The Life of a 10/10 Male (Tinder Case Study)(Pics)

By | June 6, 2015

An interesting Tinder experiment was carried out to answer one question: What’s Tinder like for a male model compared to the rest of us? Here are the results.

The Case Study – Background

A user of the misc named GermanLifter decided to do a Tinder experiment.

The premise was simple, saying he “made a tinder troll account just to see how well a male model compares to the rest of us.”

The results of his thread (which you can find here) were interesting to say the least.

The Model Profile

Here’s the Tinder profile that GermanLifter used:
1st Picture of model profile picture2nd picture of model profile3rd Picture of Model Profile Pic4th picture of model profile

In case you  didn’t recognize who he is – it’s Holden Nowell, the guy from the “Call me maybe” music video.

As you’d expect, a model would do very well on Tinder… but just how well?

The Results

“The results are unbelievable (srs). Every single girl I swipe yes to has been an instant match. There hasn’t been a SINGLE time where I have swiped yes and there was no match.” said GermanLifter.

The matches were great, but the interesting part of all of this experiment turned out to be the conversations that he had with the girls he matched with.

“…I can literally say ANYTHING and still get their #.”

Here are those conversations:

Screenshot of tinder conversation with guy opening strong

Picture of girl responding to Tinder opener about sit on my face

Picture of girl on Tinder saying she loves analThe easy conversations kept on coming…

Picture of girl opening the conversation

Picture of tinder conversation - girl keen on the guy

Sreenshot of girl testing guy in conversation

Occasionally girls would show some resistance to the extremely direct approach…

But a simple change-up from sex to coffee was all that was needed to win them over:

Picture of Tinder conversation - girl wanting coffee
Note: a solid conversation routine can be an incredibly powerful seduction tool, even if you’re not a model.


An interesting point was noted by users on the forum – even though this guy was a model, women were still giving him the same “tests” (known as “shit-tests”) that normal guys get:
Pic of convo - shit-test

“You’re going to have to work a little harder than that” is a classic.

A lot of guys would comply with her request and “work harder” for her attention, but not GermanLifter. And the change in tone as a result is interesting:
Pic of convo - shit-test 2As user Everglide123 pointed out:

Pic of quote about female psychology
Do women have double standards when it comes to looks?

Another topic of discussion was around double standards:

Pic of guys quote about double standards of girls

“What is being exposed here is how the standards on what is and isn’t ‘creepy’, or ‘entitled’, etc. actually has almost nothing to do with a guy’s behavior, and is instead a function of his facial aesthetics.” said supersystem3.

He used openers that would destroy the chances of a normal guy… but not for a male model.

Picture of average 19 year old girl on tinderswoon

Pic of tinder convo with girl

Picture of opening Tinder message about yoga

Even girls who you’d think would be reserved based off their profile, accepted and enjoyed anything this guy said:

Picture of guy getting an easy phone number

Pic of girl in bikini
picture of flirty tinder conversation - part 2Picture of flirty tinder conversation

Picture of girl talking dirtyPicture of girl interested in uy

Picture of a flirty tinder conversation - part 2Picture of a flirty tinder conversationNothing seemed to be out of the question:

Picture of tinder conversation - girl excited

Picture of girl responding to direct tinder linePicture of girl responding to direct tinder line 2


Those feels

Witnessing how easy it was for the model motivated a few of the readers:

Pic of comment saying BRB opening a tinder account

But there were a lot more readers who felt discouraged by it all:

“I think I have given up all hope with women srs” – Freuddcoco

Pic of guy who doesnt like the thread

Picture of guy saying he never has any tinder results

Pic of two quotes about guys giving up on tinder

Pic of guy saying his losing self esteem


There’s no doubt that all things being equal, a male model will get better results than most guys on Tinder. Everyone accepts that.

But this experiment by GermanLifter might also show that the difference is bigger than most would believe.

Another interesting discussion point from this experiment, as raised by a number of people, was that women complain about the things (average) guys say on Tinder and classify them as creeps. But when those same words come from an attractive guy, they aren’t as creepy… in fact, apparently most women seemed to respond positively to it.

It’s a prime example of how attractive people are treated differently.

There’s no doubt about it, being a male model definitely makes Tinder easier.

So what if you’re not a male model? What then?

Do you give up on Tinder? Do you resign yourself to a life of loneliness, accepting that it’s only the really attractive guys who get the girls?

Definitely not.

Why shouldn’t you give up?… Because there are countless ordinary guys out there who are hooking-up and dating gorgeous women off Tinder. They don’t get the same coverage as these types of forum threads, and they may not do it as easily as a male model, but they do it.

Know that there are conversation methods and techniques available that allow any guy to hook-up and date attractive women on Tinder.

So if you’re an average guy who’s on Tinder and what you’ve been doing in the past hasn’t worked, it’s probably time to try a new approach.

What do you think when you see conversations go down like this?

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  • Marcel

    The conclusion that this article delivers is off. Yes there are thousands of normal dudes who hook up but EVERY wife, EVERY (grand)mom and especially EVERY girlfriend is going to cheat on you with good-looking guys. If you are not a male model and you want love you are setting yourself up for a bad time. She will cheat anyhow…if you are not a male model she will cheat with basically every guy she meets.

    • looloo

      None of the girls above are cheating. They are just human like men. Women are visual creatures too. A hot chick wants her equal, a hot guy. Men need to really look at themselves and realize that they are always trying to punch above their weight, so they fail. You deserve your equal, no better.

      • xzero19

        How do you know these women are not cheating? Also…you are right…you should try your league. But let’s be honest here: 90% of girls are attractive and 70% of guys are unattractive (to girls ofc).

        • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

          Women are not more attractive than men. If anything it is the other way around. I am straight, it more of a biology, sociology theory.

          • woomcwsa

            OKC study shows otherwise. Most men are below average to most women.

          • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

            That doesnt mean they are less attractive. Women could simply be wired to be picky, but from an objective view. A Gods eye view. It is hard to see how women who are mostly sheltered in societies around the world could continue to evolve as a gender specifically if they dont suffer the environment as men do. Men are faster, stronger, and more agile and at the same time are just as intelligent. From what I can tell this is because men have died or been denied access to reproduction to an extreme degree compared to women. Allowing only the elite the ability to pass on their blood. So the end product is superior. Just a theory.

