Profile Setup


1. Setup a new Facebook account.

Tinder requires Facebook for most of your Tinder profile information. This isn’t great for those that want to keep their personal Facebook account confidential when speaking to random people. Therefore, the closest way to using Tinder without Facebook is to create a new (fake) Facebook account. This is the best way to protect you from spamming of your personal Facebook in the future and will also help you control the content that other Tinder users can see on your Tinder profile. Plus, you can edit your personal details in Facebook which automatically flow through to your Tinder profile.

I know that you’re excited to dive into Tinder straight away, especially since you have’s Dating App Cheat that makes Tindering easy and secret tips  in your arsenal, but all good things take time. You’ll first need to add 50 people on your new Facebook account, otherwise Tinder will not verify your account and show the  dreaded “No one new around you” result. You can do this by going to the Tinder Seduction Facebook Page and adding other people doing the same thing – start making Friend requests, or write a post on there saying hello and asking for people to add you. Feel free to Like the page as well! While you wait for your Friends list to build, take a peak at our app that can help you with chatting on Tinder:

2. Upload the best photos for a Tinder profile to your new Facebook account.

Now, this is probably one of the most critical factors in whether you’re successful on Tinder or not. Because the photos are viewed and judged within seconds, they need to be perfect!

Before I tell you what photo’s to use in your profile you should make sure your picture quality is decent. I’m not talking about spending hours Photoshopping more baby blue into those eyes of yours. So here are some quick tips:

  • When taking photos, or selecting photos, use the ones that have been taken in natural light with no flash. Flashes are often too harsh and highlight your blemishes.
  • Open up your photos in Microsoft Office Picture Manager or something similar. Office Picture Manager has a nice easy option called auto correct which will add a bit of life to your photo. It is located at the top ribbon under Pictures/Auto Correct.
  • If you want to get a bit more tricky, play around with the brightness and contrast options A LITTLE. By slightly adjusting these factors you can give the impression of a deeper tan, whiter teeth and fewer blemishes. The trick is to do this so slightly that it looks like the photo hasn’t been touched up. Also when you do actually meet up with your Tinder target, you don’t want your unedited self to surprise (disappoint) them!

Ok, so now you know how to get your photos looking good. But here is the really good stuff, this is the secret template, which has been successful to myself and many others and has psychological support:

1st Photo: A picture of just you, with open and confident body language, smiling.

We all pickup and respond to body language subconsciously – it’s a proven fact that smiling has a positive effect on people’s emotions and the open body language is saying “look at me, I have nothing to hide, I’m safe”. It may sound slightly ridiculous, but I guarantee you it works. Before they even realise it, your Tinder target is already more comfortable with you.

*No hands in pockets, no folded arms, no legs crossed (unless it’s the leaning back “I own this shit” pose).

*Also it is exceptionally hard to look open and confident from a webcam pic – don’t use one.

2nd Photo: A picture of you, next to a good looking girl(s) and ideally some male friends who aren’t as good looking as you (if you can find some!).

The reason for this is to create Social Proof. It is an extremely powerful social phenomenon which basically makes your Tinder target think that since other people (including good looking girls) are around you, there must be a reason, so they want to be around you also.

The reason for choosing some non-aesthetically pleasing male friends is based on the psychological Relativity Principle. When girls are judging you, it is all based on a judgement relative to other males. If you’re better looking than them, whoever it is, it makes you look like the best choice. Do not make the mistake of putting yourself in with good looking male company, trying to be deemed part of the good looking crew! How many times have you seen a profile pic of a girl in a group, and hope she’s the hot one in the middle…. but she ends up being the obese tag along in the back corner. Don’t be that person! The relativity principle will leave a subconscious memory with your Tinder target, so make sure it’s one where you’re the top choice!

3rd Photo: A picture of you, either showing off your physique (if it’s good) or a conversation point.

