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  • Mark

    Lets get it on

  • james

    oi oi oi

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  • Luis Enrique

    is my tinder main picture ok with this red t-shirt? what do you think?
    suggestions welcome, obviously, yeah!!

    • TinderSeduction

      Hey Luis
      Red looks good, man! It’s the color of passion and it stands out (peacock theory). Although your picture quality seems low – was this taken with a webcam? I’d suggest you try and take a higher quality photo, maybe a digital camera or your smartphone. And don’t forget to smile!

  • Jumper777

    I paid the $3.99 why are some of the lines still locked? Do I need to restart phone?

    • TinderSeduction

      I just sent you an email (if it’s not in your inbox it might have gone to you junk folder).
      If there’s an issue I’ll sort it out immediately for you.

  • EliteRifler .

    How do I get my profile reviewed?

  • Miner

    Why doesn’t app work on older iPhones. It’s just text. How much computing power does this app need?

    • TinderSeduction

      The app is compatible with phones on iOS 6 and above (i.e. iPhone 4’s, iPhone 5’s, iPhone 6’s + etc).

    • Monique lacasse

      I know it’s you Kevin

  • mikeg

    I been hearing of this tender lately n have before too so here I am. Wuts good ?

  • Peter Bendera Kihiyo

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  • tiffany


  • Iyhanni Epilef


    • Timmy Ridgway

      Hello Lyhanni!

    • rajveer

      hey lyhanni its me rajveer Indian plz content me on mobile my no. is 08387002825

    • rajveer


    • Jamel All

      hi are uu fine

  • Lucas Guzman


  • Haza

    The d.a cheat app has stopped working. Is this normal or just me habong the issue. Either way places help or please please fix. Cheers!

    • TinderSeduction

      The app is working fine – it appears your issue is related to your device.
      Send me an email at and tell me the exact issue that you’re having and we’ll sort it out quickly for you.

      • Guest

        Hi Marcus. Thanks for your response. Did u receive my email? Basically initially the app appeared to be loading then from a blank screen returned back to home screen. After I delete and reinstalled, the app loads up to the brown logo screen then crashes back to the home screen on my iPhone 4 OS 6.1.3. So just does not load or go past this screen.
        Thanks, Haza

        • TinderSeduction

          Hi Haza
          I replied to your email, but perhaps it went to your junk folder. I’ve just resent the email to you.

  • sarah

    Some guy used one of your lines. I thought it was too clever to be real so I google it.I was right.

  • Tyler Steele

    I have a great pickup line you should add to it I accidentally used it earlier.
    guy says to girl :”you remind me of a sexy wild animal”
    short pause
    “I mean, not.that I think wild animals are sexy…”

    comical insecurity right there.

  • MarshallKohl

    The article makes me wanna join this app) The only dating site I used is a russian bride agency (, where I acquired some dating experience and had fun, but I am on to try something new)

  • yogesh singh


  • Is Tinder only for phones ? Would it work with Ipads , notebooks , laptops, or desk tops ?

  • Pablo Sodré

    So… Any idea to write a good description of profile?

  • Tsa

    So I downloaded a couple of weeks a go but now can’t find the documents anywhere on my phone??!! Where would I find them, or how can I download again without paying again!!? Need help!

    • Hey Tsa – I’ve sent you an email with instructions :)

  • Jasonw

    App keeps saying check connection. Everything else on my phone is working.

  • Olivier Molena

    I’m humble sincere and here to find my dream woman.Angel eyes make my day