          • woomcwsa

            What? If you don’t have any scientific evidence for the existence of an “objective attractiveness” then you’re just making stuff up. I really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

          • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

            No surprise there.

          • woomcwsa

            It’s no surprise that you are making up nonsense? Yes, it’s not surprising at all, I agree.

          • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

            Your comment wasn’t very witty, and since you don’t understand what I said there it means one of two things or both. I didn’t communicate well. You are receive well, or both. I checked my comment, that and based on your emotionally charged comment its obvious I communicated fine. You simply didn’t receive for whatever reason.

            I couldn’t have scientific evidence for an “objective attractiveness” if one existed. Most of the people in our population see attraction as a matter of taste. Few people like myself believe it is based on a state, an objective one. So there isn’t very much support for my views. I intuit one exist.

          • woomcwsa

            You can “intuit” a lot of things, but that doesn’t make them true.

          • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

            I intuit that people who take OKC “studies” seriously are dangerously stupid.

          • John Smith

            The end product is a child who could end up being a girl. Just a theory.

          • Mike

            Incorrect – as the other guy said, the OKC study showed that women judge 80% of men as being “below average.” Women are very picky (biological reasons for this).

          • greyghost1


          • John Smith

            Women are more physically attractive than men, that’s biology for you.
            They have to be in order to attract men, since we’re first and foremost attracted to good looks subconsciously indicative of fertility and health.

            A woman may date a physically unattractive man if he makes up for it with personality and/or resources.
            As a man, when was the last time you said to yourself:”Man that chick’s ugly but she’s hilarious and has a good job our family could rely on… that’s a keeper right there!”? You’d automatically rule out a girl you found physically unattractive. Biology keeps this into account.

          • Michael85

            Persoanlity? lol. No they don’t.

      • That Feel

        The mentality here is wrong, you deserve and get only what you think you deserve. If you think you deserve shit, then that’s what you get.

      • rascallater

        Then why even bother treating a girl good at all? If treating a girl special doesn’t have any dividends, why the fuck do it?

        • John Williams

          Exactly. With the vast majority of women, they are not worth fussing over. If they want to sleep with you, they are going to anyway. If you fuss over them, you don’t know if they really want you, or they just like the treatment AND you likely have LESS of a chance of getting lucky. Sad but true.

        • John Smith

          Because you’re a genuinely nice person that respects common decency. Treating someone nicely only because you expect something in return isn’t nice at all, let alone special treatment.
          That’s opportunism, and what goes around comes around.
          Seriously, kindly stop screwing over other men with the fake niceness crap, please.

          • rascallater

            First off, I did not use the word nice. I said ‘treating a girl good’.

            Secondly, while words have multiple meanings, you deliberately chose to misinterpret what I said as ‘polite’. How uncharitable of you.

            Giving a girl flowers, buying her romantic gifts, writing her romantic poetry or even just being a good provider for her are well outside the bounds of common decency or ‘politeness’. Everything I have just described is a costly endeavour. If there is no reward for a costly endeavour do not expect people to engage in it. Those who expect otherwise should also expect communism to work. Or cuckoldry to be evolutionarily adaptive.

          • John Smith

            You didn’t use the word nice, I did. “Treating a girl good” is… debatable, at best? Treating well or nicely is not.
            All the things you described aren’t really romantic if the reason you do that is to get laid. Don’t kid yourself. Wrong place to beg for money.

          • rascallater

            If you think the reason people make romantic overtures is not to mate then you are incredibly ignorant. That is the sole purpose behind such overtures.

            Or if you want to get specific; the sole purpose of exchanging time and resources to a female from a male pursuing a long term mating strategy with that female is mating. If doing such an exchange does not get you the benefit of mating then there is no point in doing the exchange.

            Again, people like you deliberately choose to misinterpret the meaning conveyed by the words people use to try and score ‘points’ rather than argue positivistly with the aim of discovering the truth. You did it again by implying that the terms ‘deliberately choose’ are tautological. They are not. Words have multiple meanings and that particular instance is well within the set

          • John Smith

            Dude, as one poster above you said, today you don’t need to fake romanticism to get sex.
            Being romantic is how you act with partners you care about for more than just mating.
            You can mate anytime anywhere without putting up a front and making that woman go “oh he actually cares, he’s not just in it for the sex” while making things harder for other men. What a winning combination.
            There are no points to score. The world isn’t a gigantic pissing contest.
            Just some advice: long term mating strategies, especially nowadays, don’t work. The longer you stay with a woman and the more committed you are/pretend to be, the less likely you are to have sex with her (why do you think married couples seldom have sex?). So romantic overtures in a long term mating strategy are not the key to getting laid, the total opposite. Especially because being romantic makes her think she doesn’t have to put out like she would with “those other guys that only care about one thing”. Flowers and the likes aren’t coins you insert into women to get sex.
            Life isn’t a videogame.
            Nowadays you don’t even have to convince a woman you’re worthy of getting laid: if she wants to have sex with you she’s going to do it anyway.
            So save yourself the time, money, energy, effort, whatever you spend on your “costly endeavours” for “long term mating strategies” instead of puffing out your chest.

          • rascallater

            No true scotsman fallacy.

            The point behind romantic behaviour is mating. Without mating the behaviour would never evolve, because it is costly and costly behaviours only evolve if there is a fitness benefit to it. The fitness benefit is mating.

            (The very definition of romance hints at this by defining romance as courting or wooing another, the subsequent definitions indicating that court or woo is aimed at winning another’s affection, love or marriage, i.e. mating.)

            What you are describing is called charity. And even then charity (otherwise known as altruism) has selfish evolutionary roots based on reciprocity or fitness signalling (although people are not consciously aware of this when they act charitable).

            Lastly, everything you said from “Just some advice” on down is agreeing with the original comment I made that you took issue with of “Then why even bother treating a girl good at all? If treating a girl special doesn’t have any dividends, why the fuck do it?”

            I myself was pointing out the futility of engaging in long term investment behaviour in women when you do not receive benefits from that behaviour from those women. The benefits being mating success. I just expressed it in a way that seemed more appropriate to the tenor at the time.

