way I don't even have to think about anything and can text these Tinder girls while I'm working, literally effortlessly and copy-paste from other convos. I've literally gotten one thousand numbers at least and banged easily over 80 girls off Tinder and I've closed the deal on the first date about 95% of the time. I use all of your techniques every time since I created Tinder in Feb.. Ha ha ha” 

– Gus H. San Francisco, California 

“Hi Marcus. Good to hear from you. Everything is going well. The girl I went on a date with is now my girlfriend. The confidence and playfulness I learnt from you set the relationship foundation perfectly. Thanks again for your help.” 

– Jamie from Leeds, England 

“I really enjoyed reading Tinsanity and would easily say that it's the best book about Tinder out there.” 

– Alexander T. from Hamburg, Germany 

“Thank you so much for this awesome service!... I already got a date!!! My first one! You sir are a genius! Thank you so much.” 

– Mark D. from Texas 

“Hi Marcus. Just thought I'd give you an update. In the 10 days since we've last spoken I've set-up 3 dates. I set a personal best today, from opener to digits in just 33 mins with a date set-up during that time. I can't believe my mind is actually telling me to try and beat it for the next one! Thanks for the confidence boost mate :)” 

– Caleb L. from Canada 

“You are a fucking legend :) Thank you for getting me laid!” 

– S.I. from New Zealand 

“I tried one of your lines on a girl. I am very impressed with result. I used the **Hidden** line, and she responded with "wow and her number". Thanks it works well.” 

– Matt from Phoenix, Arizona 

“Been on a few Tinder dates since I got the Tinsanity System now, my text-game has improved much lately, much thanks to you! I have more courage in making contact with my Tinder matches! ...I really like the **Hidden** example, it does work in Swedish too! …I'm now traveling Asia and soon going to Australia on a working holiday visa, so now I can finally use Tinder in English! So it's good that I have your System with me!” 

– P.K from Sweden 

“Holy crap, your stuff works so well! I remade my profile and got 20 matches while I was asleep." 

– Logan from Texas 

“I've already got a date set up with this beautiful girl lol, your stuff works like a charm.” 

– Connor from Denver, Colorado 

“Dude you are the fucking bomb… I just gotta figure out how to kick my roommate out for the evening (but that's on me hahaha.) Thanks so much.” 

– Brent M. from Idaho 

“This information really helped me, and I know because I deleted the account, found the right pictures I needed and opened a new Tinder account using them, and the improvement is obvious. And I just got my first SuperLike from a girl!” 

– O.J from North Carolina 

“I didn’t have a lot of trouble with online dating, but I must say I did struggle with Tinder. Your tips really helped and after 1 day I already have 2 dates planned for next week.” 

– Thomas from Ljubljana, Slovenia

One Month Transormation: A Tinder Threesome And Too Many Girls!?

Here's another example of what the Tinder Seduction System can do...

An engineer in his late 20's from California, who I'll call “J”, sent me an URGENT email and said...  

  • He sucked at texting and couldn’t keep girls interested 
  • He couldn't get a date no matter what he tried 
  • He thought he was failing with women because he didn’t pass the "6ft qualifier” and lacked “the perfect hair" 

So I turned him to my Tinder Seduction System and gave him a powerful coaching session. 

Less than a month later he sent me this email update, which he only let me show if I changed the names of the girls involved to keep their identities private. 


Pretty amazing huh!?

In the space of 30 days of using the Tinder Seduction System, "J" went from being worried he wasn't "good enough" and not being able to get a date... to getting a Tinder threesome and having the problem of TOO MANY GIRLS CHASING HIM!

Frequently Asked Questions

“How Will I Be Using The Tinder Seduction System 

To Get Dates And Hookups?” 

You are going to be using the Tinder Seduction System just like you would use a recipe to bake a chocolate cake. 

I will be telling you exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to do it. Like this: 

  • “First, make her laugh by saying ____” 
  • “This is where you need to ask her that important and interesting question about ____” 
  • “Now get her to offer you her phone number by saying ____” 
  • “Get her to kiss you by ____” 

These are the strategies and messages that have worked on THOUSANDS of women. 

Think about it. If someone makes the most delicious chocolate cake in the world, can you produce the same quality results? Of course you can, you just need the exact same recipe. 

That’s why when you’re using the System you’ll be following the EXACT recipe for astonishing Tinder success. 

From growing your matches from 20 to 500 by next month and getting dates and hookups in 4 messages... you can achieve it by following the clear and unmistakable recipe for success I’m about to give you. 

“How Long Will It Take 

The Tinder Seduction System To Work For Me?” 

Let me put it this way: You could read all the 5 eBooks this evening, use the System on a Tinder girl tonight, then literally wake up in your bed tomorrow morning with her laying next you. 

Now, I strongly recommend that you do take your time and spend an entire evening reading through all the knowledge in the Tinder Seduction System. But I admit there’s nothing stopping you from skimming through Book #1 in 10 minutes, gleaning the secret techniques and messages, and then using them to get a date from Tinder within one hour

“I’m Struggling with a Specific Issue on Tinder 

– Will The System Help Me?” 

If you have an issue, it’s more than likely I have PERSONALLY made it out the other side of that very same issue you’re facing. For as you know, I’ve been using Tinder since it launched years ago and have experienced and overcome A LOT of problems since. 

But my understanding of problems faced by Tinder users goes far beyond that. It is multiplied thousands of times. At this moment I have 1,733 emails in my inbox from guys explaining what their biggest problems on Tinder are. Those are just from the last six months. With all that I would be a fool not to know what guys are struggling with. 

I have gone to great lengths to solve every one of those issues, often researching and testing for a week to answer one email. It isn’t always possible of course, but I try to ensure each and every problem is solved. 

If anyone knows more about the problems you face on Tinder – has faced more himself – has worked harder or longer to solve them than I have – I’d like to meet him. 

I’d estimate 95% of the Tinder struggles guys come to me with will be solved immediately by the System. So yours is likely to be in there too. However there are always new surprises. 

If your specific problem isn’t attended to – and solved – by the System, just send me an email and I’ll do all that I can to help you with it. Even if that means working on it for a week. 

“Do You Need To Be A Certain Type Of Guy 

or Look A Certain Way For This To Work?” 

In terms of personality – I mentioned earlier that you ABSOLUTELY MUST: 

  • Be the kind of guy who enjoys improving the lives of people around you, as well as you own. 
  • Be the kind of guy of values self-improvement and learning. 

If you’re not that kind of guy, I’m afraid the system isn’t for you. 

And in terms of looks – the System works best for guys who are anywhere in the ballpark of “average.” 

Guys who are in the upper-half of average – or above – can expect even better results. 

Of course, the 30 day risk-free trial means you’re free to TRY it and see how well it works for yourself. 

So it’s up to you: 

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. You can continue guessing, hoping, struggling and feeling like shit because you can’t get a date. You can continue LOSING beautiful girls every day and NEVER get the women you want and deserve. 

Or… you can ‘test drive’ the Tinder Seduction System risk free and transform your dating life in one hour. You decide. 

If you don’t take advantage of this now, you WILL regret it. 

And remember, all the risk is on me. 

If you don’t think this is the most amazing seduction system of its kind, then you get every single penny back.

I’m offering you a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because I believe in the Tinder Seduction System THAT much. 

Honestly, this is a no brainer. If you want to date and have sex with more beautiful Tinder girls, achieve real success with women, you owe it to yourself to click the Buy Now Button and download your Tinder Seduction System right away. This is your last chance.  

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