My story

Hey, I’m Marcus.

I help guys (and sometimes girls) succeed on Tinder and online dating.

There was a time in my life when I was really struggling with women and dating.

I mean really struggling. To be specific…

I Hadn’t Had Sex for Two-And-A-Half Years, And I Hadn’t Had a Girlfriend for Six

It was a painfully lonely, helpless and embarrassing time.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve since connected with a small city’s worth of amazing women. Some of those include…

A professional ballerina, two Olympians (water polo and soccer), a national swimmer, a classical musician, models and a minor TV celebrity.

My secret weapon that I used to make it happen was Tinder.

What changed?

Well, I learned the SKILL of attracting women in today’s modern world of dating. 

That’s because after so many failures and so much frustration, I finally made a decision to immerse myself into a “mission” at getting better with women.

I read countless books and went to classes to learn about topics like psychology, influence, social economics and communication. I became friends with guys who were successful with women and learned the strategies they were using.

I did this for three years. Day-in-day-out. I even took a year off from work to pursue my mission, wandering off into the unknown world of seduction, studying and practicing throughout the U.S. and Europe.

That skill I learned completely transformed my life.

Since then, I’ve been teaching that skill of attraction in the modern world to hundreds of thousands of other guys around the world… and improving their lives as well.

The truth is, dating success in the modern world of Tinder comes naturally for no one – we’re not born with the skills to flirt and attract women over text. Heck, even if a guy is great at talking face-to-face with women it doesn’t count for anything because Tinder is a completely different ball game.

Even if a guy is a “good catch”, it doesn’t mean he will be successful in modern dating. To do that, he needs to learn the skill of attraction.

Tinder seduction is a unique skill that needs to be learned – just like riding a bike or driving a car.

My passion is to teach that skill to others… to great guys who have a lot to offer women… great guys who deserve a thriving dating life… but don’t have one because they can’t find their way in the modern world of dating.

My passion is to help guys who were down and out like I was, so they can stop feeling painfully alone and helpless, like I felt.

Along with the hundreds of thousands of guys I help through, my personal client list includes:

Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, World Series Poker Professionals, Politicians, 

Angel Investors, Genius Software Engineers, and MIT and Harvard Students.

These are the types of guys who apply the same approach to Tinder as they did to reaching the heights of world-class success in other areas.

They know all too well that people who are good at something are not just “naturals” or “lucky”. They know that people who are consistently successful are the ones doing something different than the masses, so they say, “Let’s find out what they’re doing.”

That’s what I teach them.

People believe dating in the modern world is impossible. Fortunately, that’s not true. In fact, it can be incredibly easy… you just need someone to show you how to do it.

There is a formula. Even if you don’t have a clue what you should be doing, you can learn the formula in a matter of minutes and see immediate success.

If you’re a great guy and want to lead an exciting dating life, I can’t wait to help you get there.

– Marcus (marcus [at]

P.S. Want to know something about that I’m super-proud of? It’s helping to provide 27,501 meals to children and families in need.

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    The best lines I read are: “The investment in knowledge gives you the best interest”