            Now my personal opinion is that an advanced society is not sustainable without ensuring that the long term mating strategy is adaptive among men (and conversely women or else they won’t engage in it) but that is an entirely different argument that I will not get into here.

      • KayGee

        >You deserve your equal, no better.

        Which is EXACTLY why all girls HB4-9 fling themselves at 9-10 Chads that pump and dump while ignoring everythign else. But “where have all muh good men gone” LMFAO.

        • John Smith

          Even 8- guys pump and dump tbh, so I’m not surprised that those girls aim higher in terms of looks if they’re gonna be pumped and dumped anyway, better make it worthwhile.
          Honestly if you had the choice between a one night stand with someone gorgeous and someone ugly, wouldn’t your first choice be the better looking one? That’s a rhetorical question btw.

      • John_Rambo

        A co worker of mine married a woman who only wanted him to have a baby.
        When that worked out, she cheated on him after 4 weeks.
        She was 45, and not that pretty.
        So yes, all women are like that.

      • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

        I agree. If a 9 or 10 male dates, he should get a 9 or 10 women. The rest of us should compete for our level — but the problem is, some 6s and 7s think they deserve the 10. The 20/80 rule, as 20% of men are fucking the rest of the women.

    • l8y8natn9ef1

      Men are way more into cheating & sex than women. just look at the sex industry for example, the female sex workers side is booming, men are lining up at brothels with cash in hand, the heterosexual male side is pretty much dead – crickets and cobwebs. The homosexual male side is booming just as much as the females, why? because the customers are MEN! Men are horny beyond comprehension and can’t even hold it together that they are willing to pay hard cold cash for sex. Of course when it comes along for free they will take it up the first chance they get! Thats a really good example of how MEN are way hornier and bigger cheaters than women, in fact, most clients of female sex workers are married!

      • Mike

        What? Your logic is wrong. The reason men visit prostitutes and women don’t is actually much simpler than that, and it has nothing to do with which gender is hornier or which one cheats more. It’s that getting laid is TRIVIALLY easy for women. They don’t have to go to a prostitute. They can get laid literally any night they want to, effortlessly. For guys, it’s way harder to get laid, especially with a girl that’s remotely attractive. Prohibitively difficult, in fact, so they often take the easy way out of prostitution. It isn’t because they cheat more and it isn’t because they’re hornier. It’s because women get sex effortlessly and men don’t

        • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

          Yep. And they fuck the top 20% of men. The rest pay for whores. It’s very imbalanced. Christian Puritanism kept things in line for centuries, and Islam still does in many parts of the world. Cultural Marxism fucked it up for men.

        • John Smith

          You seem to live in a world where women aren’t routinely shamed by all genders if they appear to be very sexually active and where that negative reputation can destroy their lives. Doesn’t sound like a piece of cake, now, does it?

        • John Smith

          If getting laid was trivially easy for women it would trivially easy for guys as well, since you know, that’s who heterosexual women would be getting their easy sex from.
          You only see it as a challenge for men because we made sure of it by shaming female promiscuity (I don’t care why) while turning sexual conquests into a demonstration of prowess for males.
          Gee, I wonder why it takes some minimal effort to get a woman to have sex.

          • Tim

            If getting laid was trivially easy for women it would trivially easy for guys as well, since you know, that’s who heterosexual women would be getting their easy sex from.

            Not if women were more selective and found fewer men sexually attractive than vice versa.
            In simple math terms; if there are 10 men and 10 women in a proximity, its possible for all 10 women to take turns to have casual sex with the top 2-3 best looking, hottest guys.

            You also contradict your first statement when you bring up the theory of slut-shaming making women averse to casual sex and resulting in oversupply of men who find it hard to get laid. There are 2 problems with this theory:

            Firstly slut-shaming is no longer as universal and serious as it once was. It depends a lot on your proximity and circles. In the youth/college hookup scene, there is little judgement against girls who engage in sex. If there is any residual shaming it mostly comes from other girls rather than boys. Similarly in certain countries, Scandinavian , Newzealand, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands for eg: slut shaming is almost non existent.

            Secondly you ignore the fact that women are just naturally more selective and find fewer men physically attractive than vice versa. This has nothing to do with slut shaming. Men will always find it harder to attract women for this reason.

    • Luca

      That’s a self fulfilling prophecy ma man. Learn game and see how your dating life will improve.

      In the era of internet you have all the tools to learn any skill with low or no cost at all. Here’s my favourites:
      – Real social dynamics
      – Simple pickup
      – Pickup uncut:

      Fuck tinder, put the work in and you will see results.

  • Robert Preston

    Wow. This is pretty encouraging. All I’d need to do is spend a few months working out and I think I could just dump the entire seduction system.

    • Robert Preston

      lol this method above has worked for me

    • Robert Preston

      seriously you guys, these messages are fucking brilliant. THIS is what your system should be about.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Is this supposed to be surprising or something? It’s the same in the other direction too.

    A real 9/10 female model can say a bunch of stupid crap to guys and have them as personal servants in the hour. How many typical guys (90% of the population, even the above average ones) match with authentic 9/10 or 10/10 females? Virtually none.

    This is the same thing here, but just reversed.

    • Random response

      But guys don’t create tests and hoops to jump through for avg. girls to get a date. The standard remains the same for guys, it just happens to be on an attraction scale. Girls need to keeps the same standards for self respect, or they shouldn’t publicly shame guys for it.

    • Don

      Beside the point. This guy can get away with “creepy” behavior that a less attractive guy can’t get away with. To women what matters is not what he says, but how hot he is.

    • John Smith

      This comment should have way more upvotes.

    • Ken Are

      Total bullshit. Men are consistent in what they want and what they say they want.


      Not feminists, white knights, friend-zoners and the like; I have never heard a man tell a women, “You’re a really great person, but I’m only interested in being friends”, then go about treating them like sexless boyfriends. Milking that desire for everything they could get out of it.

      That’s purely the women’s territory.

      Every man I have ever known just came out and said they weren’t interested and moved on.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    1. That dude is not a 10. Far from it.
    2. I would imagine those women were 4s & 5s (Who cares if an ugly chick thinks you’re hot?) since you rarely match with the really attractive ones. Many of them are attention whores who just want desperate suckers to follow them on Snapchat or Instagram.
    3. LOL, I love how you’re using screenshots from to support your argument. I don’t know if you’re aware but it’s basically a parody site full of the most insecure, brain-dead trolls imaginable.

