I thought it would be helpful to share a resource that’s helped myself and thousands of other people when it comes to Tinder and online dating.


When I was developing my Tinder game I used to scour the web for content to use. One of the best resources I came across was the Tinder thread on a fitness forum – this was a huge 350 page thread with thousands of posts! I read as many pages as I could after work, long into the night, and finally finished reading the thread after one whole week. Just as if I  was preparing for an exam, I wrote succinct notes on every great line or piece of advice in those thousands of posts ,which then became my Tinder cheat-sheet. This was my GO-TO GUIDE – with this list I didn’t even have to think of what Opener I should use, or what to say to get a girls number… it was all on the list and it worked.

I’ve decided to share my own private Tinder opener cheat sheet so you can have the same success – for free!


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  • JoeLeRigolo

    hello! I’ve followed what you advised, being opening a separate Facebook account, managed to get my 50 “friends”… but my Mac OS who handles my facebook account (and the facebook connect for apps on my iPhone) only allows to have ONE facebook account at a time. It means I’d have to remove my real account to add this one, which I won’t do… any advice? The technique is seriously flawed if no solution!

    Many thanks for any info.

  • Curtis Spence Manuel Wallace

    i just joined tinder a few hours ago.any info or advice

    • Ann

      Am just new in this site

  • Jun Morallos

    i am new here…whats up?

  • Jun Morallos

    i just joined tinder a few hours ago.any info or advice about here tnx…