If you have a good physique, show it off somewhat indirectly – a shirtless photo at the beach, playing basketball shirtless or something similar. The reasoning for this is obvious; humans are attracted to people who look healthy and it won’t make you look like a douche that uses a gym selfie as his first pic (although this may also work if you’re shredded). If you’re not jacked then I suggest that you go lift heavy, take a multi, misc and then read the next option:

Choose a pic that is a conversation point. This can be a photo of you and a pet, you on your boat, you eating at your favourite local meal place – you get the idea. Firstly, this may give you some conversation topics with your Tinder target. But the real power of this is to use as a launching pad to get your first date. An example is:

After making her laugh and building some commonalities…(See our Dating App Cheat and secret tips and advice on seducing Tinder girls)

Her: “Your puppy’s gorgeous! What’s his name?”

You: “I actually just got him yesterday and haven’t come up with a name yet. You should come take him for a walk with me on Saturday and help me decide on one…. it can be practice for when we have our own gorgeous kids ;).”

This way you’re creating a familiarity anchor (your dog) with your Tinder target and making a casual request to meet up, all with a reasonable back story which will put the Tinder target at ease. The whole idea here is to get your target to focus on something other than the fact that she’s going on a date with a random guy off an app.

3. Download the Tinder application and sign in through the new Facebook account you just created.

After following the prompts, Tinder should pick up the profile photos you have on your account. However, there has been an issue relating to adding photos from Facebook albums – the album continues to load but nothing happens. If this happens to you, the way to get around this is: when you’re in Facebook, select the pics you want for to use for Tinder, and set them all as profile pics. You’ll then have to reinstall tinder and sign up again (takes 5 minutes) and your Facebook profile pics should be added to your Tinder profile.

4. Success.

The above is a proven template for getting solid matches. Use this as a starting base, then play around with picture combinations through trial and error and see what gets the best results for you. If you’ve made it to the end of your Tinder deck, delete your Tinder profile then sign up again, that way you’ll be able to recycle through all the girls with your new profile.

Now that you’ll be getting more matches, you’ll need great openers to start the conversation – click here to go to our resources section and download the Tinder opener Cheat-Sheet eBook for Free! These are propper conversation starters that actually work, not cheesy pick up lines that make you look like a 14 year old.

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What have been your Tinder profile pics that have received the most attention? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Bud

    LMAO at “go lift heavy, take a multi, MISC.”

  • Stanthejizzingman

    And I jizzed in my pants

  • TinderGal

    If a guy ever said anything about “our gorgeous kids” before we even met I’d run. Also if a guy posts pictures with good looking girls I am immediatley swiping LEFT. Sorry guys but girls don’t want to see you with other “good looking” girls. It is intimidating to us and honesly makes you look like a bit of a douche and will make us question if you are a guy we can trust. Post ones with guy friends (preferably a SOBER pic and one where YOU are smiling) and then one of you playing a port or with a pet or something like that and then one of you, smiling and looking like a good guy. I suggest wearing something kinda nice in your pic. No old, hole and dirt covered shirts, dirty pants….c’mon do better. As a feamle on Tinder I prefer to see a guy in clean clothes, a button up and jeans usually makes me take a look. Or a CLEAN band t shirt. That could also start a conversation. Also, grammar and spelling PLEASE LEARN IT! I am so sick of messages where dey talk lyke dis or can’t use their, there or they’re correctly. So guys mainly come off as educated, clean, and polite. Some of us want to meet nice guys are not on there just for hook ups. If she is dressed like a hoe in her profile pic then go ahead and use some “swag” on her but if not treat her like you would want a future daughter to be treated, with RESPECT. Just some tips from a girl on what we REALLY want to see from guys on Tinder.

    • nynetguy

      “Sorry guys but girls don’t want to see you with other “good looking” girls.” actually the data shows that they do. A girl is far more likely to talk to a guy at the bar if he’s there with another woman than if he is alone or in a wolf pack.

      That it makes YOU feel intimidated is probably due to your own personal lack of self esteem

      “As a feamle on Tinder I prefer to see…” Fantastic for you. Sadly your preferrences are not representative of the whole.