    • you are retarded

      • Sir Farty Fartsalot

        I guess I got under a delusional miscer’s skin

        • Beowulf

          Go away gamma.

    • Mike

      Yeah, you’re wrong. Delusional, really

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      Delusional — afraid of the truth it seems ^

      • Sir Farty Fartsalot

        Reverse psychology on your part there, Trumpkin.

  • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

    So the premise of the article is that some men can easily have sex with women that you did, are or will be dating. Conclusion, you should try hard and maybe you can get seconds?

    Or, you could accept the reality of the situation. Alpha **** and Beta bucks. Even if you can’t be an alpha, don’t be Beta bucks. Just don’t, even the guys that aren’t weak and stupid will get dragged down by the weakness you boost this system with.

    • John Williams

      The simple messages seem to be:
      -Many women are NOT sexually reserved, and in fact are quite the opposite, so don’t act like sex with a woman is some great accomplishment.
      -Don’t get married, because sex is cheap or free with many women, and you don’t know which ones you can trust.

      • Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly)

        Yeah I got that message as well.

    • ableright

      Also it means guys looking to get laid or increase dating options are focusing on the wrong things. They are trying to get more “confident” instead of becoming good looking, lean, and fit.

      Do you notice something about this guy? He’s super lean and likely has a super low body fat percentage in the single digits or 10 percent or less. It’s why he has visible abs. Most or many guys 40 or younger could get six pack abs, get lean, get down to a low body fat percentage and therefore increase their attractiveness substantially and get laid a lot more.

      I’m basically saying is low body fat and leanness is huge when it comes to male attractiveness which that model definitely has low bf which is why he has a six pack.

      So to make a long story short:
      A. Guys that are serious about getting more women should focus on maxing out looks.

      B. Being lean i.e. 10 percent body fat or less is a huge factor in that and probably the biggest factor for most men.

      C. Genetics besides being lean will play a factor. Some guys that are lean will still look way better with good genectics but almost all guys including ones with good genectics will look way shittier to the opposite sex if they aren’t lean.

      D. Most importantly how much time and energy do you want to spend obsessing about calories/food and going to the gym for this? At the end of the day is it worth it just so you can bang some bitches and get some pussy? How important is this to you?

      • It’s not just about being lean. Having a square face also helps men a lot. Look at celebrities like George Clooney.

        • ableright

          Interesting profile Dan. Not to sound weird but I looked at your Disqus. I’m also a developer here, mostly with web design, though I’m decently knowledgeable about software development too.

          Anyway, I agree that genetics in the face will play a role, however I also think being lean drastically improves facial aesthetics in men too. From a anecdotal standpoint, I can tell you that one time I was very fat. The female attention I got was almost 0 online and offline.

          There was one gal that was actually cute and skinny that dated me for awhile (presumably because she was probably a fringe statistic that was actually into fat guys). That’s the other thing about this, it will vary by each woman to some extent but percentages wise the “10/10 male” will get the highest response.

          Anyway, so I got attention from one woman when I was very fat that I actually found on Tinder. I’ve since lost a lot of weight, got more lean, etc. The female attention has gone up literally 100 fold. I’m not saying I’m super lean, or even remotely a 10/10 male by any remote stretch, but the increase in matches is phenomenal when I was getting essentially almost 0 before.

          My final point is there are probably plenty of guys with a perfectly acceptable face that because they’re fat looks unacceptable to women.

          • Shadow

            I notice some points here… so what happen with the guys that are thin not lean like the guy in the picture?? when you were fat you can burn calories and left some body fat to look good, but being thin is another world. My personal experience, for genetics my body is thin and i pass 2 years at the gym to improve myself and when i though that i achieve something and i notice, no one notice except for my brother. The gym instructor, chicks, almost everyone says the same that i’m thin (look weak) and added with a normal face i don’t have a good lukc in my love life. And yeah also improve my wardrobe, accesories and shit… but my rates were and are low. That happen when i was 24, now i have 30 and the things don’t change a lot. I improve myself mentally but is like you says, if you’re not good looking your fuck.

      • awwhellno

        ableright you are completely right that Low body fat is the #1 feature of attractive males and not “confidence.” But this is not fair to men. Consider the amount of work males put in so that women have a comfortable lifestyle?

        Why are men suddenly forced to become beautiful while at the same time they must maintain and build society? So men now have the burden of both looking good and earning a solid paycheck. You might say that it is good for men to be low bodyfat, but how long can those body types be sustained while working for a paycheck? Many jobs are 10 – 12 hour days with commutes included. While women basically can sit around on student loans and watch TV. To top it off the society doesn’t emphasize eugenics and force the society to produce more females than males, so that the males have sexual bargaining power over them. It’s pure rage inducing the power that attractive women have in our society.

        Note: A lot of the guys who were successful in high school and college had their parents take care of all of the utilities so they could sit in the gym all day. That’s where all those Tinder successes come from. They often brag about it but they had an immense leg up on the males who weren’t supported by their parents.

        One major reason why is because corporations now reserve places for women in the workplace and because of this they don’t need to be nice to average males at any point in their lives. This allows women to shop for studs in our society while at the same time denigrate anyone that doesn’t live up to their standards. The society has given females these artificial advantages forcing men to rely on steroids, tattoos and obscene diet plans to get a woman to look at them.

        This needs to be changed so that men can dominate women no matter what they look like and can pick and choose women based on their youth and looks. Men created the economy, not women. The men should have ultimate say over females and trade them like money. The love of “rights” for women has gone way too far in the West. The females have played the men like the psychopaths they are.

        • John Smith

          “Why are men suddenly forced to become beautiful while at the same time they must maintain and build society? So men now have the burden of both looking good and earning a solid paycheck.”

          Man, that’s almost as unfair as women having to look good, earn a solid paycheck, and be the primary caregiver for their families.
          Would you like some wine to go with your whining? A sandwich? A sock to jerk off into? When you’re done, clean up and man up.

        • ableright

          I agree with you that men can have the short end of the stick these days in a lot of situations, but I also agree with John Smith this is sort of whining. At the end of the day the world is. Is it fair? Nope! Spoiler alert it never will be, it’s just the way the world is.

          Either adapt to it, or move onto something else that you find important. If getting laid is a priority then every time you’re watching Netflix or posting on here, think about how that could be time spent in the gym. *but some jobs are 10-16 hours or more*.

          Yep, it’s not easy being poor, trust me I know, but I do think A LOT of guys could become really fit if they wanted. Rich kids that have things paid for could do it even easier; again this is true, but the world is. Many people do have advantages over other people in one way or another, it’s just the way the world is. Again, decide what is a priority for you and go with it or don’t.

          Personally, not even having anything to do with looks, I like to stay as active as I can reasonably. Hiking, the outdoors, etc are a big deal to me and something I enjoy. They also provide great cardio, but that’s not my main motivation for why I do them. I’m doing these activities for me.

  • anon

    You guys are being too simplistic, maybe it’s the fact that I’m involved in the sciences but this is hardly scientific and seems more a symptom of confirmation bias. We didn’t see the cases in which it failed. I would like to see various profiles with varying attractiveness and the exact same messages. Obviously the more attractive profiles will get more matches that is expected, however I don’t buy that every single girl he messaged responded as these images demonstrate.

    • rascallater

      This guy has a blog where he tries such an experiment with internet dating profiles.

    • Josh Franken

      Just go do it yourself. Set up two tinder accounts, one with you and the other with a great looking guy. Swipe on the same women, say the same stupid shit and verify that more or less, the obvious is true. Or course good looking guys can get away with a lot more than fat, ugly pimply dudes, or even average dudes. So if you care, the answer is to learn humor, social awareness and dominance, get fit and lead an interesting life.

      If you don’t care then just realize the position you’re in.

  • crazedchef


    • John Smith

      The only reason you can’t get p**sy is because you are one.
      Don’t romanticize being a sore loser with any of that MGTOW crap.

      • crazedchef

        Jesus H Christ man….the stories I could tell you.

        I spent 20 years in the hospitality industry including 3 “gentlemen’s clubs”.

        Went back to school, got a degree and went overseas. Spent years traveling and working all over….making a lot of money.

        Sore loser because I can’t get poon-tang?

        Well, OK then….since you say so.

  • l8y8natn9ef1

    This is dumb, why should “ordinary” average looking guys have the rights to “gorgeous women”? Find someone in your own league, duh.

    • ShadowRising

      You have it backwards. Average men message average women. Average women think they are too good for average men and would rather ride the cock of a stud who has a harem of women than be exclusive to an average Joe. There is study using hard data that OKCupid did a few years back on their blog proving that it is women who have the more entitled attitude with regards to looks. Thinking that the majority of men are not good enough for them, even when they themselves are average.

      • ableright

        I agree with you 100% and it is fucking ridiculous. That said some of this in the case of men can be worked on. What I’m saying is one thing you’ll notice about these “super attractive” males is they have a low body fat percentage probably around 10% or in the single digits.

        They don’t have to have huge muscles but leaness and low body fat I do feel is a HUGE factor in terms of facial aesthetics and body aesthetics for men. There are some guys with really horrible genetics that probably would still look horrible at a low body fat percentage, but I’d be willing to bet most guys would look above average if they’re below 40 and became ripped and lean.

        So what I’m basically saying is low body fat and leanness is huge when it comes to male attractiveness which that model definitely has low bf which is why he has a six pack.

        • Regan Smith

          still a polo shirt wearing faggot looking guy who looks like he couldnt take a punch or drink a six pack without toppling over like a kid

      • XP

        this are still the remains of biology and evolution – females try go get the best genes for their flock
        beeing in a harem does not matter as you still get ‘the ressource’ … funny fact, the subconscious does not ‘get’ that you’re preventing getting pregnant, for it sex keep meaning babies

    • Regan Smith

      because average ass guys like myself are way more interesting and have alot more going for us than the female. So fuckin what if they look good.. do they have anything else? are they interesting? do they have good taste in music, or like cool stuff? Fuck no. I may not be the stereotypical guy. I’l just end up dead or in jail by 40. But I can tell you this. I’m a damn sight more serious than this bitch ass guy featured here

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      The problem is it’s not gorgeous women we’re talking about, it’s ALL women.

  • awwhellno

    Women are acting this way because they are financially protected by their parents or they have easy access to jobs. The average age of these females is like 22? Of course when they do not have to work hard they will act like princesses looking for the hottest bang. Couple that with nature’s tendency to give females a blossoming of looks and you find women offering themselves only to the males with the highest of status or pinnacle of looks. People act this way when they have immense options without many consequences. Women tend to share their men, tend to wait for the best sexual option and charge men a handful if they aren’t their best option. This is what they do when they are advantaged. If the ratio of young thin lightskinned women were higher the men would have leverage. The West unfortunately has not emphasized breeding more women for the males at large. They are too hung up on “rights” when in fact you need at least 4 attractive women for every 1 man in order to stabilize society. Ugly women do not count.

    This narcissism has spoiled the pool of females and threatened the very genetic foundation of the country as millions of females wait until their 30s to produce children. This is what leads to the rash of genetic problems in children. The West has things backwards. It is men who should only be the ones with the right to narcissism not the females. Talk to most foreign women and they will tell you that most American males are typically humble by their mid 20s because the dating scene is so chaotic. Males should have the pick of the females and females should not be coddled into thinking they can select any guy they want with no consequences. Males are the ones who produce most of the innovations. Women do little but imitate male inventions or act as spokespeople. Men also have the highest sex drive. Satiating that should be the primary concern of any peace loving Western nation. With peace and a steady food supply the only remaining demands left to meet are sex and child raising. Sex with lightskinned women is the right of kings. Western men are kings, but do not know that due to whacked out laws passed by psychopathic conservative males who can’t see past their faded glory and older women afraid of younger competition.

    • platypus

      i’ll take this as sarcasm

      • Matt

        Completely hilarious though..

    • Danny P.

      Dude…you took words out of my mouth. I know this all sounds super shitty and almost evokes Nazi propaganda in tone but you made some very true, underrated points.

      We don’t notice it but the mass narcissism of women is one of the greatest deterrents to human progress. Truly. #MGTOW

    • John Smith

      This isn’t the place to submit a manuscript for a crappy novel.
      Men cut to the chase.