      “Some of us want to meet nice guys are not on there just for hook ups.” Then you are using the wrong fucking app. Plain and simple. Tinder is a hetero hook-up app. You want to find Mr. Right (instead of Mr. Right Now) then go check out eharmony or match.

      • angryGentleman

        Wake up man. Tinder is not some hooker catalogue!

      • Ken Dible

        I think it’s great that a GUY responded like this. Really helps it seem valid. *eyeroll*

      • Woods

        Nail on the head, @nynetguy. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Ricky

      Class advice agree with it all!!

  • Kevinlcm17

    This is an interesting phenomena. I’ve changed my profile a few times now. First was straight up “hook up” with lots of swag, picks without my shirt on, picks with girls on my arm. But No matches. Then I keep ‘toning down’ the sex factor to the point where now i’m just trying to look like ‘mr right’. I live in a small town in the middle of montana so there is not a lot of people that even know about tinder. And I still don’t have any matches. But those are some valid points -= Tinder is supposed to be for ‘hook-ups’ but it seams like the women are taking over and using it as match or okcupid.

  • matt

    i created a fake facebook account ’cause i don’t want to use my real one, but – even though on my phone i’m logged into the fake account – tinder will only log in using my real account, not the fake one. does anyone know how to change which facebook account the tinder app accesses?

    • Kam Mariel

      Having same problem… anyone have solution?

      • TinderSeduction

        Try this Kam:
        – Log out of Tinder,
        – Log in to Facebook on your phone (the Facebook account which keeps automatically logging in), go to Settings/Apps/
        – You’ll see the Tinder App – delete it. (This deletes Facebook’s permission to use your account).
        – Log out of Facebook.
        – Log back into Tinder
        – This time it should show you the “Log in with Facebook” screen – where you can log in with your fake Facebook account.

        This works for most people who have iphones, but it might be different if you have a galaxy, htc etc.

        • CluelessInTinderWorld

          I tried those steps exactly, went through them twice, it’s still automatically logging me into Facebook. Any other fixes?

          • CluelessInTinderWorld

            *into my primary facebook, instead of the fake account I created

          • ..

            you’re more than likely using ios-

            go to settings, scroll down to facebook, and remove your real account from there.

  • Curtis Spence Manuel Wallace

    absolutely dont understand anything here any help

  • Tinderprivacy

    Hey, everytime I set up a fake facebook account I get kicked off from facebook, how come? And how can I prevent that from happening? I just want to get on Tinder without my real facebook to be more private.

  • Shruti Sayni

    I thought alone had this constraint of having at least 50 friends on FB account! so what’s wrong if I use a fake profile to check out how things work? I just don’t get it.

  • micko

    so what ive got to sort out will tinder work on wy tradies phone or have i got to get myself a galaxy or iphone etc.

  • TinderSeduction

    Hey Aaron – Your profile pic on Tinder is decided solely by your Profile Setup on Tinder. Tinder only downloads pics from your Facebook, so changing your Facebook profile won’t have any affect on your Tinder profile. Just to confirm – if you want to change any of your Tinder profile photos, or photo order, you’ll need to do this from your Tinder Profile Setup options. Hope this makes sense!

  • TinderSeduction

    It’s a bug in the app which means it’s difficult to overcome.

    BUT… there are a few things you could try.

    If you are trying to install Tinder in your iPhone or iPad and you are having SMS verification problems first thing you need to do is “force quit” the app. If you are running Droid do that same thing. Next, open your Facebook app and remove Tinder from your Facebook Apps. If you’re using an iPhone, double tap the “Home” button and swipe Tinder up to force quit the app. Now, reopen Tinder again and you’ll be asked to login. Choose login and then ensure that Tinder is granted all permissions with regard to Facebook.

    ANDROID: Go download an earlier version of the APK (from here ). 3.02 (the earlier version) should be ok. Then install the APK and then login to your Facebook where you will hopefully get the SMS verification code. Once you’ve verified that code you can go to the Play store and update the app.

    Once again, it’s a bug in the app so it’s happening to a lot of people. Tinder says they’re releasing an update in the next few days (for both iPhone and Android) which should fix the bugs… let’s hope!