      • Serge Ibaka

        John, you’re a pussy. I see right through that tough guy bullshit, hoe ass nigga. Wouldn’t last last a day in my hood.

      • awwhellno

        Yes it is. I am giving you the steps to change things with women. There are ways to strip them of rights and increase their quality in the society. Read and learn. If you do not need it, do not read it.

        • John Smith

          Please do read what you post before actually posting.
          Read and learn… from your own mistakes. You do sorely need to.
          You’re not going to strip women of rights being a keyboard warrior, nor should you – that’s ridiculous and would set us back centuries.
          Increase their quality in society? Be the change you want to see in the world, pal ;)

    • disqus_AxDq76NkNB

      You forgot the liberals. They are part of the problem too with their support of feminism.

      • awwhellno

        Maybe. Females have many supporters because people crave to be with them. The entire society needs to be uplifted so that 1. women have fewer rights. 2. More high quality women are bred and sent into the society so that their ratio to males are much much higher. So if there were say 3 women for every 1 man and they had no rights then they must compete for male attention. It would be a type of heaven.

    • Christie S.

      As an ugly woman myself, I’d say I am qualified to ascertain that we do “count” considerably. We are the ones who quietly bear children and support our men in countless ways, while they work so hard to gain the attention of attractive women, who will just break their hearts and bank accounts. You might say we are the backbone of society, doing much of the work, while being basically invisible.

      • awwhellno

        You don’t count. You bring no status to the male and reflect a downward spiral in happiness. If you’re ugly get surgery or get a trainer. If you feel it is your race that is ugly, hire white male prostitutes until your mentality changes. Also be more pleasant. Then you will count.

        • Christie S.


        • John Smith

          Sure, male prostitutes are so easy to find, especially for people who aren’t gay men.
          The day my status is determined by a woman I sleep with instead of my own efforts will be a very sad day.

      • John Smith

        Why doesn’t this comment have more upvotes?

    • John Smith

      I could’ve stopped at “women tend to share their men”. That’s a nice idea for porn, but meh reality works differently.

  • nah thats aaaallll wrong, things are very simple, women wants sex the same as men. And they woulda bang any man for any of reasons or just for fun BUT… men mainly and society in general build years now a set of social rules, that says “NO WOMAN CAN FUCK WITHOUT A GOOD REASON OR ELSE SHE IIS A WHORE” so … now women have to have reasons to fuck and of course what are those reasons? they are imposed by society AGAIN! fuck the rich fuck the famous fuck the cute fuck those with access on resources, fuck those that are usefull circumstantial or more permanently…. also those that know how to act to social settings (social savy) and good guys.. except that good guys are mostly unnatractive to women and they would only choose them for long term or marriage, thouh anyone knows that being extremely good beyond necsecity is a form of manipulation. So after all this social setting the women choose to fuck more those men that can easily explain “socially” why they fucked them… to them selves to the friends and preety much anyone who asks or hears about. THEN!!! RICH HIGH STATUS and BEATIFULL are easilly explained THATS ALL guys! so if a girl knows no one will know, and you wont tell or you wont be a stalker, she will fuck you gladly just for fun even if you are a 3!! Get this good in your head!

    • Ann

      Pavlov, You speak truth!

    • amartinez1660

      I freaking love this comment man. How come it didn’t ripple more with the crowd…
      Anyways, either this is true (which I want to believe) or you are also a 9+ and no matter what you do will be fruitful.

    • John Smith

      Truer words were never spoken.

    • Joper

      No she wouldn’t fuck a 3 because
      1) Women have 10 times lower testosteronowe than man, they can go longer without sex, she is not horny for 3 at all.
      2) She can fuck horny 7-10 who throw themself at her. Why should she go for 3?
      You are delusional.

  • Mike Kollin

    If you want to have a clue… Go to my page CrackTheFemaleCode dot com
    and buy my book “Crack The Female Code”

    If you want to truly understand women and what actually triggers her mating system, read the book.

    The Male Mating system is directly connected to his eyes. Thus he thinks it’s all about looks… YES FOR HIM! For the Male it’s all about Looks. But not for her…

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    You learn how to truly, sincerely trigger her mating system in this way, “You will be the Guy she is sneaking around with behind her boyfriends back…”

    Because this is what women want from men!!! Trust me this is how she is Sexually turned on!!!

    Women, girlfriends, even your wife/wives want you to learn how to do this… if you don’t learn how to do this, I don’t care how rich you are, how tall, how good looking you are, she will leave you eventually and or cheat on you with someone who knows how to do this…

    crackthefemalecode (dot) Com…

    Thanks guys and good luck, sincerely!

    P.s. ask her this or in front of her mom, aunts, etc…

    What if you met a guy who was your perfect type, looks, height, eyes, hair color, in shape, everything… but!! You took him home to your mom, grandma’s, aunts, sisters and friends and the minute he opened his mouth, he sounded like an idiot??? And his communication skills sucked…???

    100% of the response has been negative. Women always say, “Oh, that’s a turn off.” Or something in the sense of ‘Oh yeah, that’s not good.”

    Do it. Ask a female, especially

    I am telling you, her mating system is directly connected to her Right Brains Communicaction center… NOT LEFT. Not Proper English….

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Ive just spoken to you in Tinder and unmasked your social experiment. You gave me the link to this article and told me not to worry, that you’d blurr out my name and face. You unmatched me immediately after that, so I didn’t get the oportunity to speak to you about it. Well Id like to say you never spoke to me in that way but even if you had I would have automatically unmatched you like I do with every guy, as Im not interested in that and I respect myself. Not all girls act on Tinder like you show on this article. Some of us have self-respect and find it really disrespectful that guys (no matter how good looking) speak to us like that. So I completely disagree; this doesn’t give an unbiased perspective. Oh, and I never consented to you publishing our conversation- blurring out my name won’t make it legal, so please don’t do it. Ps. The number I gave you in the context of “So here’s my number xxxxxxx, call me maybe” wasn’t even real, if you haven’t noticed. I was joking around because you chose the model from that videoclip. Good try with the catfish- it didn’t work with real women like me 😘

    • Jacob Cope

      someone is guilty. if you still say otherwise what evidence can you provide?

      • John Smith

        Ah, classic “he said, she said”…
        Honestly if you didn’t get most of those girls were just joking and seeing how far he’d go to make a fool of himself you’re kinda slow and get pity f**ks at best. It’s obvious they’d give a fake number.

        • Serge Ibaka

          Who are you trying to convince?

          • John Smith

            Your poor, unfortunate soul.

    • Mines Bull

      Its all talk. In reality you should be sucking a 10/10 dik nonstop

      • John Smith

        Nah, not everyone’s a w***e like your mother.

        • Mike

          The sjw is insulting a woman who has nothing to do with the topic… just don’t let feminists know, ok? They won’t let you lick theirs heels anymore.

        • Michael85

          John Smith hates women.

    • Walter Kovacs

      Do you mean #NotAllWomen?

  • Zeejet

    How is this article helpful at all? I thought this website was supposed to help people do better in Tinder, but this article just feed insecurity a hundred time over.

    It basically says some guys have it easy and girls will drop everything if a guy looks great. Even if this were absoutely true, it’s nto healthy to operate from this mindset.

    • The article ends with selling Tinder seduction materials to help ordinary looking men.

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      Yeah but remember a few things:

      1) Some of those women were joking. Doesn’t mean they all would jump in bed ASAP.
      2) Some of the lower tier girls will go for this guy, but he will not have time for them, so they’ll settle for a 6 or 7 dude eventually.
      3) The fatties and uglies have NO shot with this guy, so if you’re a 5 or less male, those average women should still be there.

      Even though the 80/20 rule GENERALLY applies, I still think there are average women out there who are not hooking up with the 9s and 10s at all. They dream about it, that’s it.

  • Roger William McCarty

    Just demonstrates the 80/20 rule. 80 % of the women are chasing 20% of the men. Go MGTOW

    • John Smith

      That’s where losers go to die.

      • Mike

        The true loser is a sjw spewing feminist crap in a topic about tinder.

  • Tim

    Experiments like these can really cause a lot of cognitive dissonance to men. The problem is not that the hot male model is getting so many girls. The problem is that everything he’s doing flies in the face of what we’re told about women’s concerns when it comes to dating.

    • John Smith

      Maybe – just maybe – they have different standards for when it comes to just having casual sex and when it comes to something more serious.

      You know, how you’d separate the strippers and porn stars from the women you’d consider more likely to be marriage material. Just an idea. Not shaming you if you marry a stripper or a porn star. I’d imagine that could be quite fun.

      • Tim

        So what is your point?
        That they have different standards of acceptable behavior from guys they want casual sex from and guys they’d only consider for something serious? Ok. But then can you atleast agree that its not the behavior itself that is wrong but who does it? Most women, including the ones who agreed to fuck this guy, would be offended, feel harassed, get creeped out if average looking matches wrote the exact same messages to them. Given this reality how can you define the rules of acceptable behavior for men in the dating/online scene?

      • Tim

        I hope you’re not so naive as to not see the difference between women’s dual standard policy noted in this article and men separating the strippers from marriage material.

        The women I’d consider marriage material would almost always also qualify as casual sex material to me, as well. And I am willing to bet it is so for the overwhelming majority of men. I dont separate women and and hold them to different standards of acceptable behavior based on their relative attractiveness. I’m either attracted to a woman or I’m not. Every woman I’d consider as marriage material can easily approach me for casual sex as well else why would I be interested in dating her to begin with.

        • water cannon boy

          It goes beyond dating and marriage. You’re seeing the dangers of the metoo hysteria and the ever expanding and increasing ambiguity of the definitions of what is sexual assault/harassment.
          Arbitrarily labeling men as creepy, even for actions clearly not meant to be offensive or not even containing anything offensive has the power to do major damage to men’s lives now. Even if a woman was genuinely attracted to a man who said or displayed some crude behavior that would be deemed offensive if done by a man she wasn’t attracted to, she still can claim offense some time later if she feels she’s no longer attracted to the man, or wants to lever some payback on a man she’s still attracted to but who didn’t go along with what she may have had plans for in a relationship.

      • rrr

        So maybe not marry at all, if idea that your wife was a turbo slut for some guy like that is uncomfortable to you?

        I personally dropped any idea of serious relationships with such women and only cater to their slutty side, it’s more fun that way.

  • KayGee

    Hypergamy in action men. The hotter she is, the less of a fuck you should give her unless your paying for it

  • ml_ja

    Beautiful people have it easier at hooking up. Duh

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      The point is how they responded to his crass remarks. From any other guy it is “creepy”. This just reveals women are full of shit when it comes to sex talk. They’re nasty when a hot guy does it.

      • ml_ja

        You act like women are some sort of collective whole that feel the same way about everything. Guess what, there is as much variety of women as there are men. Some women like crass remarks, others do not. Some will tolerate a little, some will tolerate none at all. Some like crass remarks only from those they are attracted to. Some will enjoy it from anyone. There are so many variables. Let current mood and position in menstrual cycle be a variable too (ovulating women will tolerate more crassness possibly) Let me ask you this: do you enjoy being hit on crassly by women who you find ugly or repulsive? Or does it just make them even more ugly and repulsive to you? Conversely, do you tolerate or enjoy it from women you are highly attracted to? Probably. Ugly people have to work harder and let their great personalities do the talking because the visual attraction is not there to override their rudeness or crassness. Beautiful people can get away with a lot; people will forgive their flaws. That’s just how it is.

  • Regan Smith

    This guy is NOT 10/10 he looks like a bitch. too skinny, face like a poofter, and any girl who would want a sissy looking guy like this i wouldnt want anyway

    • Serge Ibaka

      Yeah, I’ve learned to never take what a female says at face value. Lying is like a second nature to you creatures.

  • Mike Jarvis

    hot privilege. white privilege. male privilege. American privilege. rich privilege. age privilege. technological epochal privilege. We didn’t even have the ‘find a fuck buddy’ app when my generation was dating because smartphones didn’t exist. If you’re like me and this article slightly angers and depresses you just try to stay positive and realize in the big picture – quality of life, standard of living, humanitarian, health, and political conditions, If you even have a phone with Tinder on it, you’re probably living a pretty good life.

  • jamshaman

    The problem is that girls on dating apps try to bat WAY, WAY out of their league, which then yields very skewed results. So you have 5s and 6s (sometimes lower) trying to hook up with guys that are 9s like the model guy in the article. lol

    Girls aren’t in touch with reality – they think they can go on a dating app, and just because a guy swiped right on them they’ll actually meet him. A hot guy won’t have time for anything less than an 8. In real life I guarantee those aesthetically challenged girls are not getting models or guys that are even 7s (maybe sometimes, but not consistently).

    • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

      Good point. They may bray for this hottie, but eventually will have to settle for a guy similar to them. But the 80/20 rule is still there, haunting us…

    • John Smith

      So they pretty much do the same as guys.

      • jamshaman

        No, men swipe on nearly everything. A guy who’s a 6 will GLADLY hook up with a 6

        • John Smith

          If men swipe on nearly everything, that would include women who are way, way out of our league as you put it.
          So the girls you described in your comment pretty much do the same.
          A guy who’s a 6 will gladly hook up with a 6 and anything higher, which would be – you guessed it! – out of his league.

          • jamshaman

            The distinction is that women are swiping WAY more selectively. 6s are not swiping on 6s – they’re swiping on 8+. Whereas a 6 guy will swipe on 6+ (or maybe even 4+).

          • John Smith

            4+ and 6+ include 8+ though. You keep going in circles. They’re still doing the same, I don’t care if it’s with fewer guys. Nothing wrong with owning it.

          • jamshaman

            It’s not the same because women are not swiping on their “equal” counterparts whereas men are, that was the point I was making, not that both sexes don’t swipe out of their league, of course that will happen…

          • John Smith

            You can’t gather that from just this one article and your ideas of what their equal counterparts would be may very well be different from theirs (the number system is debatable, even if I also used it as an example), but I get where you’re coming from.
            I just don’t think it’s worth pointing my finger at since men do it because, let’s face it, in times of war every hole’s a trench and when it comes to sexual partnership quantity trumps quality.
            It’s the opposite dynamic for women for biological reasons.

  • Kizman

    This was hilarious. 80/20 rule in full effect

  • John Smith

    Now y’all are doing exactly what you’re b***ching about women doing: first only go for the super hot ones despite their crappy personality, then complain about women glossing over a man’s bs personality just because he’s hot.
    I don’t even care this is an old thread, man up.

    • Serge Ibaka

      Holy chit you’re a faggot

    • Mike

      No one is doing any of that, are you retarded?

      “Man up”
      We’re fine. You’re the one who should be more concerned with your own masculinity, white knight…

  • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

    Oh, I’m sure “normal” guys are hooking up… now buy my $499 training course on how to do it!

  • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

    Just remember: the 20% of hot men only have so much time. They are busy fucking the 9s and 10s and 8s.

    That means tons of women in the 5 through 7 range are NOT getting laid by this male model, and that means they EVENTUALLY settle for you or me.

    They can dream, and we’re not their first choice, but eventually they’ll have to settle when Male Model doesn’t write them back.

    • Serge Ibaka

      And that’s a good thing? Or are you being sarcastic

  • StanUlam

    Tinder – the whore maker!

  • Bob

    Moral of the story: **EVERY SINGLE TIME** a woman complains about “creepy” behavior, she is really just saying the guy isn’t attractive enough for her. There is NO SUCH THING as creepy behavior. It doesn’t exist.

    It’s only creepy for you.

  • Amit

    I am not boasting but once in a while I do manage similar conversation. Yet I will not manage a number immediate after a sexist remark, but looks do matter like 10 times than other factors. But just reinforce such a possibility to your mindset, and its possible for all. Back in teenage, I used to just copy the mindset of my astonishingly successful friends, and it started to work for me too after few tries.

  • Amit

    Hey we can get such conversation going once in a while, but doing it consistently is just Magic. Btw what people don’t see apart from the looks is the emotional certainty, non – neediness, emotional challenge, social intuition [all that is taught in these courses] that is being conveyed in the guy’s texts, even though its few texts only. These are experiments being conducted by pros, if you get these skills, it can enhance even normal person’s results considerably. Also the guys first 2 pics are pretty average, but last 2 are deal breaker, conveying party animal, and low fat body really signals many other things apart from looks. Even though looks do play a big part, concentrate on social skills, fit body and party lifestyle, that will help.

  • i really love your articles. its awesome and really entertaining .

  • Taha Topsakal

    İt really sucks the fact that your genes are not helping at that point. Even the feel of saying such sentences in direct ways (and getting positive responses) something that %95 percent of us would never expierence must be fantastic. Well , nevermind … faulty sperm among millions of others haha.

  • Yasmine

    This is what you’d expect if you look on Tinder. No woman who cares about character over looks would use an app with such a bad reputation. I’d be interested to see how it went down on dating sites with more emphasis on character, or in real life (because frankly most women who don’t care about looks much can find a partner without resorting to internet searching) but on a hook-up app these results are unsurprising.

  • Irma Grese

    Desperate whores. I’d never give my number out like that. He looks like the type that listens to Eminem, has more black friends than white, and calls girls “bae” and “boo”.

    Give me an ordinary white dude who’s “racially aware” any day of the week.

  • ab.

    just whores

  • vasilis vks

    well that was disgusting

  • mayelin5

    Very cool and beautiful all I think I thought I saw a video of one of them in waoo jjjj

  • Sophia A

    Well if you’re on Tinder, chances are, most likely than not, women there are not interested on your takes on rocket science. The only thing they want from you is sex. And vice-versa for guys. But even so, statistically speaking, you will always find women who will unmatch a guy out of being creeped out, or even about finding out or thinking the profile is a catfish. So, this “experiment” is bs. Nor you can draw conclusions in regards to the general female population considering sample size and quality. Try going to different apps and a bigger amount of women and then maybe we can talk. That after having someone independent check your “research”, no one guarantees this is even true.

  • Kate

    I’m an average looking girl and if even the most gorgeous guy said that shit to me, I would be totally disgusted and think he was a pig. These girls are crazy and fucking disgusting sluts.

  • Modern Casanova

    Nice but this is for 9/10 and 10/10 guys, for other take a look at free guide, which can be extremely helpful for all those < 9/10

    • Marcus Dean Hardeon

      Nice, thanks for sharing, like this guide :)

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    This is exactly why i feel zero sympathy for female victims of rape and domestic violence.